Complete Guide to Online Health Insurance Renewal Process in India


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Updated on Dec 26, 2022

Health insurance policy safeguards you from unforeseen medical emergencies during the term of the policy. A best health insurance plan offers range of benefits like medical expenses, hospitalisation cost, and domiciliary hospitalisation, day-care procedures, pre and post hospitalization benefits along with many other riders and add-ons. Benefits offered may vary among various insurers. Health insurance policies are issued on annual basis. To continue enjoy the much needed coverage, it’s important to get your health insurance policy renewed every year without fail.

Health insurance policy renewal

Thanks to the digital world! Almost every insurer now provides online facility for renewing the health insurance plan. Online facility has made the renewal process increasing convenient and quick. You can renew your policy in no time with so many other benefits like switching the insurer and insurance portability.

Quick guide to online health insurance renewal policy

Process can be completed from anywhere at your own convenience in almost no time. Here is a simple process to follow:

Fill in the basic information – policy number, policy expiry date, and name, email ID and contact number etc.

Once you fill in all the required details, you will be navigated to payment window

Choose your preferred mode of payment – net banking/debit card/credit card, and proceed to pay

Post authorization of your policy payment, a digitally signed copy of policy document will be issued.

Along with this, you are given a user ID and password to access your policy details anytime on the insurer’s website

That’s all! Isn’t it really simple? It is. But, hold on! Renewal is as good as buying a new plan which needs you to make a right decision. There is no other platform like online to make more informed choice every time. Here are few important things that you must do before filling in a renewal form online.

Keys points to remember for online renewal process

Review: It’s vital to review your existing health insurance policy at the time of renewal. Being in the competitive market, innovative and newer plans keep coming with more and more benefits and features loaded. Take a look at your plan if that meets up your future requirement. Think of what more benefits that you need to be included. Is the coverage enough for you? How was the service offered to you throughout the policy term? Consider each and every thing and review the plan on all grounds.

Compare: Online platform provides you lot of information which helps you make a smart and cost-effective decision. Make use of the platform to compare health insurance plans. There are various web aggregators who provide you quotes of multiple health insurance plans on the same platform side by side. Comparison is a crucial part of your renewal process. Take a look at the quotes of various insurers along with features and exclusive benefits offered by the various plans to shortlist the best plans on the basis of cost-benefit analysis. With the changing healthcare needs, comparison shopping can help you end up with the best deal.

Make a right decision: It’s important to buy best health insurance policy every time. It’s not mandatory to continue with the same insurer. If you find a plan from another insurer more attractive, you may consider to switch the insurer at the time of renewal. Health insurance policies are portable. You can shift to another insurer without losing any of your accumulated benefits such as no claim bonus and waiting period. However, making the timely decision is even more crucial to enjoy all the benefits. Transferring a policy from one insurer to another insurer needs you to initiate the process well in advance, at least 60 days prior to expiry of existing policy.

Time to choose the coverage: Continuing with the same amount of coverage every year may not do any good. As the healthcare cost keeps inflating every year, it’s important to factor in the cost of inflation before you decide on the coverage. Access your healthcare needs for the coming year, consider rate of healthcare inflation and go for the right amount of coverage that can adequately cover your medical insurance needs for the coming days.


With few important things into consideration, health insurance plans can be easily renewed online. Keep in mind, its important renew online before the expiry of your existing health insurance plan.

Stay healthy! Stay insured!

Choose wisely!

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