Health Insurance for Down Syndrome Child in India – Detailed Guide


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Health Insurance for Down Syndrome Child

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects thousands of children every year. Do you know if there are health insurance policies that cover Down Syndrome children in India? Let’s find out in this post!

A very common disorder of the genetic, the Down Syndrome, has been affecting thousands of children every year who were born with this disorder. That is the reason why would-be parents want to know if there is any health insurance policy in India that gives coverage to children born with Down Syndrome.

Let us find out in this post all about the disorder including down syndrome meaning and if there are health Insurance policies that cover the Down Syndrome disease.

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What Causes Down Syndrome? 

As already discussed above, Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that a child is born with. The condition is caused by an extra set of chromosome 21 that the child inherits by birth.  This extra copy is caused by the irregular division of cells in the yet to be born child in their mother’s womb. These additional chromosomes bring upon irregular physical growth  and slow the process of logical development among children.

Down Syndrome is an incurable disease that stays lifelong. Further, the disease enhances the chances of getting other diseases like sleep apnea, immune disorders, congenital heart defects and so on. Thus, it is good for a child with down syndrome to have the best health insurance plan. But, are there any health policies covering a down syndrome child?

What are the Down Syndrome Symptoms?

The symptoms of Down Syndrome are very distinct. A child suffering from Down Syndrome condition is characterized by a face that is flat and a short neck. Other symptoms include:

  • the size of head and ears is small
  • The muscle tone is poor
  • The hands and feet are tiny
  • The iris of the eyes has white spots which are tiny in size
  • The overall stature of the child remains short
  • They have a protruding tongue
  • Their eyes are mostly inclined upward and they have loose joints

Also, a down syndrome baby experiences a delay in learning. They are mostly bad at making judgments. They also have issues with speech & language and find it difficult to take spontaneous actions. They have limited attention spans and lack toilet training. Furthermore, they find it difficult to sleep as well.

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Are There Any Health Plans for Down Syndrome children India?

You would be glad to know that there are a couple of Health Insurance for Down Syndrome Child . Bajaj Allianz Women Specific Critical Illness is one such plan that allows coverage for Down Syndrome children.  Also, Care Joy Maternity Insurance plan also provides insurance coverage for kids born with Down Syndrome. However, in this case after diagnosis the child should survive for at least a month to avail such coverage.

Other than the above two plans, most other health plans in the country do not offer coverage for Down Syndrome. Actually down syndrome is regarded as an external congenital disease, which receives permanent exclusion from insurance policies as per IRDAI guidelines.

However, certain therapies that are required by children suffering from Down Syndrome are covered in some health plans. For instance,  speech therapies that are mostly prescribed to children under down syndrome are covered in many insurance plans.

Likewise, other diseases that many patients with down syndrome suffer such as Alzheimer’s is also covered by many insurance policies.

For better knowledge it is important to confirm with your insurer if they cover the disease and to what extent.  Also, check if there is any waiting period levied in case the insurer offers coverage. Down syndrome is normally considered a pre-existing disease as it is present in a child since birth.

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7 Facts to know about Down Syndrome in Children 

Here are some facts that you should know about Down Syndrome:

  1. In India, one child in every 830 children has Down Syndrome
  2. This is a terminal disease because people lack awareness about it
  3. If the child is born from a mother who is aged, there are more chances of being the child born with this syndrome
  4. Down Syndrome cannot be prevented in any way
  5. Patients of Down Syndrome have more chances of getting other infections and diseases
  6. With awareness and better treatment the life expectancy of such patients can be improved along with improving their life quality
  7. If one child in the family suffer from such disease, the chances of the second getting the same becomes more

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To Sum Up

Down Syndrome is a terminal disease that stays with a child for lifelong. It is not curable and can also not be prevented. But the condition and seriousness of the disease can vary from person to person. The sooner the treatment and therapy starts, the better it is for the child.  Here, buying the best health insurance that covers Down Syndrome children in India would support in a great way.

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FAQs: Health Insurance for Down Syndrome Children in India

Is Down syndrome covered by insurance in India?

Yes. India's health insurance schemes cover people with Down syndrome. Medical insurance for children with Down syndrome is offered by a few health plans in India, including Care Joy Maternity Insurance and Bajaj Allianz Women Specific Critical Illness.

Is Down syndrome a serious disability?

Around 15% to 20% of people with intellectual disabilities have Down's syndrome, which is the most prevalent definite cause of intellectual disability. Down's syndrome sufferers are thought to have always existed.

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