Can You Get Insurance Cover for IVF Treatment in India?


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Updated on Oct 11, 2022

Infertility Insurance Coverage in India – Does Health Insurance Cover for IVF Treatment in India?

IVF has become a ray of hope for many childless couples who couldn’t conceive normally due to medical reasons. But is IVF covered by insurance policies? Let’s learn about it.

IVF has been the source of happiness for many families who were without a child before conceiving and giving birth using the IVF technology. A child is the source of joy in a family and who else can understand it better than a childless couple. Unlike earlier, infertility is not a problem anymore as different medical procedures have made it possible for childless couples to conceive and have their own babies.  There are numerous procedures in this regard and In Vitro Fertilization or in short IVF is one such procedure that allows couples without a child to have a baby of their own.

But it is important to consider that IVF is an expensive medical procedure, and it might take more than one attempt to successfully conceive through IVF.  Thus, if you do not conceive in the first trial would have to invest money again for the next attempt. Thus, having health insurance cover for IVF treatment is important so that you can get the expenses incurred in the IVF process reimbursed.

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Let us learn what all covers are allowed under different insurance policies for IVF treatment in India in the blog below.

Health Insurance Protection for IVF in India

When it comes to any maternity and newborn cover, there are many health insurance companies offering policies which offer such coverage. IVF protection is a coverage that may not be included in all health insurances. However, there are certain policies that allow IVF coverage and with protection against aspects like ambulance charges cover, emergency hospitalization cover, newborn child cover and maternity cover. Now, all these covers are useful when it comes to IVF treatment. Being an expensive treatment, it is always beneficial if you can avail health insurance cover for IVF.

Below are some of the IVF health insurances that are designed particularly to cover against IVF treatment.

  • Coverage of Infertility Diagnoses – The first step towards an IVF treatment is to get proper diagnosis to check whether you are infertile or you are not capable of bearing a child due to any medical reason. Only when you get this diagnosis done, you can proceed further with fertility treatment or IVF. So, if your health insurance plan offers coverage for such diagnosis for infertility you can go ahead with the different tests as prescribed by the doctor, as per the scope of your insurance coverage. However, this insurance policy will not cover for anything beyond the diagnosis of infertility. So, for other things to start the IVF treatment, you have to look for other coverage.
  • Infertility Diagnoses Cover with Limited Fertility Treatment  – There are some health insurance that cover infertility treatments and allow limited protection on fertility treatment as well as diagnosis cover for infertility. Thus, it allows both diagnosis as well as a limited amount of reimbursement for infertility treatment. However, depending on the insurance provider the amount of cover for treatment might differ.
  • Cover on Medication – The treatment of IVF requires the patient to have different medications which range from tablets and pills to ovulation drugs, injection etc. Thus, some health covers allow compensation against the medications bills that are charged under the IVF treatment. However, if you are seeking a policy with IVF Insurance coverage, you must compare different plans and read the policy documents well to see what all medications are covered under this policy.
  • Complete Infertility Coverage –  There are certain IVF Insurance coverage in India that allow reimbursement of the entire procedure that is involved in the IVF treatment. These include medication, diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment as well. To avail such a treatment, it is important to check different policies with different insurers so that you can get the best policy with the best coverage options that you are looking at. You might as well look for a policy that covers the medications that are prescribed post treatment as a result of the infertility treatment process.

To Conclude

As you already know from the above discussion that the procedure of IVF treatment in India is expensive. Moreover, you cannot guarantee to successfully conceive in one try. So, you might have to try multiple times to conceive your baby. Thus, having a health insurance cover might help in getting the cost of treatment reimbursed. Further, the IVF treatment is not a usual one that is covered by all insurers. So, you have to check which insurer is offering the best options in terms of coverage. So, for this you must look into different insurance companies and their numerous plans to select the one that is well suited for you and your partner.

To find the tentative amount of money that might be required in an IVF treatment, you might use the IVF cost calculator for effective results.

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May 18, 2022
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