How To Defend Yourself Against COVID-19 Variants


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Updated on Jul 19, 2022

You must know how to defend yourself against COVID-19 variants out there considering the rate at which they are evolving.

This is in fact what the experts feel as well. Already we have had three variants of the disease here in India. Right now is the correct time for you to go all out with the measures that are necessary for protecting yourself from coronavirus. At this stage, if you are protecting yourself you are protecting others as well and thus playing a major social role in that regard. In any case, it is normal for a virus to have the potential to mutate.

In most cases, it has been seen that the virus has not had much effect on the affected person. It could have happened to you as well. The signs may not have been so severe. Still, it is better to be as careful as you can be from the different COVID-19 variants. Experts are really concerned about the changes that are happening with the latest variants of the virus. It has become a lot more contagious which means that the chances of you – or anyone else, for that matter – being affected by the virus are high.

The virus itself has not changed though. One of the best ways to stay protected from the same is the COVID-19 vaccines. Still, now, it is transmitting the same way that it did when it first came to being. We can only expect that the public health infrastructure that helped us deal before with the disease would be useful in this case as well. At the same time, we need to be careful of ourselves as well. This is perhaps the most important time for us when it comes to putting all these things to good use.

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How can anyone defend themselves against the various versions of COVID 19?         

If you want to protect yourself adequately against COVID-19 infectionthe best way to do so would be to wear masks, especially ones that fit you properly. Apart from preventing such infection, these masks can also stop the infection from spreading to other people. These masks act as physical barriers between you and the respiratory droplets belonging to other people. When you wear masks you do not breathe them in. At the same time, you also prevent your droplets from spreading and affecting other people in the process.

The best options in this regard are still the N95 masks along with their KN95 breathing counterparts. However, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that they be reserved for healthcare professionals. The next best option that you have for protecting yourself from the COVID-19 variantsis the three-layered face masks. The next in line would be the fabric masks with two and three layers. Public health officials are now saying that you should not rely on cotton masks anymore. They have called for better access to face masks and N95 respirators. You can also try two masks at the same time for better protection in this regard.

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Getting the vaccines as soon as you can 

As we have said already, the COVID-19 vaccinesrepresent one of the best ways to fight against said infection. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has provided its seal of approval to two vaccines for emergency usage. One of them has been developed by Moderna and the other has been developed by Pfizer along with BioNTech. Both these vaccines have used the mRNA (ribonucleic acid) technology. These vaccines stimulate the immune response in such a way that it can protect itself from the virus.

There is in fact enough proof to suggest that both vaccines are highly effective. In fact, they proved to be particularly effective against the recent outbreak that happened in the UK (United Kingdom). This is something that a lot of medical personnel are doing these days to protect themselves from COVID 19 infection.

Doing this also makes sure that the lifespan of their N95 masks is increased. You may think of using a couple of masks to save yourself from the COVID-19 variants. However, you must also keep in mind that doing so can make breathing really difficult for you. As we have said already, it is important to make sure that you get masks that cover your face properly. This means that they should be comfortable and firm at the same time. You can always wear a cotton mask provided it has several layers. You can also try wearing a couple of masks but only when they do not hamper your breathing.

Washing your hands as often as you can 

No matter how many different COVID-19 variantsare there, they all spread the same way. They spread through inhalation of nanoparticles as well as respiratory droplets, which can fall on any surface out there such as the ground, doorknobs, items from the grocery store, and buttons of the elevator. If anyone touches these surfaces and then touches their eyes, mouth, or nose they can contract the disease. Fomite transmission is not one of the major ways in which the disease spreads. Still, experts say that you should disinfect or wash your hands as much as you can to prevent such a possibility.

It is just as important to keep sterilizing the common areas as much as you can. It can be a highly effective way to prevent COVID-19 infectionfrom affecting you. There are certain times when washing your hands can prove to be really effective. This is before you eat, use the toilet, and touch your face. If you cannot wash your hands, you should use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the very least. However, make sure that it contains a minimum of 60% alcohol.


You may have tested negative for the virus or perhaps none of the different COVID-19 variantshad any effect on you. However, that does not mean that you can disregard all that we have said over here. Social distancing is also important in this context, and you need to keep that in mind.


Mar 29, 2022
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