Annual Medical Check-ups in Health Insurance Policy – All You Need to Know


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Annual Medical Check-ups in Health Insurance Policy

Do your health insurance plans offer annual medical check-ups? Know all about the free yearly medical check-ups available with your health insurances in this post.

Taking care of your health by regularly going for check-ups is essential, especially to timely detect an ailment.  Moreover, after a particular age it becomes all the more important to have regular medical tests.

Healthcare Experts are of the view that everyone must go through a precautionary health check-up once in a year. However, many people consider these health check-ups unnecessary wastage  of money. But the fact is health check-ups are very important and everyone should get a health check-up done regularly.

Those who have health insurance can easily avail the facility of undergoing such health check-up every year without spending any extra amount. This is because most health insurance policies offer free health check-ups once a year. Lets learn more about this offer in this post.

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What is an annual preventive health check-up available with your health insurance policy?  

Many health insurance plans offer the benefit of yearly health check-ups under which the insured can avail one preventive health check-up absolutely free each year to keep a track of his/her health. This way, the insured can evaluate their current health condition and can reduce the risk of getting any serious illness. Such preventive health check-ups are done on all body parts including heart and other organs of the body. They also  watch for other parameters of health like blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. On top of that you get free doctor consultation to suggest different measures to prevent diseases and allow the policyholder to lead a healthy life.

Now, you would be interested in knowing what all tests are covered under such health check-ups. So, below are some of the common tests that are covered under the annual health check-up allowed by your best health insurance plan.

Tests Covered under health Check-up in Medical Insurance Policy

Along with regular physical examination, the other common tests covered include blood sugar and blood pressure. Also, they include urine and CBC or Complete Blood Count tests under the annual medical check-up. Further, these tests include:

  • Examination of Kidney functions along with lung and liver function
  • Checking your Lipid profile
  • Your vitamin deficiencies are also checked
  • For women it include tests like Pap smear
  • It also includes X-ray, ECG and Sonography etc.

4 Advantages in buying a Health plan with yearly preventive Check-ups

Here are some of the benefits of buying best health insurance in India which offer yearly health check-up options:

  1. They help you to keep track of your health and fitness –  It allows the insured to observe their overall health on a regular basis.  It helps in keeping a check on the proper functioning of various body organs and thereby track their wellbeing.
  2. They enable you to detect diseases at the early stages –  Another benefit of regular body check-up is that it allows early diagnosis of ailments and helps the patient to curb the spread of the disease at early stages with the help of right treatment.
  3. They support people to live a Healthy Life – Since regular body check up keeps the insured updated about their present body conditions, they find it easy to opt for healthy steps so that they can enhance their fitness, and improve their health conditions.
  4. These check-ups help the insured to save money – With a health policy that allows you to avail free yearly medical check-ups,  you can save a lot of money. This is because you can get the health check-up done free of cost and if the tests detect an ailment, you can control the disease from spreading and avoid expensive treatment like surgeries etc.

Do all health insurance plans offer Annual Medical Check-up Facility?

No, every health insurance plan doesn’t offer a health check-up facility for its policyholders on a regular basis. In fact, some plans don’t offer this facility altogether. On the other hand, some of them might provide the free health check-up every two, three or four years.  Further, other limitations are also set by different insurers depending on the plan. For instance, some plans allow medical check-up after a certain number of successive claim-free years. Thus, it is important to read the terms of the policy before buying a plan.

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5 Things to consider when buying Health Insurance offering free Health Check-ups

Here are the things to consider:

  1. You must ensure the frequency of Health Check-up so that you know if the policy offer annual medical check-up or after every few consecutive years
  2. There are many policies that allow free health insurance for medical check-up only after a certain number of claim-free years. So, you need to check that before buying a policy
  3. You also need to check if your health insurer allows your annual health check-up on a cashless basis. And if so, which hospitals – network or non-network – are available for conducting the tests. Availability of all hospitals is better as compared to only network hospitals.
  4. The insured also needs to check the list of medical tests covered under their free health check-up so that you come to know if the policy is covering the important medical tests or full body medical check-up.
  5. Also, you must make sure if the policy allows tests on the basis of sum insured. Because there are some policies that allow tests depending on the amount of sum insured. Don’t go for a sum insured you do not need just for the sake of free health check-up as it adds to the premium.

To Conclude 

Annual health check-ups are good ways to keep track of the health of a person. By availing a health insurance policy offering annual health check-ups, you may not worry about expenses of getting your health check every year. So, if you want to find the best health plan with free annual check-up, just search for ‘annual medical check-up near me’ and keep the above mentioned points in mind before buying a policy.
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