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A health insurance policy comes with numerous benefits and features and covers different diseases. Are you aware of all the slow growing diseases covered under health insurance policy in India? If not, read on to know more.  

A health insurance plan has numerous features. Some of the common benefits of a health plan are  hospitalization costs for both pre and post hospitalization, ambulance costs, treatment costs, and so on. There are various diseases covered under a health insurance plan for which financial protection is offered by your health insurer. In this blog, we are discussing the various diseases for which you can get compensation during a medical emergency.

The diseases that are covered under a health policy are the ones for which an insurance policyholder is allowed protection for. The insured individual can get the various benefits that are available under his/her health plan for a particular disease. These so-called best health insurance plans are available with a period of waiting for existing diseases and during that period policyholders are not able to avail the coverage benefits under the plan.

The number of illnesses that are included under a health policy differs as per the kind of plan that you choose to buy as well as on other things like medical conditions of the insured, sum insured and so on. Further, it is also possible to modify your health plan and add or remove inclusions and exclusions as per your convenience.

Thus, checking the diseases covered under mediclaim as well as the list of diseases not covered under health insurance is important before buying health insurance online.

List of Diseases Covered Under Health Insurance Plan

Below is a list of diseases covered under health insurance policies.

1. Cancer

In the current scenario, Cancer has turned to be the most critical disease that has spread widely across the globe. Millions of people suffer from this deadly disease every year. Cancer is the result of major changes in lifestyle and also due to other medical conditions. Cancer comes under the slow growing disease list in health insurance. There are a large number of health insurance providers offering health insurance plans that offer protection against cancer at different stages. These plans also protect you against the costs incurred in going for a second opinion by specialists for diagnosis of the disease. The insurer offers a lump sum claim amount for treatment of such diseases to the policyholders so that they can get compensated for the monetary loss due to the treatment of cancer.

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2. Covid-19

COVID-19 became a part of most health insurance covers after IRDAI made it mandatory. Henceforth, most insurers are offering health insurance plans with COVID-19 coverage. A lot many lives were lost due to Covid-19 during the pandemic and people lost their near and dear ones to this deadly disease. This was mainly because of monetary constraints and lack of good treatment. So, to help people to support to overcome such a disease, health policy providers have introduced many plans to protect against hospitalization costs for Covid-19 and compensate against such costs. These plans also offer pre, post hospitalization cost coverage.

3. High BP (Blood Pressure)

High BP is the result of the rising level of stress at work, at home and overall. Moreover, it can also be the result of other medical conditions. A large population of India suffers from high blood pressure. If not treated or not given attention for long, high BP can lead to blood vessel blockage which causes diseases like stroke, heart attack etc. Thus, it is essential to get immediate treatment and medical attention for High BP. And for this, it is important to have a health insurance plan that could cover you against the costs incurred for BP treatment without any monetary hassles.

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4. Diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that has become common lately. Diabetes is of different types and levels and they can be deadly if not given proper attention. In diabetes, the blood sugar of a patient rises above normal level. If you keep the disease unnoticed for long, it can lead to several fatal diseases like stroke, kidney failure, heart attack and many others. With health insurance by your side that covers diabetes, you can get the best treatment for the disease without any financial limitations. However, you have to opt for a health insurance plan with comprehensive coverage to avail protection against diabetes.


HIV is a virus which is regarded as deadly and it affects the immune system of people. HIV takes time to heal and it costs a lot. The cost incurred in the treatment of HIV can alter the savings and budget of a normal family.  Thus, having an insurance plan covering your health against such diseases like HIV/AIDS is beneficial as it supports the insured and his/her family against the expensive treatment.

6. Cataract

Cataract is another disease that is covered under most health insurance plans. Cataract is an eye disease where a person finds it unable to see. Here the vision of the person becomes blurred. Cataract requires an individual to operate the eye to return his/her vision. The operation of the eye costs much to exhaust the savings of a low-income household. Thus, having a health insurance policy can allow you enough support to incur the costs of operating the eye for a cataract patient without any financial obstacle.

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Medical or Health Conditions That are Not Covered Under Health Insurance Plan

  • Pre-Existing Diseases;
  • Cosmetic Surgery;
  • Abortion;
  • Diagnostic Charges;
  • Alternative Therapy Charges;
  • Supplements;

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Slow Growing Disease List in Health Insurance

Health insurance plans also covered slow growing disease like cancer, piles, etc. but there is an awaiting period for the treatment of these diseases.

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To  Conclude

Besides the diseases mentioned above, a health insurance plan also offers coverage against many other diseases to the policyholder. As per the medical requirement of an insured individual, he/she can get the entire list of illnesses that are available under his/her policy as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

However,  it is also important for policyholders to check the diseases not covered under health insurance before buying a policy. This will also help the insured to choose the right policy as per his/her health requirement.

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