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Nature has bestowed us with many beneficial trees and plants that we may not be aware of. Moringa or Drumstick plant is one such tree, which comes with a range of benefits to give it the name of a ‘Magic Tree’.  So, let’s take a look at the various uses of moringa leaves in this post. 

Moringa is known as a ‘magic tree’. But do you know the reason for naming it so? The tree is attributed with a range of benefits. Not only the fruit, but the leaves, sap, pod, root, flower and even seeds of the tree offers a range of medicinal benefits. And hence this plant is named ‘magic tree’.

Moringa tree is commonly found in various parts of Asia, including India. It is also found in Africa, and South America. In fact, as a vegetable moringa has been consumed for centuries by people in India. It is also used in ayurveda for medicinal purposes for years.

The tree has many uses including several nutritional values. In this post, we will read about some of the uses and benefits of moringa, which is called ‘Sahjan’ in Hindi.

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How Moringa Leaves Boosts Your Nutritional Elements?

The uses of moringa seeds and powder are already known to all, but you would be amazed to know the exceptional nutritious benefits of Moringa leaves. Let us take a look at the miraculous leaves of moringa and the various nutrients it provides.

  • Moringa leaves are loaded with nutrients like protein, iron, riboflavin, vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6.
  • Besides, these leaves are rich in folate, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

When the leaves of moringa are so nutrition packed, you can imagine how nutritious the other parts of the plant would be. Let us take a detailed look at the best uses of the leaves of this plant.

13 Best Moringa Leaves Benefits

Moringa is a new superfood that the world is waking up to in recent times. This modest plant has been used for years as a vegetable to add flavour to our sambhars, soups, and other culinary dishes. However, it is not just limited to spicing up our food but is overloaded with many medicinal and nutritious qualities to give it the title of a superfood.

Here, we are talking about the amazing health benefits of Moringa leaves as mentioned below:

Moringa leaves are excellent sources of Amino Acids

Amino acids help in the development of vital proteins. And moringa leaves contain 18 varieties of amino acids. So, you can imagine the nutritious values of consuming these leaves.

Moringa Leaves Combats Swelling

Isothiocyanates and Niazimicin are naturally occurring small molecules that decrease the activation of carcinogens and increase their detoxification. Hence, this is another excellent use of Moringa leaves that they support in preventing cancer cell development.

Further, inflammation or swelling which is the key factor behind many types of diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc. as well as auto-immune conditions can be greatly reduced by consuming moringa leaves.

Moringa Leaves have Antioxidants 

The leaves of Moringa also consist of many antioxidants. They help combat our body’s free radicals, which are responsible for some chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Beta carotene and vitamin C are some other agents that are contained in the moringa leaves which also combat free radicals.  What more! These leaves are loaded with another vital antioxidant called Quercetin that also supports the lowering of blood pressure levels. On the other hand, the Chlorogenic acid in the leaves stabilizes blood sugar.

Moringa leaves are beneficial for pregnant women

As moringa leaves have properties that help in reducing cholesterol levels, they play a crucial role during pregnancy. These leaves not only help in scaling down risks among pregnant women but also combat gestational diabetes among them.

Moringa Leaves help safeguard the Liver 

Moringa leaves also aid people suffering from tuberculosis. They help in repairing liver cells and come with polyphenols to protect against liver oxidative damages and increase the level of liver proteins.

Moringa leaves fight Arsenic Toxicity

Many regions in India face the huge issue of arsenic contamination. The prolonged contact to long-term arsenic leads to several cardiovascular ailments as well as makes one prone to cancer of several types. As per research, moringa leaves help in limiting the levels of arsenic toxicity.

Moringa Leaves enhance Stomach Health

Moringa leaves safeguard many types of digestive ailments such as constipation, gastritis, bloating, ulcerative colitis. Hence, these leaves should be included in your daily dietary regime.

Enhances Bone Health to a great extent

Phosphorus and calcium are two elements, which are both good for your bone health. The leaves of moringa consist of these elements along with anti-inflammatory effects, which helps to heal damaged bones.

Moringa leaves work as Antiseptic

The leaves of moringa are loaded with antiseptic abilities, which reduces the effect of bacterial infections. These leaves also help in healing wounds and in lowering the effect of burns, cuts, and bruises by reducing the clotting time considerably.

Moringa leaves enhance Lactation

Ayurveda has been using Moringa leaves for enhancing lactation for nursing mothers. These plants contain protein and vitamins, which help improve the health of mother and child alike.

Moringa leaves serve as Fat burning agent

Moringa leaves also support in burning fat and in weight loss. They support people in getting slim without lowering energy levels and keep the mood intact by reducing your cravings at the same time.

Moringa Leaves also enhance Hair and Skin Health

Moringa leaves help in considerably strengthening your hair and skin health. These leaves are rich in antioxidants and enhance hair follicles as well, while contributing towards better skin.

Moringa leaves boost the Nervous System

The overall brain health is boosted by the use of these leaves. They also work as neuro-enhancers while balancing the overall mood of people.

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To Sum Up

Moringa are called superfoods because they have anti-oxidative features which come together with cellular-health safety attributes. They have greater nutritional value and anti-inflammatory attributes too. To use Moringa leaves, simply boil them and consume them like you consume spinach for instance.
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FAQs : Moringa Leaves Benefits Your Health

Who should avoid moringa side effects?

Breastfeeding women should avoid moringa as it may not be good for infants. People on blood-thinning medications should also avoid eating moringa leaves.

What is the most effective way to consume moringa?

An easy way to consume Moringa is in the powder form by mixing it with water or any other liquid like coconut water, fresh orange juice etc. and consume first thing in the morning. 

Are there any moringa powder side effects of chewing moringa leaves?

It is safe to eat raw moringa leaves.

Which part of moringa is most beneficial?

Most parts include leaves, seeds, fruit, sap, pod, root, flower etc.

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