What are Health Insurance Network Hospitals?

Health Insurance Network Hospitals are those hospitals that have an agreement or tie-up with the insurance companies. They are also termed as Cashless Hospitals because they offer cashless medical treatments to the life insured. All eminent health insurance companies have a list of hospital in India that are affiliated to provide cashless treatments to the person insured by their health insurance policies.

So, if you intend to get a cashless medical treatment, make sure to go through the Mediclaim Cashless Hospital List.

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Search for the nearest network hospital

Cashless Network Hospital List for Health Insurance
  • No medical check-up up to age 45 years
  • COVID Hospitalisation expenses included
  • Medical Cover up to ₹1 crore
  • Tax Benefits u/s 80D

Health insurance starting from ₹250/month*

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Read on to understand the benefits of a network hospital and how such hospitals work?

Top Advantages of Network Hospitals in Health Insurance

Network Hospitals Benefit - Pocket-Friendly


Getting admitted in a network hospital saves you from poking a hole in your pocket because all the hospital bills and other expenses are paid by the insurance company right after the treatment is over.

Network Hospitals Benefit - Hassle-free


Unlike in case of a non-network hospital, getting the claim for hospital admission and treatment is quicker and less troublesome in a network hospital.

Network Hospitals Benefit - No Risk

No Risk

In case of a non-network hospital, your insurance company may reject your reimbursement claims on some accounts but this will not happen if you choose a network hospital.

Understand How a Network Hospital Works:

Let us understand how a network hospital works in the following steps:

  • Renowned insurance companies make a hospital network after a series of background checks and surveys on the quality of medical services provided by those hospitals.
  • The Mediclaim hospital list is then renewed regularly keeping in mind the upgradation in the services provided by different hospitals.
  • Only the network hospitals shortlisted by your health insurance company will offer a cashless treatment.
  • The sum insured limit will be the limit for availing the cashless treatment at any of the health insurance network hospitals.
  • The cashless treatment will be provided only after the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the insurance company.

The Bottom Line:

Opting for a cashless treatment in a network hospital is both convenient and affordable. All major health insurance companies provide cashless Mediclaim across a network of hospitals all over the country, so that you can get the best treatment without worrying about the financial burden.

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Common FAQs about Health Insurance Network Hospitals:

Why to get admitted in a Cashless Network Hospital?

The biggest advantage of getting admitted in a cashless network hospital for a treatment is that the insurance company will pay all your bills once your treatment is completed.

Is there any Hospital List offered by Health Insurance Companies?

Yes, you can ask for a hospital name list from the insurer that mentions the names of all the affiliated hospitals that offer cashless facilities. If you forgot to ask for the Mediclaim hospital list while buying a health plan, you can ask for it later too.

Is Cashless Facility available Across all Network Hospitals?

No, a cashless facility is available only at the hospitals included in the network hospital list provided by your insurance company. If you are not aware of which is the best cashless hospital near me, fee; free to inquire about the same from your insurer.

Can I use my insurance policy in any hospital near me?

Cashless facility is offered only at the hospital network, but if you want reimbursement claims, you can go to any hospital. Just make sure to pick a renowned hospital from the list of hospitals near me.