National Safety Day 2023 – History, Facts and How to Observe this National Safety Day on 4th March


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Since 1972, India has observed March 4 as National Safety Day every year to raise awareness about the principles of safety in the country. Let us take a look at the facts and history of the event, in this post.

The National Safety Council is a leading non-profit organization formed in 1966 and working towards safety of health, workplace and environment in India among others. The organization initiated the celebration of National Safety Day on March 4 to honour the founding principles of the organization. The day was initiated with the aim to create awareness and to enhance commitment of working safely.

With National Safety Day, the National Safety Council aims to educate people about the various safety guidelines, such as safety at the workplace, road safety, safe health, environmental safety and so on.

The day also aims at reviving employee commitment as well as commitment of the general public to strive for safe working all throughout the year. Overall, it wants to promote the safety measures and protocols which everyone should adhere to so that workplace accidents can be avoided.

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History of National Safety Day

As already discussed, the National Safety Day is observed to raise awareness towards safety protocols and commitments which must be practiced by people to avoid mishaps at the workplace.   The key aim of observing the day is to make employees and people in general comply with safety guidelines while working.

The celebration of the National Safety Day is initiated by the National Safety Council, which is a not-for-profit organization. The council was set up for creating and developing safety at workplace, road, environment, health and overall.

The National Safety Council was formed in 1966 and they introduced the National Safety Day in 1972. The day was initiated after India’s first industrial safety conference organized by the Ministry of Labour and Employment in the country. After the conference, the need of councils for employee safety in the country across national as well as state levels was felt, which led to the formation of the council. Thus, the ministry proposed the creation of the National Safety Council, which in turn initiated the National Safety Day in 1972.

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Ways to Observe National Safety Day?

National Safety Day could be observed in many different ways, such as:

By Taking an Oath of Safety

To observe the National Safety Day, individuals and organizations could commit towards working in safe surroundings. Thus, the day reinforces the employee commitment to work safely.

By influencing people via social media platforms

You can influence people towards safe working by using social media or by creating a National Safety Day banner. It should be a priority to enforce safety over everything else. No one should be forced to work in hazardous environments to save their jobs or livelihood.

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Some Facts About National Safety Day

  • The theme of the National Safety Day changes every year as per the activities and focus for the year, which highlights the direction of public work safety
  • The day aims at reviving the commitment of people in general and employees to have safe work round the year
  • Being an NGO, the National Safety Council aims to make safety training easily accessible to one and all
  • The National Safety Council has celebrated its 50 years of inception recently
  • The introduction of National Safety Day was initiated many years after the formation of the National Safety Council

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Importance of National Safety Day

Welfare of workers

The National Safety Day ensures the safety and welfare of workers. It works towards building a practical approach regarding safety and to identify hazards at the workplace. Further, the day aims at limiting accidents at the workplace as well as to reduce the exposure against harmful substances.

Impact of National Safety Council

The day aims at highlighting the growth and impact of the National Safety Council via the National Safety Day. The council is a leading non-profit organization and a self-financed society working towards India’s Health and Environment sector.

Serve as a Good Precedent

To commit towards safe working is a practice that will make the future of the Indian workforce bright. Safety has to be the primary priority over all other things. It is the responsibility of the employers not to force workers to choose between a safe working environment and means of livelihood.

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FAQs: National Safety Day 2023

What is the purpose of celebrating National Safety Day in India?

Every year, India observes 4th March as National Safety Day to generate awareness and commitment towards a safe working environment. The day aims at restoring the pledge of safe working for everyone throughout the year.

The National Safety Day celebration was initiated in which year?

In 1972 for the first time, the National Safety Day was observed.  

How is National Safety Day celebrated in India?

National Safety Day is observed in India by raising awareness about the principles of safety such as safe working place, safety in road, safe environment, and safety of human health. Further, you can take the pledge of staying committed towards safe working on this day. Also, you can create National Safety Day posters, national safety day logo, National Safety Day drawing competition, slogan competition etc.

What is the theme of National Safety Day 2023?

The National Safety Day 2023 theme is ‘Zero Harm’.


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