How Can You Get Free Medical Check-Ups Under Your Health Insurance?


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The very busy and stressful lifestyle is affecting everyone with a host of chronic illnesses like Heart disease, Diabetes, Blood pressure, Kidney Disease, Cancer, etc., Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to the early signs of these illnesses since routine medical checkups are not performed, except for the first time maybe at the time of buying a health insurance policy. But it is essential to undergo regular and preventive health checkups, at least once a year, in order to detect any medical condition in its early stages and also start treatment for any critical ailments.

Free medical checkups

During recent times, nearly every health insurance company has been offering health insurance with a free medical checkup feature bundled in the plan. While different insurers follow their own terms and conditions regarding free medical checkups, the importance of such tests should not be undermined. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are required. Similarly, a periodic medical checkup is required to detect diseases or illnesses at an early stage.

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Medical Tests Taken

The complete list of tests that form part of the free medical checkups can be seen from the policy document. But a majority of health insurance plans cover the costs for the following tests:

  1. A complete physical examination by a physician
  2. Test for stress (TMT) or 2D echo
  3. Blood sugar levels
  4. Lipid profile
  5. Urine Routine
  6. Chest X-ray
  7. CBC (Complete Blood Count)
  8. LFT
  9. KFT

Though free, there is a limit on the cost of free medical checkups for a policyholder who undergoes the test. It depends on the value of the sum insured or coverage based on which a certain percent is allotted for medical checkups. In simple terms, by opting for a policy of higher coverage, you are eligible to undergo medical tests up to a higher value.

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Free medical checkup & claim-free years

The health insurance firms allow the policyholder the option to take free medical checkups only after completing a certain number of years, without filing any claims, called the claim-free period. This could range from 2 to 5 years, depending on the policy taken and its features.

However, there are insurance plans that offer these medical tests even after one claim-free year. So all policyholders must make use of these free additions, as skipping them is a loss only for you and not for the insurance firm.

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Benefits of Free Medical Check-ups

There are a host of benefits that one shall experience by opting for free medical checkups, which we have discussed below:

  • Early detection and diagnosis of disorders: The modern-day lifestyle, eating habits, and the high level of stress have led to the rise in health issues related to stress and lifestyle around the world. With the help of free medical checkups, policyholders can get early diagnosis and treatment of any ailments that might hurt them in the long run. Getting to know of any adverse medical condition at the earliest can save you a lot of time and money and also improve the quality of your life to a great extent.
  • Cost Savings: The most important aspect of undergoing regular medical checkups is the saving of money that one would incur by way of early detection of any critical illness. The cost of medical treatment is already increasing every year, and choosing not to care about your health is only going to increase the future costs associated with any related treatment. But with early detection and starting the necessary treatment in advance, you can save massive amounts of money. The price of regular medical checkups might also be high in some cases, but by utilizing the free medical tests in their health insurance policies, one can avoid the high cost of bills while maintaining their health too.
  • Customize your health cover: Free medical tests that are part of your existing health insurance policy don’t mean only saving money on those checkups, but these test results help you to choose any additional covers that you may need to protect your health. One can modify the base plan of their policy by adding extra covers for critical illness, personal accident or disability, terminal illness, etc.; this diffuses the chance of paying huge sums towards treatment costs of those ailments if they aggravate in the future.
  • Understanding your health risks: With the help of regularly conducted medical tests, you can get a clear picture of your body and health. This will immensely assist you in altering your lifestyle and leading a healthier life. Moreover, by taking up regular medical tests, the risk of developing diseases or ailments or disorders is ruled out, making it an essential benefit for all types of health insurance policyholders.

Chronic illnesses, such as blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, etc., could become life-threatening if not addressed promptly or properly treated on time. Free medical tests or checkups offered by these insurance policies help you to identify these illnesses even in their early stages, even before they start showing their symptoms.

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Availing of free health checkups

As a policyholder, you would have known the benefits of making use of these free medical checkups offered by health insurance policies at the right time. It is equally necessary to know the process of availing of these tests and enjoy these benefits. Hence here are the steps that you need to follow in order to avail the free health checkup facility offered by health insurance firms.

  • Inform your health insurance provider about your intention to use the free medical checkup option. Your insurer shall check your policy details along with the approval if you are eligible for the free checkup.
  • By visiting a network-approved lab or hospital, you can avail of the medical checkup for free, but if you choose to visit a lab that is not part of the insurance network, you can pay for the tests and raise a reimbursement claim with your insurer.
  • On successful approval, you shall send the formal authorization letter with the details of the medical checkup, hospital or lab name, etc.,
  • Visit the diagnostic lab or hospital with the letter of authorization and undergo the checkup. After the tests are completed, the results will be shared with you by email or in person.

Choosing a health insurance policy with features like free medical checkups will help you in safeguarding your health as well as peace of mind. PayBima provides you with the right platform to choose the right health insurance policy based on your needs and within your budget while providing them with top-notch customer service.

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FAQs on Free Medical Check-Ups Under Health Insurance

Is medical check-up covered by insurance?

Health Insurance plans, in general, do not cover doctor's fees or diagnostic health check-ups which you might undergo on your own. However, there is a provision for health check-ups once every year or once every 2 years.

What is not covered in health insurance?

Also, dental surgery/ treatment ( unless requiring hospitalization), congenital external defects, convalescence, venereal disease, general debility, use of intoxicating drugs/alcohol, Self-inflicted injuries, AIDS, diagnosis expenses, infertility treatment, and Naturopathy treatment make a list of exclusions under ...

How do I claim preventive health checkup in insurance?

Section 80D includes a deduction of Rs 5,000 for any payments made towards preventive health check-ups. This deduction will be within the overall limit of Rs 25,000/Rs 50,000, as the case may be. This deduction can also be claimed either by the individual for himself, spouse, dependent children or parents.

What is preventive health check-up?

Preventive health checkup is a series of medical tests undertaken to understand measures needed for disease prevention. Preventive healthcare can detect certain behaviors, habits, infections, medical problems before they become advanced or crucial. Importance of preventive health check up. It helps keep diseases at bay ...


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