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Health Insurance is a prime requirement and every individual/family should be covered under a comprehensive health policy. When we talk about health insurance companies in India, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. emerges as one of the top insurers in the country. Let us talk about the process to check the Star Health Claim Status Online, in this post.

Introduced in the year 2006, Star Health Insurance Co. has a presence in over 550 locations across the country. Over the years, the insurer has been serving customers and meeting their medical and health needs. Star Health Insurance designs its products carefully considering the particular needs and requirements of its customers who come from varied sections of society.

Further to their plans, they also offer personalized care to their customers in terms of expert medical advice, doctor visit, etc. which are inbuilt with most health policies of the insurer. The Star Health Insurance App called ‘Star Power’ enables their customers to check their policies and to make Star Health Insurance premium payments without any hassle.

Let us take a look at the steps and the process to view the Star Health Insurance Policy details as well as the claim status.

Check Star Health Insurance Policy Claim Status 

Star Health insurance policy claim status can be checked in various ways. One such way is to use the customer portal. Another way to check the policy details is through an online ticket. Moreover, the Star Health Insurance Policy Status can also be checked via the offline method. This can be done by calling Star Health customer care or by visiting the nearest branch of the company.

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Check Star Health Policy Claim Status Through Customer Portal

Here are the steps to check the policy and claim details of the Star Health insurance policy online:

  1. Visit the official website of the insurer. Log in to the customer portal on the top right corner
  2. Go to the ‘Retail Customer’ section in the drop-down menu
  3. In the case of new customers, click ‘Register now’ to register yourself before submitting the required details
  4. Once you submit the personal details, a password will be generated for you to access the dashboard of the portal easily
  5. Once you enter the portal using your credentials, click on the policy number and check the policy details such as date of enrolment, the policy period, claim status, etc.

Check Star Health Policy Claim Status Through Online Ticket

Another interesting option that Star Health offers its customers for checking the claim status is via the dedicated ticket platform. This platform helps Star Health customers to raise any kind of query without even discussing it in detail with the customer representative. You can choose the query which you want to resolve and submit it online. To choose the query, go to the particular Ticket section in the company portal and follow the steps.

For example, if the policy that you have purchased has not been generated, you can visit the link and raise a ticket against the same:

  • Submit your name in the ‘ticket information’ field (it should be the name of the policyholder)
  • Now, in the Sub-Category section choose the particular issue in the drop-down menu. For example, if the issue is related to policy generation, choose the category accordingly
  • Next, in the Cause section, select the mode of buying the policy such as – online, offline, through broker, etc. Also, mention if it is a renewal of the policy or a fresh policy that you have purchased
  • Now, go to the dispatch section and select how you got the policy details either through soft copy or hard copy
  • Finally, in the CPU section, submit your location which is the place you reside. Also, enter any other personal detail as required and submit the ticket
  • Once done, you can see your policy details and claims status

Check Star Health Policy Claim Status Through Offline Process

Among the various offline methods include calling customer care and visiting the nearest branch office of Star Health Insurance:

1. Calling the Customer Care  

People who are not digitally proficient or unable to use digital technology to check policy and claim status can call customer care of Star Health at 1800 425 2255/1800 102 4477 and check the details of their insurance policy and claims. The customer care number is available 24*7 to offer help. You have to give your policy number to the representative to get the required details.

2. Branch Visit

Star Health policy status can also be checked by visiting the nearest branch of the insurer. Keep your policy number and other policy papers handy before visiting the office. Once you reach there, share the policy details with the representatives of the insurer to get the status details within minutes.

Final Words

If you have raised a Star health insurance claim form recently and you are willing to check the status details, you can do so by visiting the company website and submitting your intimation number and your ID card number. Next, click on the check claim status button and get the details.

However, if you are not able to check your claim status online, you can call the claim helpdesk of Star Health customer service at 1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477 and get the details. Further, you can also visit the ‘Claims Helpdesk’ page on the website to view a list of contact details of different corporate and zonal offices. Now, depending on your place of residence and the grievance you want to discuss, you can reach out to the particular helpdesk and get in touch with the concerned authority.

In addition to the above, you can even visit the nearest branch of Star Health and find the status of the raised claim by sharing your ID card intimation number with the customer representative.

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FAQs: How to Check Star Health Policy Claim Status?

Is it necessary to monitor my policy status regularly?

No, it is not necessary to keep checking your policy status regularly. But if you want to stay updated with your policy details you can do so by visiting the official website of star health insurance.

Is it possible to download Star health insurance policy online?

Yes, you can download the Star Health Insurance Policy Online by following the below steps:
~ Go to the official portal of the company. Visit the page ‘retail customer’
~ Submit your email ID that is registered with the policy and the password
~ Now, submit the registered mobile number. You will receive an OTP. Submit it
~ Once done, you will see the page with policy details
~ Click on the ‘download policy’ button to get the soft copy of the Star Health policy downloaded

Which details do I need to submit in the Star Health Claim Form?

You will require the below details to submit with the Star policy claim form:
~ Hospital name
~ Policy number of Star Health Insurance Policy
~ Policyholder’s name
~ Policyholder’s contact details such as email ID, mobile number, address, etc.
~ Illness for which health insurance is claimed
~ Location, time, date, and type of accident (if it is an accident)

Is any money charged to check the insurance status of Star Health Insurance online?

No, you are not charged anything for checking your policy details online. You can use your policy credentials for Star health insurance login to check your policy details and claim status.

Where can I get the Star health insurance hospital list?

You can find it on the website of the insurance company.

What is the policy for Star Health renewal?

To renew your Star Health Insurance policy, you can visit the official portal of the insurer and go to the renewals section. Fill in the required details and DOB and make the required payment to get the policy renewed.

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