Dr. Dipa Rani

BHMS, MBA (Healthcare Management)
15 years experience

Education / Certifications / Affiliations

  • BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery
  • MBA in Healthcare
  • Licentiate from Insurance Institute of India
  • Associate from Insurance Institute of India
  • Diploma in Health Insurance

Dr. Dipa is a seasoned professional with a diverse and rich background in healthcare, management, and insurance. With a solid educational foundation including a BHMS and an MBA in Healthcare Management, coupled with an Associate from the Insurance Institute of India, Dr. Dipa has established herself as a proficient expert in the industry. Her dynamic career spanning over 15 years, with 8 years dedicated to Mahindra Insurance Brokers, reflects her extensive experience and expertise in the field.

In her professional role, Dr. Dipa demonstrates a remarkable balance between her corporate career and her dedication to holistic healthcare by actively practicing in her free time and weekends. Her commitment to both the corporate sphere and individual practice showcases her passion for making a tangible impact on people’s health and well-being.

Outside the professional realm, Dr. Dipa’s vibrant personality shines through her varied hobbies and interests. Her love for reading, traveling, dancing, and gardening highlights her multifaceted nature and her ability to find joy in diverse activities. An ardent animal lover, she cherishes the companionship of pets and advocates for animal welfare.

Dr. Dipa’s interests in the intersection of Health & Tech demonstrate her forward-thinking approach. Her project portfolio showcases a commendable track record of spearheading various initiatives such as employee wellness programs, on-site health activities, specialized health programs for distinct groups, and orchestrating Health Melas for corporate entities. These endeavours reflect her innovative spirit and commitment to creating a healthier and happier community.

Dr. Dipa’s unwavering dedication to the healthcare field, complemented by her multifaceted skill set and genuine care for both people and animals, exemplifies her as a proficient professional and a compassionate individual.

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