International Youth Day 2023 – Check Date, Theme, History and Significance


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When is International Youth Day?

12th August marks the celebration of International Youth Day. On this day, let’s pledge to stay fit and healthy to transform the world into a better place. Read on to know more.

With a record breaking number of over 3 billion young people below the age of 30 years globally, the situation of young people at present is overwhelming. In fact, the youth today forms almost half of the occupants of the globe that has the potential to deliver unmatched contributions towards the wellbeing of the society.

To celebrate this unrivaled involvement of the youth, the United Nations together with other world organizations initiated the celebration of ‘International Youth Day‘. The International Youth day is celebrated on August 12 every year. The day was first celebrated in the year 1999 with the passing of a resolution by the UN General Assembly.  The day aims to encourage ways to make the youth contribute actively in the positive growth of the society.

In this blog, let us dig deep into the concept of International Youth Day and how the health of the youth is associated with the growth of the society.

How Healthy Youth Can Contribute to Society?

Health is the pivotal thing that one requires to stay happy, and a healthy person can serve as an asset to society. Similarly, a healthy and fit youth can contribute well with complete dedication towards the betterment of humanity. Thus, despite the disturbances across the globe, a young person who is at the best of his/her physical self, can aid towards transforming the world in a better way. On the other hand, if the young generation falls into the trap of unhealthy habits, which leads to their poor health, it acts as a barrier in their progress and the progress of mankind.

Thus, the youth today should abstain from unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, consuming narcotics and also not doing any physical activity etc. These habits not just cause damage to the health of one individual but can put the entire generation under jeopardy.

Hence, it is important to promote healthy ways of life and take precautions to prevent ill-health so that the future generation stays secure. Moreover, habits that are formed at a young age goes a long way to build an entire life. And it is a fact that the young generation is the backbone of a nation. If the youth is healthy, then only we can think of bringing transformation in the society.   So, this International Youth Day 2023, let us Pledge to Stay Fit and Healthy.

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International Youth Day 2023 Theme

The theme of the International Youth Day 2023 is  – “Intergenerational solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages”. The theme of the day adds to the message that to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, it is time for everyone to take action and enhance awareness to remove barriers in the way of intergenerational solidarity, which detriment the society.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy or Adopt Healthy Ways of Life

Below are some tips that will help the youth to adopt to the healthy ways of life:

  • Inculcate the habit of exercising daily – This is the foremost thing that youth needs to inculcate in their daily habits. The formation of such habits when you are young helps in forming a foundation that goes a long way in adulthood to help one stay fit and active. Spending over 30 minutes of physical activity everyday can aid in reducing the risk of many diseases which are fatal in nature. So, pledge to spend at least half an hour everyday towards exercising and physical activities on this International Youth Day.
  • Eat Healthy – Another good habit to inculcate from a young age is the habit of eating healthy. Healthy eating means eating nutritious food and avoiding food items that are not good for your health, such as food items which have high levels of saturated fats and trans fat. Also, avoid foods that are high in sugar and salt. This way, you can stay away from diseases like obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle related illnesses. So, this Youth Day, pledge to cultivate healthy eating habits so that you can stay fit and healthy. Also, try to eat nutritious food at the right time to benefit further.
  • Stay away from Stress and Depression – These are some of the common issues that cause people to fall sick, especially the youth. Living in a fast paced life, we tend to get consumed by the excessive competition and insecurity of education, work etc., and ignore our body and mind. This opens the door to different mental issues and depression.  Thus, it is better to give serious thought to conditions like stress and depression as soon as you realize them. So, this youth day let us promise to keep away from stress and depression and lead a cheerful life.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking Alcohol – These are bad habits that the youth of today needs to stay away from. Excessive drinking and smoking is harmful and forms a key reason for deaths among youth across the globe. So, if you abstain from consuming alcohol and smoking during your young age, when you are at the best of your health, you can be sure of leading a healthy life throughout. So, promise to quit such bad habits and lead a healthy life on this Youth Day.
  • Getting Health Insurance – Another thing that you must pledge to do on this Youth Day is to buy good and comprehensive health insurance plans so that you can secure your health and your life against different diseases.  With the best health insurance plan by your side, you can fight diseases without the worry of any financial insecurity.

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Just knowing when international youth day is celebrated is not enough, try to find more about its significance. It is the responsibility of the youth of today to inculcate good habits and stay positive so that they can play their part towards nation building and contribute to the society as a whole. So, let’s plan the celebration of International Youth Day in India in 2023 by pledging to stay fit and healthy.

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