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Want to know about the diseases SBI Health Insurance plan cover? Diseases are the part and parcel of life which you can’t ignore at any cost. You can only adopt health approaches and necessary precautions to keep yourself healthy. Being healthy will certainly keep the diseases at bay and health insurance plans ill safeguard your finances in case of healthcare contingencies. In this article, we are going to discuss how a health insurance policy like SBI health insurance could give an array of benefits against various diseases. We will also elaborate on what ailments are covered by various SBI health insurance plans.

SBI general health insurance holds an unprecedented reputation in the insurance industry. This is one of the oldest and the most reputed insurance companies which offers many lucrative SBI health insurance policy plans that cover healthcare treatment expenses due to an injury/illness. These health policy plans offer coverage for hospitalization, OPD expenses, day care processes, ICU expenses, ambulance costs, maternity expenses, etc. The company also embraces customers with tailor-made health plans that are specifically designed for critical ailments, coronavirus, etc.

SBI health insurance offers a wide range of sum insured amounts to policyholders. The SBI health insurance hospital list is also pretty exhaustive where you will get cashless treatment facilities at network hospitals. The company is tied up with more than 6000 empanelled hospitals. The claim settlement process is also easy and trouble-free. The insurance provider offers 24X7 customer support service to their policyholders. The premium is also affordable for all available plans. By using an SBI health insurance premium calculator, you can calculate and compare the premiums of various plans. The premiums for SBI group health insurance policy plans are reasonable.

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Popular SBI Health Insurance Plans 2023, India

Some available SBI health insurance plans that are highly preferred by customers are:

  • Arogya Premier Plan
  • Critical Illness Insurance Plan
  • Retail Health Insurance Plan
  • Aarogya Sanjeevani Plan
  • Corona Kavach Plan
  • Corona Rakshak Plan
  • Loan Insurance Plan

Below are some of the SBI Health Insurance Diseases List

1. Critical Illness

These lethal diseases may create severe complications if you don’t pay attention to them. You may get these diseases due to your lifestyle. You need to invest a hefty amount to manage your critical ailments and this may deplete your savings strikingly. But policies like the SBI Critical Illness Insurance policy and the SBI Loan Insurance Retail policy will reimburse the treatment costs. These SBI policies offer coverage for 13 critical diseases like cancer, stroke, end-stage kidney failure, coronary artery surgery, heart valve surgery, coma, total blindness, etc.

2. COVID-19

This new-found disease came into the picture from 2019 onwards. This is an extremely communicable disease which may lead to some serious complications, especially for elderly people and people who have comorbidities. The treatment can weigh very heavily on your pocket especially if you need to get admitted to a hospital. But with the Corona Kavach policy or the Corona Rakshak policy, the insurer will pay all your treatment expenditures. Moreover, SBI health insurance plans offer coverage for hospitalization due to the COVID-19 treatment.

3. Mental Illness

This type of ailment will not only impact your daily activities but also influences your psychological behavior along with mood, perception, and memory. The treatments are time-consuming and at the same time, you need to spend quite a lot to overcome the issues. Once you purchase an SBI health insurance policy, you can stay worry-free as the expenditures are covered.

4. Cancer

Cancer gives agony, pain, and mental stress to a person’s life. This lethal disease happens due to the uncontrolled growth of the cells. The treatment could be an expensive endeavor as you need to spend on surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medications. This will certainly cause turmoil to your financial status by depleting your savings. But if you purchase an SBI Critical Illness Insurance policy or SBI Insurance Retail policy, then all of your expenses will be offered by the insurer.


This perilous disease is common among people who have feeble immune systems. Though there is no cure, treatments can only suppress the symptoms. But the treatment cost is huge and may not be afforded by many Indians. If you possess an SBI health policy that comes up with HIV/AIDS cover, then all your expenses will be taken care of by the insurer.

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6. Cataract

This eye disease may cause complete blindness if not treated properly. Only surgery is the permanent cure for cataracts. However if you have the SBI Arogya Supreme policy or Arogya Sanjeevani policy, the insurer reimburses all the costs of the treatment.

7. Genetic Disease

These diseases are inherited diseases which you may get from your family members. These diseases occur due to some abnormalities of the DNA. Though treatments are expensive, most of the expenses will be covered by SBI health protection plans. So, you just need to purchase an SBI health policy and the rest of the things including the treatment for genetic diseases will be covered by your insurer.

8. Heart Disease

This ailment could be a fatal one if not addressed on time.  When your cardiac system stops working properly, you may get various heart issues. Earlier only older adults used to have heart ailments, but now many youngsters are also getting heart problems due to poor lifestyle. You may need to follow prolonged treatment methods and surgeries to overcome heart issues. If you have an SBI Critical Illness Insurance policy and the SBI Loan Insurance Retail policy, the entire treatment expenses will be covered by the insurer.

9. Congenital Disease

These diseases you may carry from your birth. The treatments are time-taking and in some cases you may need to go for several surgeries. SBI health protection policies could be beneficial for you as they sponsor all treatment expenses.

A health insurance policy is advantageous for you in many cases. This will protect your hard-earned money if you are suffering from a life-threatening disease. Before purchasing an SBI health insurance policy, go through the policy wordings and documents properly and then, only make a decision.

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FAQs: Diseases SBI Health Insurance Plan Cover

Which diseases are not covered in health insurance?

~ Cosmetic Surgeries. ...
~ Pre-existing Illnesses. ...
~ Infertility/Pregnancy related complications. ...
~ Health Supplements. ...
~ Diseases related to Overconsumption of Alcohol. ...
~ Expenses incurred on Alternative Therapies.

What is the waiting period for SBI critical illness insurance?

Pre- Existing disease and related complications. Waiting period of 90 days from the date of commencement of the policy. Any hereditary Illness or conditions.

How many diseases are covered by health insurance?

Typically, COVID-19, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, cataract, high blood pressure, asthma, and thyroid disorders are covered by health insurance. However, the coverage might vary between insurance providers, therefore it's crucial to verify the particular terms of the policy.

Is it mandatory to have health insurance in India?

It is not mandatory for citizens to buy health insurance as per Indian laws. But given the rising healthcare costs in the country, it is advisable to have health insurance policies for financial assistance in times of medical emergencies.

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