Lemon Water Benefits: Lemon Juice Benefits for Weight Loss, Skin, and More


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Lemon is a wonderful fruit with a refreshing smell and taste. They come with several benefits. The valuable properties of lemon make them effective as home remedies. They are also used to enhance skin and for weight loss. Lemons can be consumed in various ways, like lemon juice and lemon tea, and in the preparation of various recipes.

Nutritional Facts about Lemon 

The below table shows the nutritional facts of one lemon weighing 58 grams:

Nutritional Component  Value
Energy 16.8 calories (kcal)
Carbohydrates 5.41 g, of which 1.45 g are sugars
Vitamin C 30.7 mg
Iron 0.35 mg
Calcium  15.1 milligrams (mg)
Phosphorus 9.3 mg
Potassium 80 mg
Selenium 0.2 micrograms (mcg)
Magnesium 4.6 mg
Folate 6.4 mcg
Choline 3.0 mg
Vitamin A 6 mcg
Lutein + Zeaxanthin 6.4 mcg

Health Benefits of Lemon Water 

How to Use Lemon Water for Effective Health Benefits:

1. Supports Weight Loss:

Drinking lemon water is likely to help in weight loss. Lemon water enhances water intake in the body. Many people consume a lemon juice glass prepared with the juice of a squeezed lemon mixed in lukewarm water with a teaspoon of pure honey on an empty stomach as an effective drink for weight loss. There are many benefits of warm water with lemon and honey. Lemon has a compound called Pectin, which is said to make you full for long. This prevents unhealthy eating among people, which causes weight gain. Along with supporting weight loss, lemon is said to increase the body temperature and improve the body’s metabolic rate.

2. Beneficial for Skin:

Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C that is effective in generating collagen. Collagen supports the skin and gives it a youthful look. It is also effective in limiting the fine lines on your face to make the skin clear and glowing.

3. Aids Heart Health:

Along with vitamin C, lemons also have antioxidants. Studies say that vitamin C and antioxidants are beneficial for heart health and might lower the risk of heart diseases. Some studies also claim that drinking lemon water is good for high BP. Diosmin and Hesperidin, which are likely to lower cholesterol, are found in lemon.

4. Boosts Immunity:

Lemon is known to boost immunity as it has high amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C. Thus, lemon is good at fighting germs and boosting immunity, which may cause colds, flu, etc.

5. Improve Digestion:

Lemons are also known to aid digestion by producing digestive juices like bile and acids that help in breaking down large food particles.

6. May Aid in Oral Disorders:

Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is essential for the health of teeth and gums. Hence, lemons are considered to help with oral disorders like Scurvy, which is caused due to a lack of vitamin C and causes swollen and bleeding gums. Lemon juice can also be applied locally to areas with toothache to reduce pain and inflammation.

7. Prevent Kidney Stones:

Studies state that lemon juice concentrate is likely to help prevent kidney stones. Pure lemon juice concentrate forms urinary citrate, which prevents crystal development.

8. Beneficial for Hair:

Since lemon contains high vitamin C, it stimulates hair follicles to improve hair growth. To use lemon for hair loss, mix lemon juice with aloe vera gel and apply to your scalp. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with a mild shampoo.

9. Enhance Iron Absorption:

Consuming food that offers a good combination of vitamin C and iron enhances the body’s ability to absorb iron. However, high consumption of vitamin C may cause gastrointestinal problems, especially for people who consume iron supplements. Thus, the best solution is to eat iron-rich food like a salad of baby spinach leaves mixed with other herbs and greens and squeeze a little lemon juice onto it to maximize iron and vitamin C intake.

10. Prevents Cancer:

Lemon is an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Antioxidants are said to prevent free radicals from causing cell damage, which may lead to cancer. Some studies suggest that certain compounds present in lemon may have anti-cancer properties.

Properties of Lemon Water

Below are some key properties of lemon water: 

  • Works as an antioxidant
  • Contains anti-inflammatory effect
  • Limit microbial infection
  • Effective against parasitic infections
  • Fight Allergies
  • Curbs blood sugar
  • Help manage weight

How to Add Lemon to Your Everyday Diet?

Lemon can be used in varied ways in your everyday diet. Some of the uses are mentioned below:

  • Lemon can be infused with lukewarm water and honey to make lemon juice
  • A few drops of lemon juice can be added to tea to boost weight loss
  • Lemon is squeezed and added to salads as dressing
  • Lemon drops can be added to roasted chicken and vegetables
  • Lemon juice is also used as marination
  • You can make cool summer drinks for your hot summer months using lemon

Side Effects of Lemon Water

Lemon is a power-packed fruit with all nutrients. Including lemon water in your diet is healthy and nourishing. Moreover, no major side effects of lemon water are reported. Having said that, we also know that anything consumed in excess is not good for health. So, even with lemon water, drinking in excess can have potential side effects. Excess consumption might cause frequent migraines or teeth enamel. Hence, there may be disadvantages to drinking lemon water daily.

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FAQs: Benefits of Lemon Water

What are the benefits of hot water and lemon?

Drinking lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water is likely to be beneficial for weight loss.

Is there any benefit of warm water with lemon and honey when consumed regularly?

Drinking lemon juice mixed with honey and lukewarm water can improve digestion. It can also facilitate food breakdown and absorption of nutrients.

Can I use lemon juice mixed with hot water for weight loss?

Lemon water may enhance weight loss because it affects your hydration, satiety, and metabolism. However, to lose weight, you must also rely on other options, along with drinking lemon juice in lukewarm water.

Can lemon water be effective in burning belly fat?

Lemon is likely to be beneficial for burning belly fat. Drinking lemon water is said to aid in weight management and boost metabolism. You would also require regular physical activity and a balanced diet to lose weight.

Can lemon water be consumed every day?

Anything consumed in access is not good. Hence, it is better to avoid consuming too much lemon water as it may lead to tooth erosion and heartburn. However, no side effects of drinking regular lemon water have been reported.

How much lemon water can be consumed per day?

One glass of lemon water per day can be beneficial as it is rich in vitamin C.

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