How practicing yoga can restrain you from claiming health insurance


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Over the years, stress has been the root cause of several diseases. Hence, Yoga for stress management is being practiced to help people stay away from stress related illnesses.

Wondering, if Yoga covered by health insurance? Well, Yoga is an ancient art of harmony of body and soul practiced by people in India for hundreds of years now. Not just Indians, Yoga for health is something that people across the globe have started believing and practicing for a long time now. Yoga is such a powerful art form that practicing it regularly and ardently can help in restraining people from claiming health insurance. Let’s find out in this blog how yoga can prevent you from making a health insurance claim.

Yoga is a virtue for a healthy lifestyle. It helps in managing fitness, weight and enhances immunity.  It relieves people from stress and allows inner peace to those who practice it. Along with the numerous benefits of yoga to the physical and emotional self, it also benefits people in saving costs of health insurance plans by maintaining overall healthy living and avoiding healthcare claims.

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5 Important Tips About Yoga To Prevent From Making a Health Insurance Claim

  1. Reduces Exposure to DiseasesIn today’s time, the lifestyle of people has become extremely hectic with almost no physical activity. Most of the people are doing jobs with 8-9 hours of sitting in front of the computer, making them lethargic and obese. Further, the surroundings have worsened over the years due to the effects of pollution. All these are making people fall into the trap of major critical diseases. Some of these critical diseases and lifestyle related illnesses include diabetes, kidney diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. These diseases cost a huge amount in terms of treatment and make a hole in one’s pocket. In fact, many families find it difficult to incur the expenses of such treatment because of the huge costs involved, which normally ranges between INR 5 to 20 Lakh.  However, this cost can be reduced by keeping yourself healthy by practicing yoga regularly. Yoga has the caliber to lower the chances of the cause of these critical diseases. If yoga is followed sincerely, it can help in keeping critical diseases at bay and thereby limit the chance of raising health claims and keep your health Insurance claim status clean. Hence, it can save the enormous amount of money incurred in the treatment of such diseases.
  2. Low rate of premium – You already know that the premium levied on a health insurance policy is based on several factors. One such factor is the medical history of the policyholder. Hence, if the policyholder is healthy and without any critical disease, they are levied with lower premiums as compared to those who are suffering from different diseases. Thus, those who practice yoga on a regular basis to guarantee fitness throughout would be paying a lower premium than others. When you are fit, the insurer would categorize you under the ‘healthy lives’ category, wherein you are put into the low risk group and charged with a low premium.   However, if you are not healthy and are suffering from prolonged diseases, you would be charged with high-premium because you would fall under the high-risk category. Also, some people with extreme illness might as well be denied health insurance by many insurance companies. Hence, it is important to practice yoga and stay fit so that you can enhance overall health and maximize fitness to minimize insurance premium.
  3. Enhanced Insurance Coverage Those who practice yoga on a regular basis enjoy high immunity levels and low health risks. This in turn perks up the overall health of individuals by keeping them healthy. It also limits the expenses incurred on health care. Further, with low health risks, anyone seeking health insurance can buy the policy at a lower premium with enhanced coverage and limited exclusions. Most of these insurance plans allow both pre and post-hospitalization charges included under the policy along with other facilities. Hence, with yoga you not only maintain a good life but also gain by availing comprehensive health insurance coverage.
  4. No Claim Bonus in health insurance – A good and healthy lifestyle by following yoga on regular basis would allow people to stay fit and away from diseases. And, by staying fit and healthy you can restrain from filing a health insurance claim. Also, if you avoid filing for insurance claims, your  health insurance claim status would enhance and you would benefit from it. Thus, you could earn no claim bonus or NCB which is a reward given by insurance companies for not raising claims during a policy tenure. Thus, by accumulating NCB, an insured can enhance health coverage without paying anything extra.
  5. Benefits on Savings – Staying fit also helps policyholders to gain from different wellness programs offered by insurers which help in lowering your premium levels. Many insurance companies have certain pre-defined fitness criteria and those who come under such standards gain from such programs. These programs help the insured to cut on costs and help avail of a medi-claim policy.

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To Conclude

Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps in the wellbeing of the overall body, soul and mind. And a healthy body is less susceptible to diseases and  effectively limits your health insurance claims.

Yoga keeps illnesses at bay and helps to save healthcare expenses. By including yoga in your daily life, you can avail the benefits of procuring health cover from the best health insurance company in claim settlement ratio as well as can gain other advantages.

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Jul 13, 2022
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