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Diwali celebrations have become synonymous with fireworks. Without firecrackers, Diwali seems unimaginable. Fireworks do add a dash of pleasure and excitement to the Diwali festivities by lighting the sky. However, they are a cause of concern because of the numerous accidents, injuries, and losses caused due to the bursting of firecrackers on Diwali.

Given the extensive use of sparklers and fireworks, firecracker insurance has become important to protect people and property during the festive season. Let us explore firecracker insurance for the festive season in this post.

The Need for Firecracker Insurance

Here are some examples of mishaps and accidents that can occur due to firecrackers, where you need firecracker insurance to save your soul:

  • Firecrackers cause explosion in housing apartments, damaging homes
  • Damages are caused to properties of individuals due to Firecrackers
  • Accidental burns and injuries while bursting crackers can also be saved
  • Vehicles burst into fumes due to firecrackers during Diwali
  • Permanent/partial disability caused to individuals by a firecracker accident
  • Explosion in firecracker factories that make firecrackers
  • Emergency hospitalization of older adults during Diwali due to pollution and smog caused by firecrackers
  • Loss of income due to disability caused by accident during Diwali

To safeguard against all the above and other such instances, firecracker insurance becomes a prudent choice during festival celebrations.

What Does Firecracker Insurance Cover?

Below are some examples of the kind of coverage offered under firecracker insurance:

Example 1:

A stray rocket enters your house during Diwali and causes a massive fire. Such incidents are common during Diwali and are likely to cause havoc in people’s lives. Firecracker insurance may save you in such a situation.

Example 2:

There are many instances of people hurting themselves during Diwali celebrations due to fireworks. For example, firecrackers cause accidents and damage the eyesight of people or cause burns and other injuries The expenses of the treatment for such cases can be incurred with firecracker insurance.

Example 3:

It is very common for vehicles to get damaged during Diwali by fire caused by firecrackers. For instance, a stray rocket hits your car and ignites a fire, causing damage. Your firecracker insurance can cover you against the same.

Example 4:

Permanent partial disability caused by a firecracker accident. If an incident of fire or injury during Diwali causes permanent or temporary disability, you can fall back on firecracker insurance.

Example 5:

Massive explosions that take place in buildings due to crackers or in firecracker factories can also be protected with firecracker insurance.

Example 6:

Emergency hospitalization of the elderly due to an asthma attack caused by firecracker pollution/smog can also be taken care of with firecracker insurance.

How to Obtain Firecracker Insurance

The process of applying for firecracker insurance is easy and hassle-free. Here are the steps to follow to purchase a firecracker insurance plan:

  • Go to the official website of the insurer offering firecracker insurance
  • Duly fill in the online application with information like the name of the proposer, DOB, and mobile number
  • Choose the plan you want to purchase and authenticate the procedure with OTP obtained on your registered mobile
  • Make the payment using any online mode like mobile wallet, UPI, credit/debit card, etc.
  • You will receive the policy details in your email and confirmation on your registered mobile number

Documents required for Firecracker Insurance

Below are the documents required to process firecracker insurance:

  • Claim form – duly filled and signed
  • Supporting bills for treatment expenses
  • Additional documents, as required by the insurer

Types of Firecracker Insurance Policies 

One of the popular firecracker insurance available in India is offered by Bajaj Finserv Insurance. You can avail of this insurance by paying a nominal price to protect yourself and your family against grave accidents during Diwali.

Below are some details of the Bajaj Finserv firecracker insurance policy:

Premium Price – INR 549

Coverage/Sum Assured – Up to INR 2 lakh

Areas of coverage – Severe burns, impact injuries, eye trauma, and more

Validity – 1 year

Coverage details of Bajaj Finserv firecracker insurance

The table below details the firecracker insurance coverage for children and spouses under Bajaj Finserv firecracker insurance:


Sum Assured (for policyholder)  Sum assured (for spouse) 

Sum assured (for children)

Accidental hospitalisation 

INR 2 lakh

INR 2 lakh

INR 2 lakh

Road ambulance

INR 25,000

INR 25,000

INR 25,000

Permanent partial disability 

INR 2 lakh

INR 1 lakh

INR 50,000

Income loss

INR 1000 per week



Claims and Procedures for Firecracker Insurance

To raise a claim against firecracker insurance, you are first expected to check if the particular claim being raised comes under the purview of the firecracker insurance. If it does, you are expected to inform the insurer and submit the reimbursement claim online or offline, along with the relevant documents.

You may also claim via:

  • E-mail to customercare@bajajallianz.co.in, or
  • By calling 1800-209-1021 toll-free number
  • You can also call the Bajaj Finserv insurance customer care number 1800-209-0144

Once the claim is raised, the accidental site (property) is inspected by a surveyor appointed by the insurer. If the incident comes under the purview of the insurance policy, the claim will be processed by the insurance company after the survey.

Eligibility Criteria for Firecracker Insurance

18 years to 70 years is the age group criteria to be eligible to buy a firecracker insurance policy in India. Firecracker insurance like Bajaj Finserv allows coverage to the insured and family members, including spouse and children. The validity period of the policy is one year.

The Cost of Firecracker Insurance

The common firecracker insurance option available in India is offered by Bajaj Finserv and is a reasonably priced insurance plan. The premium of the policy is INR 549, which is nominal. The coverage offered under the policy is up to INR 2 lakh, and the plan stays valid for 1 year.

The premium of most insurance plans including the firecracker insurance can be compared with the help of a premium calculator.

Safety Measures for Firecracker Usage

There are certain safety tips to follow while bursting firecrackers during Diwali. Since firecrackers have become an integral part of festivities, parents and elders should be careful while permitting children to burst firecrackers.

Below are some safety measures for firecracker usage: 

  • Wear cotton clothes while using sparklers and crackers during Diwali
  • Wear clothes that are well-fitted and not loose and flowing, which are prone to catch fire
  • Buy quality firecrackers from a legal manufacturer to limit the risk of fire incidents
  • Keep emergency fire and health helpline handy
  • Use firecrackers on open grounds/areas
  • Keep the first aid box and fire extinguisher handy
  • Be cautious while discarding the used firecrackers
  • Store firecrackers safely to avoid catching fire during storage
  • Stay close to your children while they light firecrackers

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Festivals are times to enjoy and spread happiness. Incidents like injuries or accidents can dampen the spirit of the festival. Hence, ensuring safety during festive celebrations is pertinent. Firecracker insurance during Diwali can benefit a family by insuring them against damages and injuries and providing them peace of mind.

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