Health Precautions to Be Taken In Summer Season


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Updated on Feb 08, 2023

Know about health precautions in summer season ? Summer is here and so is the heat in the atmosphere. If you are finding it hard to fight the merciless summer, here is what you can do to beat the heat.

Summers in India are harsh, and it makes life uncomfortable for many people. In extreme cases, heat can even become fatal.  Depending on the region or part of the country you live in, the heat can be either dry or humid.  So, it is essential to take proper care of yourself during the summer season to ensure that your body remains hydrated and you do not struggle due to the heat waves.

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Extreme heat results in numerous diseases which are caused due to the soaring temperature leading to people getting hospitalized now and then. It even generates heat stroke, which is again fatal as it raises the body temperature to over 104F because of the heat.

Heat stroke occurs when your body finds it difficult to adjust temperature as per the temperature of the atmosphere. Thus, it makes the warmth of the body rise quickly, while it doesn’t let the body sweat to let the heat out. It, thereby, restricts the body to cool down and leads to several bodily issues like headaches, nausea, confusion and so on. So, it is important to know how to deal with summer heat because if not given proper care and treatment on time, heat stroke can lead to death or permanent disability.

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11 Health Precautions to Be Taken In Summer Season

To stay away from the harsh effects of the heat, here are some tips for health precautions during summer season mentioned below:

Drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated

Do ensure to keep a bottle of water handy at all times whenever you step out of the house. Drink lots of juices and liquids like coconut water, lime water etc. to stay hydrated so that you can carry on during the hot summer days. Also, you can consume glucose water to give your body the required energy. However, avoid consuming alcoholic drinks as well as sugary drinks including tea, coffee or cold drinks.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Consume lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables like green leafy vegetables, cucumbers as well as mangoes, watermelons, etc. All these help in keeping you hydrated along with giving your body the required vitamins and minerals.

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Use umbrella while going out

This is again very important to carry your umbrella whenever you walk out in the sun so that you get a layer of protection to save yourself from the heat.

Take shower two times during a day

While bathing keeps you fresh, it also aids in getting your body temperature down. Use lukewarm water for bathing, as taking as cold shower might not be effective in bringing the body temperature down.

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Keep a stock of fresh veggies

Eating fresh vegetables make it easy for the body to digest it as well as boast your hydration levels. So, keeping stock of fresh veggies is one of the important summer tips to remember.

Stay updated with local help numbers

Also, keep the numbers of the concerned people handy if you need help such as, doctors, local authorities, and so on.

Visit the doctor if you feel sick

If you fall sick, visit the doctor and follow his/her advice in terms of prescribed medicine and other required conditions to heal soon.

Visit health care center

Visit the nearest health center if you feel unwell for long duration to seek medical aid.

Avoid peak sun hours

It is better to stay indoors and avoid going out of the house when the sun is at its peak, especially during the afternoon hours.

Wear loose attire

As far as possible, wear loose cotton clothes in lighter colors during summer to stay cool as darker shades make you feel the heat more.

Drink water after coming home

Further, when you get back home from work or any other chore, have a refreshing drink of water, buttermilk, lemonade, or coconut water etc.

Further, even if you are feeling fine or you have recovered from heat related agony, you must continue to have lots of fluids during the summer season. Also, continue to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and take proper rest as the hot weather tires the body. Visit the doctor if you feel unwell or for regular check-ups if asked by the doctor.

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To Conclude 

Now, you have enough summer season information that you can utilize to keep yourself hydrated and healthy during this summer. It is important to take proper care and allow the body proper rest during the high temperature season to keep away from getting sick.

Further, stay updated on how to stay healthy in the summer season by reading more about it and taking the required precautions accordingly.  So, make this summer a season to rejoice rather than a season to be scared of. Allow your body to rest and consume enough healthy liquids to get the required energy that your body needs.

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