Navratri’s Nine Blessings: How Health Insurance Mirrors the Forms of Devi Durga


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A vibrant land of cultural coalesce, India amuses the world with its unique values and diversity. The festivals play a significant role in this regard. Navratri, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘nine nights’, is a revered occasion celebrated across the country. Navratri is dedicated to the nine avatars of goddess Durga’s divinity, while each avatar or form has its unique essence. This is the time of the year when people pray with their loved ones, seeking blessings amidst Navratri wishes.

Each of the auspicious nine days of Navratri has its special connotation to the nine avatars of the goddess. The respective Navratri 9 days devi names or avatars are Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kaalaratri, Mahagauri, and Siddhidatri. Each of these avatars is associated with the power of nine blessings the goddess bestows upon you and your dear ones. These blessings are received in the form of good health, wealth, power, knowledge, name, fame, prosperity, happiness, and commitment.

Similar to the nine significant days of Navratri that blesses people in diverse ways, health insurance is an essential aspect of life that offers nine effective ways to cover your family and loved ones.

We dedicate this special post on Navratri by associating the blessing of goddess Durga with the nine pillars of health insurance to endure barriers and pave the way to sustenance.

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Navratri Colours For All Days In 2023

Day Date Goddess Colour
Day-1 15-Oct-2023 Shailaputri (Purity and Start of Navratri) PINK
Day-2 16-Oct-2023 Brahmacharini (Knowledge and Wisdom) WHITE
Day-3 17-Oct-2023 Chandraghanta (Courage and Grace) RED
Day-4 18-Oct-2023 Kushmanda (Creative Energy) ORANGE ORANGE
Day-5 19-Oct-2023 Skandamata (Nurturing Mother) YELLOW
Day-6 20-Oct-2023 Katyayani (Determination and Protection) MAROON
Day-7 21-Oct-2023 Kaalratri (Destructive Power of Time) NAVY BLUE
Day-8 22-Oct-2023 Mahagauri (Purity and Serenity) GREEN
Day-9 23-Oct-2023 Siddhidatri (Power-Granting Nature) BEIGE

Navratri Day 1

Shailaputri (Purity and Start of Navratri):

Navratri’s first day is dedicated to the goddess Shailaputri. It is the first manifestation of the goddess, where she appears with a lotus in one hand and a Trishul in the other, riding a bull named Nandi. Shail in Sanskrit implies mountain, and Shailaputri is the goddess Parvati, daughter of Himalaya.

Significant Color:

The color associated with the first day of Navratri is Pink. Devotes on this day offer pure ghee (clarified butter) as bhog and prepare dishes made with ghee, such as halwa. It is believed that offering a bhog of pure ghee will bless the devotes with a life free of ailments.

Hence, the first day of Navratri emphasizes caring for your health, indicating the significance of keeping healthy. Similarly, your basic Health Insurance lays the foundation of your healthcare journey on a pure and secure note. Similar to the blessings offered by goddess Durga in her different forms during Navratri, your health insurance plan protects you against various types of health emergencies and illnesses.

Navratri Day 2

Brahmacharini (Knowledge and Wisdom):

On the second day of Navratri, Goddess Brahmacharini is worshipped. The goddess walks with a rudraksha mala in one hand and, in the other, holds a kamandalu.

Significant Color:

White is the significant color associated with the goddess Brahmacharini Devi. She is regarded as the epitome of wisdom and disciplined learning.

Hence, the second day of Navratri is associated with Preventive Care Health Insurance, signifying the emphasis on a disciplined life achieved through proper healthcare and precaution.

Preventive care health insurance emphasizes early detection of a disease and supports in curing it. It emphasizes regular preventive health checkups to maintain good health and encourages periodic screenings and vaccinations to prevent diseases.

Navratri Day 3

Chandraghanta (Courage and Grace):

The third day of the auspicious Navratri is marked by the worship of the goddess Chandraghanta. She is termed the shakti (power, strength) of lord Shiva and is the symbol of courage and valor. Her blessings are believed to cure all problems in your life.

Significant Color:

The color associated with the goddess Chandraghanta is Red. She rides on a tiger and destroys the evil. She appears with 10 hands and has a crescent moon on her forehead, which gives her the name Chandraghanta.

Like goddess Chandraghanta, the epitome of empowering courage, Accidental Insurance empowers the lives of insured policyholders with financial security to bear the burden of medical costs, rehabilitation, and other needs as part of the coverage.

Navratri Day 4

Kushmanda (Creative Energy):

Navratri’s fourth day starts with worshipping goddess Kushmanda. She is deemed the source of light and the creator of the universe. She is the personification of serenity and brightness.

Significant Color:

The color that is associated with the charm of the goddess Kushmanda is Orange. Since she is regarded as the creator of the universe and the source of creative energy, we could associate the day of her worship with Maternity Insurance.

Like the support and blessings of goddess Kushmanda, maternity medical insurance supports and safeguards women through their journey of pregnancy and childbirth to make it a time of blessing rather than a financial burden.

Navratri Day 5

Skandamata (Nurturing Mother):

Skandamata is a deity with four hands. She is the fifth manifestation and is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. Skanda is another name for lord Kartikeya, and mata means mother. Hence, she is the mother of Kartikeya and carries him on her lap.

Significant Color:

The color associated with this auspicious day is Yellow, which portrays her nurturing nature. Like the nurturing nature of Skandamata, your Family Health Insurance plans nurture the entire family with good health, ensuring the protection and well-being of each member. The plan envelops each member of a family within its protective arms like that of a mother’s protection to support them against the health odds.

Navratri Day 6

Katyayani (Determination and Protection):

Goddess Katyayani represents great might. She is regarded as the fiercest avatar of goddess Durga, who killed Mahishasura, the demon king. She uses a lion for her ride and is represented with four hands, two on each side. The left side hands carry a sword in one and a lotus flower in the other, while the right side hands represent Abhaya and Varada Mudras.

Significant Color:

The sixth day of Navratri is represented by Maroon color signifying power and intense rage. As per Hindu mythology, Goddess Katyayani was created by the combined energies of Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, and Lord Vishnu. She symbolizes strength and resilience.

Similar to the strong characteristics of the goddess Katyayani, people facing disability due to any reason should demonstrate power and resilience to overcome challenges during tough times. Disability Insurance policies offer policyholders the necessary support to rebuild their lives and strive ahead with dignity. They protect the insured with financial security at a time when they are unable to work and provide for their families.

Navratri Day 7

Kaalratri (Destructive Power of Time):

Goddess Kalaratri is known as the ferocious avatar of goddess Durga. She wears a garland made of skulls around her neck and is represented by a dark complexion and four hands. She holds a sword and an iron hook in her hands towards her left, while her right hands are folded in Abhaya and Varada Mudra, which means protection and blessings.

Significant Color:

Goddess Kalaratri is represented by the color Navy Blue. She is the destroyer of evil forces and demons, which, as per legends, is the reason behind her dark complexion. She symbolizes strength in the face of adversity.     

We associate the powers of goddess Kaalratri with Term Life Insurance plans, which provide strength to the policyholder’s family during financial adversity in their absence. A term plan protects a family at a time when they are going through the most critical phase of losing a dear one. Although financial help may not fill the void in their life, it does help them to survive and live a life with integrity.

Navratri Day 8

Mahagauri (Purity and Serenity):

The eighth day of Navratri is called Durga Asthami. This day is associated with goddess Mahagauri, who again is represented by four hands and uses an elephant as a ride. The goddess carries a damru and a Trishul in her hands.

Significant Color:

Green is the color associated with this day and signifies purity and serenity. Like the pure and blessed nature of goddess Mahagauri, your Mental Health Insurance ensures the mental peace and well-being of the insured. Realising the importance of mental well-being, the government, too, introduced the Mental Health Care Act 2017 safeguarding the rights of individuals with mental illness.

Navratri Day 9

Siddhidatri (Power-Granting Nature):

The ninth day of Navratri, which is the final day, is dedicated to the goddess Siddhidatri. She is represented as a four-armed deity sitting on a lotus and is the embodiment of perfection.

Significant Color:

The color associated with the ninth day of Navratri is Beige. Siddhidatri is the goddess with power granting nature and is regarded as the giver of spiritual supremacies.

Like the blessing and power-granting nature of goddess Siddhidatri that empowers people during difficult times, the Critical Illness Insurance plans too come as a blessing for policyholders. The insurance empowers them to fight against critical illnesses by granting them financial protection. The diagnosis of a severe illness makes people emotionally and financially vulnerable. However, the plans covering critical illness grant them hope to focus on recovery rather than worrying about financial burdens.

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To Sum Up

The nine special days of Navratri signify a special occasion to pray, celebrate, and reflect on yourself. Along with celebrating and spreading happiness, this time also indicates the importance of planning and making important decisions regarding your well-being and the well-being of your family.

Insurance in its various forms is a way of securing lives against different odds and challenges thrown by life. Hence, this Navratri season, let’s ponder upon the welfare of our near and dear ones and ensure the support of health insurance to make life easy and comfortable.
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