Stress Awareness Month – Causes of Stress and Effective Ways to Stress Management


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April is National Stress Awareness Month: Know Effective Tips for Preventing and Managing Stress

What is Stress?

Stress is an overwhelming feeling of tension, which can be either bodily or emotional that is caused from a thought or an event and makes individuals angry, scared, nervous etc. Are you aware of Stress Awareness Month celebrated in April? Read on to know about it.

Stress is devastating in many cases, and it aggravates health issues among people. Further, stress is something that forms a part of everyone’s life and thus no one can stay unaffected by stress. Since stress is such an integral part of human existence, it is important to have knowledge about it so that you come to know if you are engulfed with stress and how to reduce stress.  Stress leads to health issues and thus an awareness about it becomes imperative.

Hence the role of Stress Awareness Month comes to the fore. Every year in April, the stress awareness month is celebrated to alert people, to discover strategies to cope with stress or stress management techniques.

So, let’s understand what stress is and how to manage stress in the best way.

How is Stress Awareness month Observed?

Here are few ways in which the stress awareness month can be observed for stress management.

  • Through meditation – Stress can be effectively managed by making your mind calm. When various thoughts do not disturb your mind continuously, it greatly relieves stress. And to keep mind away from distractions, meditation is the most common method.
  • Exercise – Exercise is another way to deal with unbearable stress. Exercise can be of any form such as jogging, cycling, walking etc. Whatever the form be, breathing some fresh air as part of daily routine is definitely a good way to reduce stress.
  • Consulting your doctor –  Your physician is definitely the best person to help you learn ways to use as stress buster. They understand the stress symptoms within you and help you get stress relief in numerous ways. So, it is very important to consult the doctor.

Some important Facts Related to Stress

Here are some fascinating facts about Stress that you might not be aware of:

  • Stress can be helpful at times – The National Institute of Mental Health says that at times stress can encourage people to perform and can save life in certain situations.
  • Stress can also be horrible – People who are prone to unceasing stress are more vulnerable to various diseases including headache, insomnia, high blood pressure and heart diseases. So stress can be disturbing, especially to the body.

Reasons for Stress

As per a survey by the Psychological Association of American, there are five key factors that contribute mostly as a source of stress. They are:

  • Money
  • Work
  • Family
  • Economic outlook
  • Relationships

Importance of Stress Awareness Month

The stress awareness month is celebrated to make people aware of stress, help them to manage their lifestyle and to lead a life that is free of stress or at least has reduced stress. Here are a few features of Stress Awareness Month:

Stress awareness month reminds everyone to pay attention to their health

Stress Awareness Month is used as a platform of cooperative effort to make people know and understand about the dangers of stress. Also, to help them cope with stress through different strategies. It also helps people know about the harmful illusion of stress that is present across society.

Strong feeling

Since 1992, Stress Awareness Month has been a regular feature of educating people about stress and its impact on health and wellbeing. This way, it wants to generate awareness about the issue of rising stress levels among people.

Stress can be felt

It is seen that most people get to drinking or crying regularly and incessantly to deal with stress.

Stress born Diseases

There are many new and dangerous diseases that are caused by stress. So to deal with such illnesses, it is advised to take help of health insurance policies to get enough coverage against such diseases so that they can be dealt with effectively.

There are numerous health insurance plans that can be utilized by individuals to manage and regularly monitor their health, which in turn helps in taking timely intervention to myriad health issues.

Some of the best health insurance policies available in the market can help in keeping one covered in case of health related financial stress.

To Conclude

Stress is a scary situation which can lead to mental and physical imbalance in the body. It is very important to understand stress to learn to reduce or limit it. The significance of stress awareness month becomes all the more pronounced helping people stay away from stress and leading a happy and stress free life.

Apr 13, 2022
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