Curd Benefits: Check Calories in Curd, Nutritional Value in Daily Diet and Side Effects


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Over centuries and across cultures, Curd or Yogurt has found its place in our kitchens and hearts. The humble fermented milk product is not just an ingredient for culinary delights; it has numerous health benefits, too. Let us talk about curd benefits, the nutritious value of curd in your daily diet, and the side effects of curd over consumption.

Curd can be used in different recipes, including smoothies, yogurt dips, salads, etc., to make them appetizing and nutritious. Indians also use curd in various ways, such as marinating meat, preparing kebabs, and adding them to curries. Besides enhancing taste, curd is also a powerhouse of several vitamins and minerals. Here are the top benefits of curd consumption.

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Curd Consumption 

As discussed, curd is loaded with the richness of vitamins B2 and B12 and calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Along with its several health benefits, it also acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Here are some remarkable health benefits of curd.

1. Enhances Immunity:

Curd stores numerous active bacteria in it to help fight germs that cause diseases. Curd is also filled with other nutrients like protein, lactobacillus, and vitamins to enhance immunity. The probiotics in curd keep your gut healthy. Make sure to buy curd that has probiotics by looking for ‘live active culture’ on the label

2. Enhances Skin Health and Glow:

Women have been using curds as face packs for a long time now. Curd is beneficial for the skin as it has lactic acid, which is excellent as a skin exfoliator. Use curd to shed dead skin cells as well as to moisturize your skin. It is suitable for dry skin. Also, consuming curd regularly can add glow to your hair and skin

3. Supports Heart Health:

Consuming curd daily can reduce cholesterol levels and lower hypertension. Hence, it reduces the risk of high blood pressure, thereby keeping the heart healthy by balancing cholesterol.

4. Prevent Infections in the Vagina:

Curd consists of good bacterial culture, which is necessary to maintain the health of the female vagina. The vaginal PH is balanced by curd and contains lactobacillus, which restores the vaginal yeast balance. Further, it also helps to prevent infections in the body and creates hydrogen peroxide that supports killing the yeast.

5. Controls Blood Sugar Levels:

The live yogurt culture, as well as the digestible protein in curd, can control your blood sugar levels. Especially, the Greek yogurt is renowned for lowering the risk of heart disease and controlling blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Besides, the curd is also good for weight loss, and it supports healthy digestion as well. It is a great energy supplier and enhances bone and teeth health, too.

Curd Nutritional Value

In the below table, you can see the curd nutritional value per 100 g of plain curd made of whole milk:  




61 Kcal


3.5 g


3.3 g



Carbohydrates 4.7 g


104 mg


364 mg

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How to Include Curd in Your Daily Diet?

There are many ways of including curd in your diet to reap its health benefits. Let us take a look at how to incorporate curd into your daily diet in different ways:

1. As Buttermilk:

You can use curd to prepare buttermilk or lassi to consume during summer and to get relief from the scorching summer heat. Buttermilk helps in improving digestion and is regarded as a healthy summer drink.

2. Curd Rice:

This is a popular recipe in the southern part of India and is a combination of rice and curd. You can also mix red chili, salt, and curry leaves into it to get the amazing curd rice benefits

3. Curd Sandwich:

This recipe is tasty as well as healthy, as it combines different vegetables and curd.

4. Raita:

Raita is another common recipe served all across India, mainly with parathas, biryani, etc. It is again very popular in India.

5. Dahi chaat:

This is a snack commonly served as a street food in India, and it combines curd with various other ingredients to make a chaat.

Besides the above, curd can be used in a meal as a dessert. In many parts of India, people like to have a bowl of curd and some fruits as a dessert after a meal.

Are there any Side Effects of Overeating Curd?

We have discussed several health benefits of eating curd. However, there are some side effects of overconsumption of curd, as mentioned below:

  • For some people, overconsumption of curd can cause bloating and constipation
  • Some might experience weight gain due to overeating curd
  • It might also increase the risk of joint pains in some people

Who Should Avoid Eating Curd?

Below are the people who should avoid curd:

  1. People with acidity issues or acid reflux problems should avoid curd. Also, those who suffer from indigestion problems should avoid curd at night
  2. Some people who can’t tolerate lactose. They find it hard to digest curd, and they should avoid curd
  3. People who are prone to cough and cold should also stay away from curd, especially at night
  4. Obese people should also avoid consuming too much curd
  5. People suffering from arthritis should avoid curd consumption as it can make their joint pain worse
  6. It is better to consume curd in its natural form. Adding sugar to it might enhance its taste. However, it will make it unhealthy. If you want, you can use honey to sweeten your curd.

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To sum up

Now you know that curd is a power-packed food laden with nutrition. You also understand that Calorie in curd is low. So, you know that consuming curd is important for your health. However, you must remember to include regular physical activity in your life apart from having healthy food items in your diet.

Also, it is important to purchase a health insurance plan to cover all family members so that you can ensure the safety of each one of them during a medical emergency.

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FAQs: Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Curd

How long can I store curd? What is its shelf life on average?

You can store curd for as many as 14 days (two weeks) in a fridge. However, it might lose its nutritional value by the end of two weeks. So, you may not get the curd or dahi benefits.

Can people with Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) have curd?

Yes, patients with GERD can consume low-fat curd; however, they should avoid whole-fat curd.

Is curd good for weight loss?

Yes, curd is an excellent fat burner. It has high calcium and probiotics, which keep the digestive system in check and facilitate weight loss.

What is curd? What are the benefits of eating curd?

Curd or dahi is a traditional yogurt or fermented milk product that is highly popular in India. There are numerous benefits of eating curd, and we have covered them in the post above.

Can we eat curd at night?

Yes, you can eat curd at night. However, if you have any digestive issues, avoid eating curd at night, as it may cause indigestion.

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