Benefits of Tulsi Leaves – Nutritional Value, Health Benefits, and Side Effects of Tulsi Leaves


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Tulsi or basil is the most common herb found in almost every Indian household. This medicinal plant is known for its magical qualities that benefit humans, and is regarded as the ‘Queen of Herbs’. Let’s read more about tulsi benefits in this post.

The original use of Tulsi or Holy Basil Plant in India comes from Ayurveda. Tulsi is available in different types and is used as a home remedy to cure several illnesses. These leaves are eaten in raw form to cure colds and coughs. Tulsi leaves are also used to prepare various medicines. The oil extracted from these leaves are used to prepare cosmetic products like shampoo, soap, perfume, lotion and so on.

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Nutritional Value of Tulsi Leaves

A look at the nutrients present in Tulsi leaves will make sure why these leaves are so precious and why they are regarded as a blessing for mankind.  Here’s the nutritional value of Tulsi Leaves mentioned in the chart below:

Nutrition’s in Tulsi Leaves Nutrition Value
Sodium 4 mg
Phosphorus 56 mg
Protein 3.15 g
Dietary Fibre 1.6 g
Manganese 1.148 mg
Calcium 177 mg
Iron 3.17 mg
Potassium 295 mg
Carbohydrate 2.65 g

10 Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Let us take a look at multiple Tulsi benefits in this post.

1. Tulsi leaves beat stress

Stress is the root cause of so many diseases. The modern lifestyle and the earnest efforts of people to maintain it adds to the stress levels. Tulsi is regarded as an herb of nature that has anti-stress properties as they contain Ocimumosides A and B compounds, which are effective in reducing stress. Thus, consuming a cup of tea made with Tulsi leaves is known to destress and rejuvenate people during stressful times.

2. Tulsi leaves protect against infection and wounds

The anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties of these leaves serve as natural painkillers. Thus, these leaves protect against wounds and infections. Drinking juice of fresh Tulsi leaves mixed with black pepper powder can also cure fever.

3. Tulsi serves as an immunity booster

Complete with Vitamin C and zinc, Tulsi leaves act as a natural immunity booster to help strengthen the immune system of humans. This is another Tulsi plant benefit. When it comes to boosting immunity, Indians believe in consuming Tulsi as the best alternative.

4. Enhances Heart Health 

The holy basil has the power to enhance heart health. These leaves can potentially reduce lipid content of blood and hence lower the chances of hypertension, stroke, ischemia, etc.

5. Tulsi leaves have anti-cancer properties

Tulsi leaves have phytochemicals, which prevent the risk of lung, oral, skin as well as liver cancer. The antioxidants present in these leaves help in cancer prevention.

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6. Tulsi offer natural relief for cold and cough

This magical herb is known for its effective properties that aid in giving natural relief against cough and cold. Further, they also help in relieving bronchitis and asthma along with various other respiratory problems.

7. Preventing Kidney Stones 

Kidney stones has become a very common problem these days.  Tulsi leaves reduce the level of uric acid in the body and thus prevent the formation of kidney stones. Tulsi also benefits patients who have issues of gout and arthritis.

8. Act as natural blood purifier

Like other medicinal plants such as neem, holy basil also acts as a natural blood purifier. The plant aids in flushing out toxins from your digestive system. Hence, daily intake of Tulsi leaves is recommended to purify blood.

9. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels 

Tulsi leaves are used to regulate the level of blood sugar as well. This magical herb increases your body’s metabolism to help regulate the blood sugar levels.

10. Tulsi aids in losing weight

If you want to lose weight, include Tulsi leaves in your diet. Tulsi leaves release toxins from the human body by improving the gut. This accelerates the body’s metabolism rate as well as fat burning process to aid in weight loss.

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Side Effects of Tulsi Leaves 

So, as you can see in the above list, there are some amazing benefits and uses of Tulsi leaves which makes it so revered by people in India. However, the plant has certain side effects for some people, which is important for you to know as well.

  • In case of fertility, these leaves may affect male as well as female fertility and so if you are planning to conceive be careful about consuming these leaves
  • People who are using blood thinning medicines should avoid using these leaves
  • These leaves may also hamper your tooth enamel.

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To Conclude

Scientifically termed as Ocimum sanctum, Tulsi or Holy Basil is used in ayurveda to cure several ailments which generate stress.  These leaves support the healthy functioning of the body organs such as kidney, heart and liver. The leaves calm the mind with their tension reducing qualities. Hence, it is suggested to consume 2-3 leaves of Tulsi on a daily basis to enhance health.

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FAQs: Health Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Can we drink Tulsi infused water daily? 

Yes, there are several Tulsi water benefits. Daily intake of Tulsi tea is said to have a relaxing effect and aids in lowering stress and also aids in many other health issues.

Which type of Tulsi is best for health? 

Tulsi plants including all varieties of the leaves allow far-reaching benefits to health. Kapoor and Krishna Tulsi are some prominent types of Tulsi to cure various diseases. 

Intake of how many Tulsi leaves is recommended per day? 

Tulsi health benefits are immense. Consuming 2-3 raw fresh Tulsi leaves every day is preferable, especially early in the morning. 

Tulsi aids in curing which diseases? 

Tulsi is beneficial for the treatment of cold and cough, fever, stress, asthma, heart disease, malaria, insomnia and so on. Further, there are many benefits of Tulsi for skin health as well.

Who should avoid consuming Tulsi? 

Though there are several benefits of eating Tulsi leaves. But some people should avoid it or consult the doctor before consuming it. For instance, people on blood-thinning medications, pregnant women, people getting treatment for infertility etc. should avoid the intake of Tulsi.

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