Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Loss Treatment?


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Hair makes a huge impact in the overall appearance of people and in beautifying them. However, hair loss may be a great hindrance in this regard. Let us find out in this post if hair loss is covered under health insurance.   

Reports say that 58% of Indian males within the age group of 30 to 50 years face the issue of hair loss. Even the number of females losing hair is growing at a fast rate. In India, the general perception about baldness was that it is a common problem that comes with age. However, the opinions are changing now and people are becoming conscious about their hair and their appearances.

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Is Hair Loss Treatment Covered by Insurance?

In medical terms, hair loss is termed as Alopecia. When hair loss takes place in excess, it causes baldness. For many people baldness, especially at an early age, is an embarrassing situation which they want to cure. These people seeking treatment would like to know if hair loss treatment is covered under health insurance.

The fact is, Health Insurance policies DO NOT COVER any hair loss treatment or hair transplant. So, no health insurer would cover you for Alopecia. Hence, in case any individual wants to get a hair transplant or any other hair loss treatment done, they will have to bear the expenses on their own.

This is because hair transplant insurance is not an option under health insurance coverage. So, what is the solution for people willing to get treatment for hair fall? Is there any way out? Let’s find out.

Why Hair Loss Occurs And How to Treat Hair Loss?

Hair Loss may occur due to many reasons, such as:

Mindless use of cosmetics in your hair Not taking proper care of hair Lack of nutrition in body
Long procedure of medication due to any illness Hereditary reasons Improper ways of shampooing and using hair brush 

In the present time, the best treatment for hair fall/loss is the grafting method, which is also the most common type of hair transplant process.

Is Hair Transplant Process Expensive?

Hair transplant involves the process of cutting tiny pieces of the scalp containing one or two healthy hairs and harvesting them in the healthy part of the head.  This process is called Grafting, which depends on many factors, such as the area of baldness to cover, number of grafts required, number of sessions required and so on. All these factors influence the treatment expense in case of hair transplant.

Hair transplant expenses can be calculated by considering the grafting method that is commonly used in India. You may note that each graft contains 1-3 hair follicles and the cost of each graft might range between INR 30 to 50. And normally people require between 500 to 5000 grafts depending on the area of baldness to be covered. Hence, depending on the number of grafts required, you can calculate the total amount of hair transplant cost you might have to incur.

Is There Any Relief for Hair Transplant Treatment Expense? Does Health Insurance Cover Hair Transplant?

As we already know, hair fall treatment is an expensive medical process that might cost an individual from thousands to lakhs of rupees. For most people, giving away such a heavy amount as a one-time cost may not be possible without hair cover or insurance. Even if you could afford the cost, it might drain you financially. However, when it comes to your personality and looks, people like to take the plunge to grow hair.

And if you are looking for an easy way to pay off your hair transplant cost, you would be happy to know about the easy EMI option. Though health insurance does not cover hair fall treatment, at least you have the facility of paying the huge amount on easy EMI basis. There are some financers like HDFC and Bajaj Finserv, who offer easy EMI options to support people who want to go for the costly hair fall treatment.

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Hair Transplant On EMI

Hair fall treatment is quite expensive for common people and it disturbs your savings. This is because hair fall treatment is not covered under health insurance policies. Thus, the EMI options launched by many private banks and financial companies work as great support to individuals willing to go for hair transplant.

One such easy EMI option is offered by HDFC bank to cover hair loss treatment, where they allow you to make payment in installments. You can pay using HDFC debit or credit card. Further, the bank also allows consumer loans. In this case, the individuals willing for the hair transplant should get the treatment done at HDFC partner clinics with no extra cost charged.  The tenure of the EMI can range between 3 months to 3 years as per the need of the individual. The easy EMI service for hair transplant works as a substitute for hair insurance.

Similarly, in the case of Bajaj Finserv easy EMI facility, it works in association with Lifecare Finance and is available across 400+ Indian cities. The provider has over 2700+ clinics where the treatment is offered.

Below is the eligibility criteria for Bajaj Finserv EMI facility for hair loss treatment for men and women:

People within the age group of 21 to 60 years are eligible

People with a regular source of income are eligible

Hair Fall treatment With EMI card

If you are availing the facility of easy EMI for hair fall treatment expenses, you can simply visit any of the network clinics and use the EMI card to avail the service.

Hair Fall Treatment Without EMI card

In case you do not use the EMI card, you can connect with the customer care of Bajaj Finserv to get an instant loan and visit any partner clinic for the treatment. You only need to proceed with the documentation process and provide the documents for KYC as below:

  • Duly filled and signed copy of application form with your name and contact number
  • One cancelled cheque
  • Duly signed ECS mandate

Once this small process is done, the interested individuals can get started with their hair loss treatment immediately. The Bajaj Finserve EMI for repayment can be extended to a year at the maximum. The application form for the loan can be downloaded from the official website of the company. With Bajaj Finserve, one can get a loan for over INR 4.5 lakh, which can be paid back on an easy EMI basis.

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To Sum Up

Hair loss or baldness among people is a cause of embarrassment and it brings upon an inferiority complex in many, including women. Thus, there are many best hair loss treatments for women and men available in the market.  Thus, despite non-availability of health insurance cover for hair loss treatment, it can still be achieved with the help of an easy EMI facility.

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FAQs on Hair Loss Treatment Under Health Insurance?

Is hair loss considered under cosmetic treatment?

Alopecia or hair loss is a common dermatologic condition all across India, and it is generally considered under cosmetic treatment.

Is hair loss covered under health insurance?

No, hair loss is not covered under health insurance. In fact, any expense incurred for hair treatment is borne by the individual on his/her own. Hence, any type of hair loss is not covered under a health insurance policy.

What can I expect at my hair loss consultation?

When you go for a hair loss consultation with a dermatologist,  you get diagnosed for the treatment and can also find out the cause of the issue. Further, you can get a plan of action from the dermatologist on how to get the treatment started and when you can see results.

Does insurance cover hair surgery?

No, insurance doesn't cover hair surgery or hair transplant. However, one can take support of easy EMI service to get the treatment done. 

Can I go to my regular doctor for hair loss?

For hair loss treatment, one should get professional advice with a dermatologist. Tough, you can even consult your primary care provider to diagnose the condition of your hair loss and refer a dermatologist for assistance.


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