A Guide to Buy Health Insurance Plans for Women

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Women essay multiple roles suiting the requirements of their family. Besides being an excellent homemaker, a woman can also be a superlative career woman if she puts her mind to it. In fact, women have, in recent times, achieved excellence in both business and service. There are many women entrepreneurs and employees who have made a name for themselves. However, when it comes to buying a health insurance plan, ignorance is common among most women.

Don’t women require a health plan for themselves?

They do. Given the physical stress a woman puts herself in she must have a health insurance plan to cover for medical emergencies. The plan would provide good healthcare facilities to women and ensure that they get the best treatment without worrying about the financial aspect.

Here is a guide to buy women health insurance plans

Consider the coverage features

Health insurance plans for women should be comprehensive. Look for plans which cover all the major aspects of a medical emergency and also provide other additional coverage benefits. The plan should be inclusive so that it provides the best in-class coverage.

Don’t skimp on the coverage amount

An optimal coverage amount is essential in your health insurance plan. Given the rising cost of medicine, only a plan with a sufficient coverage amount would prove beneficial in meeting the relevant medical bills. So, opt for a decent sum insured keeping in mind your lifestyle needs and medical requirements.

Opt for maternity cover

If you are planning a pregnancy anytime soon, maternity cover is always advised upon. The benefit covers the cost of pregnancy and child birth and proves financially effective. Moreover, under many maternity cover plans the new born baby is also covered. So, make sure to include maternity cover in your health insurance plan.

Don’t ignore critical illness cover

Women are very highly prone to breast cancer and other cancers relating to the female reproductive organ. As such, critical illness cover becomes quite essential for women. Don’t ignore a critical illness plan for women. Besides covering cancer, the plan would also cover other major illnesses and pay a lump sum benefit. Either buy a separate critical illness policy or opt for critical illness rider, if available, in the health insurance plan.

Look at the limits and sub-limits

Health insurance plans might have limits and sub-limits on the coverage features that they offer. The most common one is room rent sub-limits. These limits and sub-limits restrict coverage and should be avoided. Look for a plan which has no sub-limits. If there are limits, the limits should be high enough to cover the potential expenses incurred on such treatments.

Consider the pre-existing waiting period

If you are suffering from any pre-existing illnesses, there would be a waiting period in the health insurance plan. Such existing illnesses would be covered after the waiting period has expired. So, when buying a health plan, look for the waiting period. Opt for the lowest possible period to enjoy comprehensive coverage at the earliest.

Don’t ignore a health plan for women. Follow this guide and buy a plan at the earliest.

Choose wisely!

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