Will Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Engine Failure?


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What happens when a car engine stops functioning? Do you know if your car insurance policy offers engine failure cover for restoring your failed car engine? Read to know more.

Car engine is the primary source of power of your car. If your car engine stops functioning, the car comes to a permanent halt. Repairing a failed car engine is an expensive affair and it can make a hole in your pocket in terms of budget. Having an car insurance might work. Does car insurance cover engine failure? Or will you have to incur the entire cost on your own? Let’s discuss the same in the blog below.

Common causes for a car engine to stop working/span>

Car engine failure is major cause of concern for car owners as it incurs hefty amount on repairs. Thus, it is very important to know the reasons of a car engine failure so that necessary measures can be taken to avoid such a situation. So, below are some common causes of engine failure in vehicles.

  • Insufficient Engine oil  – one key reason of engine damage is the unavailability of sufficient engine oil in the car engine. If you do not lubricate the engine sufficiently, it might cause the engine to stop functioning.
  • Over heating of engine – overheating is another reason that can cause an engine to fail. This can happen if the cooling system of the engine gets damaged or any other reason, which in turn leads to engine failure.
  • If water enters the engine – Water ingression or entering of water into your vehicle engine can cause damage to the engine. If during heavy rainfall water enters your car’s inlet manifold it might cause damage to the engine of your car.

Besides, engine combustion, leaking of oil, using wrong fuel can also cause damage to a car engine.

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Do insurance companies allow claims for engine failure?

Can you claim on car insurance for engine failure? Depending on the situation, your motor insurance plan might allow engine failure cover costs. For instance, if your car met with an accident and the engine got damaged during the collapse, in that case the insurance company will reimburse for the damage caused to the engine.  But in case the engine of your car got damaged due to the normal wear and tear over the years or due to your carelessness, then the insurance company will not cover the damage under such conditions. Further, engine failure due to any mechanical issue is also not covered under auto insurance.

So, you can claim engine failure cover in car insurance in case of road accidents that damages your car engine, in case of fire that catches your car engine, and in case your engine got damaged under the condition of car theft where the thief damages your engine.

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Do you know about Engine Protection Cover?

When it comes to covering your engine failure in car insurance for any kind of engine failure, you can trust the Engine Protection Cover. This is an add-on cover that you can buy along with your car insurance policy to get protection against engine damage and loss caused due to any situation. So, here you can claim for engine failure costs even if the damage was not done due to an accident, fire or theft.

Under this protection, you can claim for engine repairs, engine replacement, as well as repair and replacement of other engine parts. So, in case of flood or heavy rain, if the car engine gets damaged due to water getting into the engine, the cost of repairing the damage is covered under this add-on plan.

Though you have a pay an additional payment for this Engine Protection Cover, but you can be rest assured about any issues in your car engine if you have this cover.

What all things are covered and excluded (not covered) under Engine Protection Cover

Below is a list of inclusions and exclusions under Engine Protection Cover:

Inclusions of Engine Protection Cover

  • cover any damage to your car engine
  • cover gearbox damage
  • cover against water ingression
  • cover lubricant oil leakage
  • cover hydrostatic lock damage
  • cover undercarriage damage
  • cover labor cost and consumable cost

Exclusions of Engine Protection Cover

  • Doesn’t cover damage caused by force start of car engine
  • Doesn’t cover the usual wearing out of car engine
  • Doesn’t cover damage caused by water outpouring (unless it is caused by water ingression)

You must note that the Engine Protection Cover is an add-on protection that cannot be purchased independently. It comes with your car insurance plan.

Does it worth to have an Engine protection Cover?

Engine is the most important part of your car and any sort of damage to the engine is likely to stop the car permanently. Also, engine repair is actually a costly affair, so considering the Engine protection Cover add-on is not a bad idea. With this protection, you can save expenses incurred for repairing your car engine against any damages.

If you live in a flood prone area or a place where it rains heavily, you must consider the engine protection cover for an engine failure cover to ensure that you don’t have to pay from your pocket to repair the damages caused to your car engine due to water ingression.

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To Conclude

Most auto insurance companies do not permit coverage for engine damage costs, thereby you have to undergo the expenses of engine failure cover from your own pocket in case any such damage appear in your car engine. However, with engine protection cover, you have the option to protect yourself from any unforeseen damages caused to your car engine.

There are many car insurance plans available with add-on engine cover in the market. You can compare costs of such plans available with different companies and buy the most cost-efficient plan suiting your requirement.

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