Buy Health Insurance without Medical Checkup in India


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Buying Health Insurance without a Medical Checkup in India

Are you scared of the pre-medical check-up before buying an insurance? Are you aware that you can buy a medical insurance without getting a pre-policy medical checkup? Know all about it here.

Healthcare costs are rising exponentially and more and more people are becoming cautious about it. That is why people are becoming increasingly aware about the health insurance policies and the massive growth of the health insurance industry is proof of it.  However, still there are people who are unsure about buying health plans because they are scared of the process of pre-policy medical check-up that is involved or that an individual has to go through during the time of a policy purchase.

It is true that a health insurance is beneficial in numerous ways, but there are certain rules and regulations that are involved in the process of procuring a health plan.  And an insurance seeker is likely to follow the plan as per the requirement of the insurance company.

Some such process involve;

  • Properly filling the form of insurance proposal
  • Submitting the required documents
  • Paying the first premium, and
  • Undergoing a pre-policy health screening

So, the above are the basic steps involved while buying insurance policies in most cases and many insurance seekers are scared of the last step that involves getting medical check-ups done. That is one reason why they try to avoid the idea of buying medical insurance.

In this blog, we are discussing the various ways to get people out of their anxiety related to medical check-ups and also that they can still buy a health plan without a health check-up. There are many insurers who allow individuals to buy health plans without pre-entrance medical check-up.

However, before knowing about such insurer let us first discuss the reasons or the principle which is why pre-screening or pre-policy medical check is made compulsory by many insurance companies before offering health plans to insurance seekers.

Rationale for pre-screening health check-ups

A health insurance plan helps policyholders to meet the costs of hospital bills that are incurred due to sudden medical emergencies. The health condition of a person depends on his/her age because as we age, we tend to have numerous diseases. Thus insurance providers also take into account the probable medical assistance that they might have to incur while offering health cover to a policyholder after a certain age because of the below reasons:

  • Individuals within the age group of 18 to 45 years are regarded as less prone to diseases because it is a less risky age in terms of diseases.
  • So, people within that age group do not require to go through a health check-up to buy a health policy.
  • But for people over 45 years, the medical check-up is a vital requirement as people are more prone to diseases after the age of 45.
  • However, there are policy providers who offer certain health plans without undergoing medical check-ups.

All health insurance providers do not make it compulsory for policy seekers to undergo pre-policy check-ups before buying health plans. Pre-policy health check-up actually depends on different things like age, health condition and so on.

Further, some insurers make 45 years the minimum limit to get a health check-up done for buying a policy, while there are others who allow individuals to procure health policies without health check-up till the age of 60 years.

Let’s discuss some such health plans here.

Health Plans that Allow Insured to Buy Policy Without Health Check-Up

  1. Oriental Insurance – Oriental is a nationalized general insurance company working under the ownership of Government of India with its headquarters in New Delhi. The company works with 29 offices across the country and has over 1500 branches spread across India. The Happy Family Floater Plan under Oriental Insurance allow policy seekers to purchase policy without any pre-policy health check-up till 60 years of age. So, citizens can avail health insurance without medical test with these policies.
  2. Religare Health Insurance –  Religare is another insurer which is offering many smart health plans without the clause of pre-policy health check-up. Religare’s exclusive Care plan can be availed by people of all ages without undergoing any pre-policy medical check-up. This insurance plan can be utilized by middle aged people as well as the people who fall under the category of senior citizens. So, with Care health insurance for senior citizens, the elderly can invest in this insurance plan without getting into pre-policy health check-ups.
  3. Star Health Plans – When it comes to offering insurances without pre-policy health check-up, Star Health Insurance has many attractive plans. Most of their health plans are available without any age limit. Further, they offer health plans without medical screening till the age of 50 years. Some such plans of health insurance for senior citizens are namely;
    • Family Health Optima Plan
    • Mediclassic Plan
    • Health Gain Plan
    • Comprehensive or Family Delite Plan

All the above plans do not require any medical check-up before buying policy till the age of 50 years.

In fact, Star’s Unique Health Plan doesn’t require the policy seeker to go through pre-medical check-ups up to the maximum entry age, which is 65 years. Also, the health insurance plans for senior citizens offered by Star Health Insurance called the Senior Citizen Red Carpet plan allow elderly to avail the policy without pre-policy medical check-up for policy buyers till the age  of 75 years.

To Conclude

As already discussed above, now you know that there are many insurers offering insurance policies without any medical screening, including health insurance for senior citizens without medical test. So, if you were postponing your plans of buying insurance due to the fact that you were scared of the pre-policy medical check-up, then you can’t give that excuse anymore.   So, buy a policy to secure your health if you have been postponing the same so far. There are many good policies available in the market these days which are available without any medical check-up before buying the policy.

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FAQs on Health Insurance without Medical Checkup

Is medical test mandatory for health insurance?

But the truth is, the insurer that asks you to go for health insurance exam is most customer friendly at the time of making a claim. It should however be noted that even if the insurance provider has not asked you to go through these tests, it nowhere implies that you should withhold a pre-existing health condition.

What tests are done for health insurance?

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Fasting blood sugar.
Vital signs such as blood pressure measurement, heart rate, and respiratory rate.
Lipid profile.
Serology or blood serum test, etc.

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May 05, 2022
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