Common Diseases in India and Its Impact on Health Insurance Policy


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Updated on Jul 28, 2023

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Most Common Diseases in India: Their Impact on Health Insurance

The recent episode of Covid-19 has changed the way of life of people. It has made people realize the blessings that has been bestowed on us by God, and to be thankful for the things that we have, especially our health and well-being.

Further, it has also revolutionized the healthcare industry, which has already seen huge advancements over the years in terms of the medical services and treatments. Also, the scenario has made people realize the benefits of having medical insurances for one and all. In fact, health insurance have become much sought after in recent times due to emergence of such deadly diseases.

Fever, which was not considered a critical disease earlier, has become a grave disease to care about in the present scenario. Not only this, but fever has also turned to be a disease that most people are getting scared off and are seeking an insurance to protect against it.

In this blog, we are talking about some of the most common diseases in India that causes great impact on individual’s health as well as on their health insurance policies.

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Common Diseases in India for which Insurance Benefits are sought

As already discussed above fever has become one of the most common diseases in India, and off late people are seeking insurance cover against this disease owing to the havoc it has caused in the lives of people in the recent times.

Moreover, the number of people admitted in hospitals has increased widely in the last couple of years as compared to earlier.  Thus, there has been a wide increase in the number of people looking for medical insurance that offer coverage for fever.

Besides fever, respiratory diseases including gastroenteritis have emerged as other common diseases for which people are seeking health insurance policies. The figures showing the number of people affected by these diseases has gone up greatly in the recent times as compared to earlier.

Are Medical Claims only Restricted to Critical Illnesses?

After the Covid-19 occurrence, it cannot be claimed that health insurances are limited to critical diseases anymore. In reality, if you see the recent records the disease for which most people got hospitalized in the last 2-3 years is nothing but fever, which is a common disease in India. And thus, fever is one of the top diseases that people want insurance cover for.

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Together with fever, there are many other common diseases and infections in India that people are seeking insurance for. The key causes of such illnesses are:

  • Changes in the weather
  • Unseasonal rains
  • Pollution etc.

All these causes also contribute to the increasing number of people getting hospitalized in the recent times.

Factors Influencing the Health Insurances Policies for Most Common Diseases in India

If you talk about the factors that influence the health of people, they might be varied, such as:

  • lack of nutrition
  • environmental hazards
  • increasing air pollution levels, and
  • dietary factors etc.

All such factors affect the immune system of people and cause fever, one of the common diseases in the country.

As discussed above in the blog, fever has become one of the most claimed diseases in the recent times in terms of insurance protection. Further, people seeking protection against fever are generally from metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and so on.

Most Common Diseases in India for Which People Seek Insurance Protection

In India, diseases like Tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia, malaria, and coronary Heart Disease are other common ailments which are ranked among top 10 diseases in India for which people seek cover. Heart diseases caused by the sedentary lifestyle of people as well as dietary changes have ranked among top common diseases in India.

Moreover, lung and liver related disorders are other common diseases related to lifestyle in India.

8 Common Deadly Diseases in India

These are the major diseases in India that people normally want insurance protection for:

  1. Tumors and malignant
  2. Cardiovascular diseases
  3. Diseases of the Digestive system
  4. TB
  5. Diseases of the Respiratory system
  6. Fever
  7. Accidental Injuries
  8. Diarrhea

What all Diseases does your Medical Insurance Cover?

Most insurance companies offer all-inclusive insurance plans covering many top diseases in India. However, there might be many hidden clauses in such plans, which needs to be noted. So, every person seeking insurance plans or buying a policy must browse thoroughly all the terms and conditions of your policy document. Try to understand the plan well and if you don’t understand anything, get it clarified from the insurance provider carefully. Only after thorough examination opt for a health insurance offering optimum coverage.

Further, in this regard check if the policy offer coverage against the common diseases along with the critical illnesses.

List of the Most Risky Diseases in India

1. Cancer 

The common areas of cancer in Men:

  • Lip
  • Oral cavity
  • Lung
  • Stomach
  • Colorectal
  • Oesophagus

The common areas of cancer in Women:

  • Breast
  • Colorectal
  • Endometrial
  • Cervical
  • Skin
  • Ovarian


  • Change to the DNA within organ cells
  • Cells stop normal function
  • Cell becomes cancerous

How to Prevent:

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid UV rays exposure (skin cancer)
  • Restrict alcohol consumption
  • Maintain a healthy diet

2. Cardiovascular Diseases


  • Hereditary
  • Obesity
  • insufficient physical activity
  • Lack of proper nutrition in diet
  • High cholesterol & high BP
  • Smoking

How to Prevent:

  • Apply healthy routine
  • Eat balanced diet
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Do Physical activity
  • Maintain the right weight
  • Quit smoking

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With the rise in the increase in lifestyle related diseases in the recent times, the danger of being under the health scanner is always there. Moreover, with numerous illnesses in India becoming common diseases these days, the search for a proper health insurance cover has become indispensable.

Though most people now-a-days have become health conscious and try to follow a disciplined life, but it is equally essential to stay financially secured for any health-related emergency with a proper insurance cover.

After all, you never know what medical emergency might crop up in your life and when. So, it is better to seek for a comprehensive health plan to serve your financial needs well in terms of health.

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FAQs: Common Diseases in India

What diseases are covered under health insurance?

Health insurance frequently provides coverage for COVID-19, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, cataract, high blood pressure, asthma, and thyroid conditions. However, the coverage may differ between insurance companies, so it's important to double-check the specifics of the policy.

Which disease is not covered in term insurance?

The same goes for deaths brought on by self-inflicted wounds or sexually transmitted illnesses like HIV. A sudden death that occurs while the policyholder is asleep, for instance, is regarded as a natural death.

What challenges Indians face when it comes to health insurance?

Lack of knowledge: Many Indians are not sufficiently informed about the value and advantages of health insurance. The available options for coverage, the terms of the policies, and the overall insurance environment are not well understood. Cost: The cost of health insurance premiums, particularly for comprehensive coverage, can be high.

Which diseases are covered after 2 years in health insurance?

There is typically a one- to two-year waiting period for conditions and treatments like ENT disorders, hernias, osteoporosis, joint replacement surgery, cataract, etc. on health insurance policies.

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