Is LASIK Eye Surgery Covered under Health Insurance Policy?


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Does Health Insurance Provide Coverage for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Are you looking at getting a LASIK Eye Surgery for your troubled vision,and want to know if LASIK Eye Surgery is Covered under Health Insurance Policy ?  Read on to know more.

Troubled vision is something that the majority of the Indian population suffers from.  And most of the people turn to LASIK eye surgery as a cure. But when it comes to availing your health insurance policy for getting a LASIK Eye surgery, the most common question that insurance policyholders ask is, Is LASIK covered by insurance? Since these surgeries have become quite common, a query about whether LASIK eye surgery is covered under mediclaim policies or not should be addressed.

In this blog, we are discussing if LASIK surgery is covered by insurance or if it is covered under basic health insurance plans.  Also, we are giving you some details about the eligibility criteria of the plan among other things.

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So, to start with, What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK or Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis is a surgery related to the eyes to rectify any vision related issues. This surgery can be used to cure conditions like hyperopia or farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism etc. This surgery is known to be a complicated one as it involves a complex procedure.

To determine this eye problem, the doctor first does some kind of testing on the patient after analyzing his/her medical history. After that, the doctor decides whether the patient is eligible for LASIK Surgery? Only after the eligibility is confirmed, the expenses are considered.

Also, the insured in such case consider if their medical insurance policy covers LASIK Eye Surgery. Though there are many insurers who offer coverage for LASIK eye surgery but still there are many who do not cover this treatment under their plans. To answer your query why is LASIK not covered by insurance?  It is because some insurance companies consider LASIK a part of cosmetic surgery and hence not necessary medically.  But of course things are changing and there are quite a few insurance providers who cover it.

Insurance companies offering health plan that cover LASIK eye Surgery

  • Insurer – Aditya Birla Health Insurance 
    • Network Hospitals – 5700+
    • Covers Lasik Eye Surgery under all their Health Plans
  • Insurer – Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
    • Network Hospitals – 6500+
    • Covers Lasik Eye Surgery under all their Health Plans
  • Insurer – Care Health Insurance
    • Network Hospitals – 11000+
    • Covers Lasik Eye Surgery under all their Health Plans
  • Insurer – Manipal Cigna Health Insurance
    • Network Hospitals – 6000+
    • Covers Lasik Eye Surgery under all their Health Plans
  • Insurer – Star Health Insurance
    • Network Hospitals – 6500+
    • Covers Lasik Eye Surgery under all their Health Plans
  • Insurer – Universal Sompo Health Insurance
    • Network Hospitals – 4700+
    • Covers Lasik Eye Surgery under all their Health Plans

In What Situations Does LASIK Eye Surgery help?

LASIK Eye Surgery helps people within the age group of 18-40 years. In fact, this age group is considered apt for LASIK treatment. However, people above 40 years can also undergo the surgery depending on health conditions. As soon as you complete one year of wearing glasses, you can undergo eye laser surgery insurance coverage. Further, changes in technology have also led to changes in the criteria for eligibility for the surgery.

Inclusions under Health Insurance Policy offering LASIK Eye Surgery

Does mediclaim cover LASIK surgery? You might be asking this question before planning for a LASIK eye surgery. Yes, many Indian insurance companies consider LASIK eye surgery as an optional treatment and thus may not cover it under their policies. However, there are some insurers who offer LASIK Eye Surgery as part of their health insurance policies with certain conditions, such as;

  • If the eye surgery is required as a result of a refractive mistake induced by an accident.
  • Somehow if the operation was performed to correct a refractive defect induced by a previous procedure.
  • When any eye surgery is required owing to a severe instance of refractive error.
  • When a person cannot use glasses due to a physical abnormality, eye surgery may be required.
  • Unless the patient is unable to wear contact lenses due to a physical limitation, ocular surgery may be required.


LASER eye surgery becomes imperative for many people in case of urgent requirement.  In such cases, avoiding the treatment because of any reason is not advisable.  Also, know that you know which all insurance companies cover LASIK eye surgery in India, you can easily get your treatment started.

Further, with many medical insurance providers offering coverage for LASIK eye surgery in the country, it has become all the more suitable for patients to get the surgery done without incurring much costs. But, it is very important for insurance seekers to ensure that they read through the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy papers so that they can know about everything beforehand and also know if LASIK eye surgery is covered in mediclaim.

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Apr 26, 2022
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