Benefits of Buying Health Insurance for Diabetic Patients


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Is It Worth Buying Health Insurance Plan for Diabetic Patients?

There are many reasons why buying a Health Insurance for Diabetic Patients is essential. Having a health cover is, as such, important for everyone, and if you are a diabetic, it becomes all the more necessary. This is because patients with diabetes have three times greater likelihood of getting hospitalized as compared to people who are not suffering from this disease.

When it comes to Health Insurance for Diabetics, there are many good policies available offering numerous benefits. One key benefit is that such insurances come without a period of waiting. So the insured can avail cover and claim for compensation for treatment without having to wait for the completion of the waiting time.

Also, these insurances let the patient deal with the rising cost of medicine and other treatment related costs easily. Thus, with a diabetes insurance plan, you can incur the expenses without losing on your saved money. Further, there are many diabetes insurance plans that cover for charges incurred during hospitalization pertaining to both types of diabetes- type 1, type 2.

In this blog, we are discussing the various aspects of insurance plans for diabetics. Let us analyze them one by one.

Key aspects to know before purchasing a Health Insurance for Diabetics

Buying the best diabetes insurance plan would depend on the type of diabetes you are suffering from:

Cover for Type 1 diabetics (patients who use Insulin)

In Type 1 Diabetes, patients normally use insulin. These diabetes patients should seek coverage for higher and comprehensive plans, which allow protection to the type 1 patients accordingly.

Cover for patients who do not use Insulin

In Type 2 diabetes, patients do not require the use of insulin. In this case, patients can be covered under normal health insurance plans, and do not need to look for top diabetes insurance plans specifically. However, in normal plans, they might have to wait till the completion of the waiting period, which depends on the plan purchased.

Cover for patients living with Diabetes For more than 10 Years

In this case, patients who are suffering from diabetes for over 10+ years but are not on insulin can be covered. However, such insurer have to give a consent of underwriter to have a health policy.

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Best Health Insurance Plans for Diabetics

As per the above categorization on diabetes, the below are some plans that are most popular for diabetes patients.

Star Diabetes Safe Health Insurance – This plan is specially created for diabetes patients to cover people who are already suffering from diabetes. This plan comes in two variants – Plan A, Plan B. It is a all-inclusive health plan for diabetes that comes with no waiting period (Plan A), and allow you to avail benefits against the disease and the associated complications.  However, the variant Plan B offers a waiting time of 1 year. Thus, if you are seeking to get health insurance with type 1 diabetes, this plan would suit you well.

Aditya Birla Activ Health Enhance Plan – This is a great plan offering all-inclusive coverage for people suffering from diabetes. This plan is designed for people with already existing diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure etc. The plan comes with an upper limit of Rs. 2Crore as cover.

Care Freedom Health Insurance – This plan is available for single individuals and as floater plans. This is a critical illness plan that covers illnesses like diabetes among others. The amount of sum insured in this plan can vary from rupees 3lakhs to rupees 5lakhs depending on the plan.

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Advantages and Benefits of Health Insurance for Diabetics

Here are some of the best benefits of diabetes health insurance plans:

  • These plans cover doctor consultation fees, so you can avail the services of the finest endocrinologist or diabetes experts without worrying about their consultation fee.
  • It covers medicine costs for the expensive diabetes medicines.
  • It also covers diagnostic costs to help you carry out the required tests.
  • This plan help you stay stress-free, and you don’t have to worry about your medical needs.

Things to seek in a Health Insurance for Diabetics

  • Look for a plan offering easy and quick claim settlement
  • Look for a plan with limited waiting period to be able to avail the benefits soon
  • Look for a cost-effective plan with enough cover
  • Also, seek a plan offering comprehensive number of network hospitals
  • Seek a plan offering pre, post hospital charges for diabetes treatment
  • Seek for a plan with lifetime renew facility
  • Seek a plan offering free yearly health check-up

Inclusions in a Health Insurance for Diabetics

Here’s what included in health insurance plans for diabetics:

  • Zero Waiting Period
  • In-patient Hospital expenses (include medications and treatments)
  • Pre hospital and Post-Hospital charges  (30 days before and 60 days after)
  • Cover Ambulance Costs
  • Cover organ transplant costs
  • Cover reimbursements for check up related to the disease

Exclusions in Health Insurance for Diabetics

  • Experimental cure
  • Pregnancy
  • Dental treatment
  • External aids
  • Things used for personal comfort
  • In case of diabetes related illnesses like any joint surgery, cataract, hernia, etc., there is a waiting time of 2 years to avail benefit of insurance.
  • Injury expenses caused due to war etc.
  • Expenses caused due to nuclear attack etc.
  • Hospitalization caused by radiation of any kind
  • Expenses incurred on health due to drug and alcohol overdose
  • Treatments to control weight
  • Aesthetic surgeries
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Other pre-existing illnesses if any gets covered after the waiting period of 2 years
  • Diseases associated with AIDS, HIV

To Conclude

The rising costs of healthcare as well as the rise in the number of people falling sick these days makes it necessary for everyone to have health cover. Also, lifestyle diseases like diabetes are becoming very common with more and more people suffering from type1 and type2 diabetes as well as other diseases like hypertension and cardio vascular diseases.

Hence, it is advisable for everyone to stay protected with a good health insurance plan. If you are a diabetic, it’s better to seek a good health insurance for diabetes patients to ensure your safety of health with a diabetes insurance coverage. So, look for a good plan today to cover you against diabetes.

Feb 22, 2022
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