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Updated on Oct 11, 2022

Inflation has hit almost every sector including healthcare. Thus, it has become important to opt for Top Up Health Insurance Plans offering complete protection and various benefits. Let’s find out more about it!

Like all other industries, the field of healthcare has also seen immense changes and price rise in recent times. Whether you consult a doctor for a minor issue like common cold or a critical illness like heart ailment, you have to pay a heavy consultation fee and go through an immense medical procedure that costs you a substantial amount of money.  Thus, purchasing a health insurance plan suiting your requirement is important. You can also consider the numerous top-up plans that are offered by the best health insurance companies. This is because in many cases the health insurance policy you have purchased may not suffice your requirements, especially due to the unpredictable and unforeseen nature of health emergencies. In such situations, the top-up plans come more handy.

Let’s discuss what top-up health insurance plans are and how they can support you.

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What does Top-up Health Insurance Mean? 

A health insurance top-up plan is the one that allows the insured to avail medical insurance in addition to their regular health cover.  Thus, a top-up plan augments the extent of your health security. As far as functioning of a top-up plan is concerned, it works similarly as the basic health insurance plans. However, the premium of such plans are lower as compared to regular plans and thus they are more affordable and serve as best health insurance in India.

But don’t confuse a top-up health insurance plan with a health insurance add-on. It is not a health insurance rider or add-on that is generally available for any specific illness or purpose. A rider or add-on is available as an additional cover along with the regular health insurance.  On the other hand, a top-up health insurance policy is available as a standalone plan. Thus, a top-up plan can function as both individual health insurance along with serving as an additional cover for your regular health insurance.

Different Types of Top-up Plans In India available with Health Insurance

There are 2 types of top-ups available with the best health insurance policies in India, such as, the top-up plans and the super top-up plans.

1. Top-up Health Insurance Plans – The key feature of a top-up health insurance plan is to offer the insured with additional coverage on the basis of each claim. Under top-up plans, the policyholder can avail the sum insured if their claim amount is greater as compared to the base sum insured of the health insurance policy.

In this case, if you want to file a claim under your top-up plan, you can do so if the amount of your second claim that you want to raise is below the sum insured of the base plan. Thus, for an insured who wants to file a claim under a top-up plan, the amount of the claim has to be higher as compared to the sum insured under the base plan.

You must note that a top-up plan is available for only one claim which is in excess of the claims made under your base health plan.

2. Super Top-up Health Insurance Plan – Unlike the top-up plans, the super top-up health insurance functions on the principle of  cumulative claims. Thus, it allows the insured to file multiple claims.

For instance, suppose you have a health insurance base plan of INR 5 lakh and a super top-up plan of INR 7 lakh. Now, suppose your sum insured under base plan gets exhausted, you can raise claims against your super top-up plan.

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7 Reasons You Should Opt For Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans

The Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans are pocket-friendly and they offer coverage above and beyond the base plan. This plan comes with several benefits and features, such as:

  1. Greater coverage on Health Insurance – Super top-up plans offered by most health insurance companies allow the insured substantial cover against wide scale health emergencies and treatments.  The super top-up plan acts as a protective shield to support the policyholder in bridging the gap between their health insurance plan and their medical bills.
  2. Reasonable Premiums – Since the Super Top Up Health Insurance premiums are reasonable, they allow the insured to enjoy greater health cover at feasible prices. Thus, the super top-up plans are more lucrative as compared to the basic health plans.
  3. Lifelong Renewals – Most of the insurers provide lifelong renewals with their super top-up plans.  Hence, as long as the insured makes the premium payment on time, their super top-up health insurance plan stays active.
  4. Cashless Claims –  With the best Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans in India, policyholders can avail cashless claims at the network hospitals of the insurer across India.
  5. Consumables Benefit – Many insurers also allow Consumables Benefit with the super top-up plans that cover  the costs of consumables incurred during treatment.
  6. Cumulative Bonus –  Along with other benefits, you can also enjoy the benefit of cumulative bonus with super top-up plans for every claim free year.  Thus, the insured can enjoy benefits like enhanced sum assured with every policy year that goes without raising a claim.
  7. Tax Benefits –  Another advantage of health insurance including super top-up health insurance is that it allows the insured to avail tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

To Sum Up

The top and Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans let the insured avail multiple benefits. They allow the insured to avail greater coverage at reasonable premiums. They also allow cashless claims, consumables benefits, and so on.  These plans are designed to act as standalone health insurance plans and also complement your current medical policy.

Further, you can compare health insurance plans online to check the best health insurance top up plan in India that you want to buy. You can also compare plans online and check their premiums with the help of a health insurance calculator. This will save your time as well as effort for buying a policy in a hassle-free manner.

In case your health cover doesn’t suffice your requirement, you can use a top-up health insurance policy to suit your needs.

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