Health Insurance for Pregnant Women: A Helpful Guide


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Planning to extend your family? Here’s a helpful guide to health insurance plans for pregnant women. Read on to gain insights on pregnant women’s health insurance plans.

Are you planning to start a family soon or are you already on the verge of giving birth to the joy of your life? Are you looking for an answer to a basic question, ‘is maternity covered in health insurance?’. If the answer is yes, here is a helpful guide to let you know about the protection that you can avail for your yet to born child and yourself under your health insurance.

What’s Inside

When you buy insurance coverage for pregnancy or maternity coverage, you get coverage for both the mother and the newborn baby. There are numerous insurers available in the market offering maternity insurance coverage both online and offline.  In this blog, we will talk about the maternity plans and the benefits that can be gained from them.

Let’s first start with the basic question, why do you need maternity coverage?

To start a family is a significant phase of life for which every individual needs to be prepared.  Irrespective of your gender or family income, it is imperative for people to stay prepared for this vital point in life. This is because bringing a child to this world and raising him/her is a huge responsibility. Further, you can’t think of raising your baby and giving him/her the best in terms of good health and good life without financial back-up.

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Thus, it is important to start with buying a good health insurance plan to cover you against many costs at the start of your family life during and post-pregnancy. Some such costs include:

  • Cost of child delivery
  • Costs of lab and medical tests
  • Cost of hospital stay
  • Costs of medicines, and
  • several other maternity expenses

Moreover, with the best package on pregnancy insurance after conceiving you can ensure to have a worry-free phase of life as new would-be parents to cherish your happiest moments without any financial strains.

Health Insurance Policy for Pregnant Women in India

Now that we know why maternity coverage is important and required, let us understand the term in detail to know what maternity insurance is. To simply put, maternity health insurance is a health insurance plan or an add-on cover plan that can be purchased with your regular health insurance plan. These insurance plans cover the costs of child delivery and related treatment along with covering healthcare needs of newborn babies. The delivery charges covered under maternity plans include both normal and cesarean delivery. Further, there are many other benefits that are offered by maternity insurance such as hospitalization costs of both pre and post treatment and many more such as;

  • Fees paid to the surgeon
  • Consultation fee of anesthetist
  • Consultation fee of doctor
  • Room rent at hospital
  • Nursing charges, etc.

Now, keeping in mind the various benefits that you can get from your maternity health insurance policy, you should decide about the health insurance with maternity cover that you should buy so that your needs are best met. Below we are discussing some of the different health insurance policies meant for pregnant women in the country:

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Best Health Insurance Policy for Pregnant Women in India

Here are some of the best pregnancy insurance plans that are especially meant for maternity in the country:

 1. Plan Name – Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater Plan

Variants available – Silver, Gold, and Platinum

This is a good health insurance that covers pregnancy and offers various maternity insurance benefits for the pregnant lady and the newborn baby. This policy allows the insured pregnant lady to avail maternity coverage together with availing benefits for covering the baby including vaccinations and regular check-ups.  The pregnancy benefits under this plan are available for up to 2 child deliveries under the condition that both the pregnant lady and her spouse should be covered as part of this plan and for two successive years together.

 2. Plan Name – Religare Joy Health Insurance Policy

Variants available  – Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow

Sum insured  – Rs. 3 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh

This plan is available for anyone over 18 years of age. With a sum insured options for maternity expenses of 3 lakh and 5 lakh respectively, this is a good plan for couples planning to start a family. The plan offers other benefits like pre and post-hospitalization coverage of up to 30 days and 60 days respectively. The waiting period for this policy is between 9 to 24 months as per the variant.

This plan allows the insured to have a coverage for the newborn baby of Rs. 50,000  in the variant with Rs. 5 lakh as sum insured. The coverage offered include: prenatal and postnatal expenses, medical termination,  vaccination costs etc.

 3. Plan Name – Apollo Munich Easy Health Young Family Plan

Variants available – Standard, Exclusive, and Premium plans.

The health policy comes with many benefits including maternity insurance and newborn cover under its exclusive and premium categories. The various benefits that can be availed include:

  • Pre and post-hospitalization,
  • Daycare Procedures
  • Infant related benefits
  • Vaccination charges etc.

 4. Plan Name – Royal Sundaram Lifeline Elite Health Insurance

This plan offers maternity coverage including delivery costs. Here both cesarean and normal delivery are covered under the plan. Other benefits like prenatal and postnatal costs, newborn medical costs, vaccination charges, pre and post-hospitalization charges are all covered.

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To Conclude

As discussed above, you are now aware of the need, benefits and some of the best maternity policies.  Parenthood is a responsible job and it requires the parents to make some best choices, especially for the newborn. So, investing on a maternity health plan to cover for the newborn baby and the mother so that the baby can come to this world without any hassles is important.

Also, it is to be noted that a basic health plan may not cover you for maternity. So, going for a different insurance to suit your maternity requirements is important.

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FAQs: Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

Can I take health insurance during pregnancy?

Yes. In the context of health insurance, pregnancy is regarded as a pre-existing condition. To receive the benefits provided by the pregnancy insurance, there is a waiting period. As a result, it's crucial to buy maternity-specific health insurance early on.

What is the best health insurance to have while pregnant?

The best health insurance options for expectant mothers are provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Kaiser Permanente. Your health insurance may be less expensive if you have coverage through your employer than if you purchase a plan on your own. Low-income pregnant women should consider Medicaid and CHIP as viable options.

Why pregnancy is not covered in health insurance?

Maternity coverage is typically not included in insurance companies' standard health plans. Pregnancy is regarded by insurance companies as a pre-existing condition, along with the costs associated with it. Nevertheless, you can still add maternity coverage to your standard health insurance plan.

Can husband and wife both claim maternity insurance?

Anyone who has medical insurance, whether new or existing, may include the maternity benefit for either themselves or their spouse.

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