National Vaccination Day 2024: History, Significance, and Theme


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Vaccinations are important to keep us away from diseases. As the National Vaccination Day 2024 approaches, let us take a look at the history and significance of this day in India. 

The observance of National Vaccination Day culminates every year on the 16th of March. The event is organized to convey the significance of vaccination in public health. On this day in 1995, the first oral polio vaccination dose was given in India. Henceforth, the day has been observed as National Vaccination Day every year.

Immunization is very important to prevent the growth of infectious illnesses. It serves as a tool to control and eradicate transferable diseases. It is significant to improve the health of the common public and elevate their standards in terms of healthy living.  In this post, let’s read about some important details on vaccination starting with its history.

History of National Vaccination Day

Vaccination as a practice has its history hundreds of years ago way back in the 1700s.  Edward Jenner, an English physician and scientist is the person who was regarded as the founder of vaccines. He used a vaccine against cowpox to immunize a 13-year-old child in 1796. He also supported in establishing immunity against smallpox. And the first vaccine against smallpox was developed in 1798.

Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, mass immunization against smallpox continued and in 1979 the mass vaccination led to the eradication of smallpox. Similarly, the experiments done by Louis Pasteur helped in developing vaccination against cholera in the 19th century. Likewise, different other vaccines were developed in the later years.

In the 1940s, large scale vaccine production took place due to the inventions of scientific knowledge. During the 1960s, the vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella were invented, which were known as M.M.R. vaccine.

Over the past few years, further significant developments took place that led to the massive strides in the world of vaccines including the introduction of advanced vaccines technology.

The recent development of covid-19 vaccines and the mass vaccination drive against the disease is an example of remarkable growth in the field of vaccination.

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How to Observe this National Vaccination Day, 2024?

On March 16 National Vaccination Day, you can take a look at your records on vaccination to see all the vaccines that you have received so far since the day you were born. These vaccinations have saved you from several deadly diseases in life.

However, if there is any vaccination that you have missed because of any reason or you need a vaccination because of any health condition, you may schedule an appointment with your doctor and get the dose to observe the day in the best way.

Further, you can spread messages over social media to encourage people and to make them aware about the right use of vaccination.

Some facts to know about Vaccines

Here are some facts about vaccines that might interest you:

  • Vaccines save life of over 2.5 million people every year
  • There are various ways of administering vaccine; some are given as shots, while some orally
  • Vaccination could eradicate smallpox completely since 1997
  • New born babies receive their first vaccination at eight weeks and later at 12, 16 weeks and so on

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National Vaccination Day 2024 in India acts as a reminder that immunization is crucial for the safety of people and for a healthy life. They are life-saving programs that should be a part of every individual.

The development of vaccines has turned out to be the most remarkable achievement in human history and the National Vaccination Day in India celebrates this great achievement by thanking the people who are involved in this triumph like scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals and so on.

Looking at the rising cost of healthcare and vaccinations, it is important to get a comprehensive health insurance plan which covers most of the vaccination and other medical costs and to save you from huge expenses.

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FAQs: National Vaccination Day 2024 Theme, History and Facts

Are polio vaccines developed in India?

No, they are not developed in India. The inactivated polio vaccines were developed in the US by Jonas Salk, who was an American virologist and medical researcher. Although India manufactured a polio vaccine, it was not that effective. But overall, India was a leader in the field of research related to polio elimination. India is also the pioneer in the field of oral polio dose and supported in injectable polio vaccine.  

Why is National Vaccination Day celebrated?

The national vaccination day is observed to spread the message that vaccination is important as it saves lives. March 16 is observed all across India as the National Immunization Day since it was on this day that the oral polio vaccine’s first dose was distributed in 1995 in India. 

What is World Immunization Week?

World Immunization Week is a yearly event organized by the World Health Organization in the last week of April. The event aims at educating people on the importance of vaccination and to ensure the safety of people across ages from various diseases. 
Overall, the World Immunization Week aims at increasing the confidence of people in routine immunization.  

Who manufactured the Covaxin?

Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) – National Institute of Virology (NIV).

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