Preventive Health Checkup 80d Deduction, Proof and Tax Benefits


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Updated on Nov 15, 2022

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Preventive Health Checkup 80d Proof, Deduction, and Income Tax Benefits

As the saying goes, Health is wealth, and to maintain good health you need to give it utmost priority. Hence it confirms the importance of getting regular preventive health check-ups. Rather than waiting for a disease to strike you, it is always better to keep a check on your health. This way, the disease can be diagnosed sooner, and you don’t have to spend thousands of rupees in curing it.

Apart from the health benefits, preventive health check-ups benefit you in terms of tax deductions as well.  You can use the preventive health checkup 80 D proof to get concession on the income tax you pay.

In this article, we are discussing the various advantages of getting preventive health check-ups as well as will talk about the benefits in terms of tax deductions that you can enjoy by means of regular check-ups.

Now, the first question that might come to your mind here is – Do you really need a preventive health check-up? Let us find the answer to this very important question.

Why Are Preventive Health Check-ups Needed?

Like servicing is essential for smooth running of most machinery, our body, which is also like an intense machine that works efficiently and helps us keep going, requires preventive check-ups. So, our health deserves regular check-ups. However, we tend to avoid preventive check-ups and ignore our body most of the time.

In many cases people are seen rushing to the doctor with a sudden feeling of pain or uneasiness in their body. The doctor prescribes medicine and tests to them. Once they take the medicine and relieve their discomfort, people tend to forget about the tests required to be performed. This is generally the case with most of us. And then one fine day, the body hits hard on us by giving up proper functioning and causing you immense hospital expenses.

Thus, to avoid such situations it is necessary to get regular check-ups, and insurance is a sure shot way of getting health check-ups without worrying much about your finances. So, getting a mediclaim policy that offers enough security against critical diseases as well as covers your preventive health check-ups is important so that you can mitigate the sudden medical shocks.

Yes, you can reduce your health challenges by pursuing Preventive health check-ups, but it must be done regularly on standard intervals like annual, biannual, and so on. Besides, you are also getting benefits of tax by means of preventive health check-up 80D proof.

Now, let us discuss another important question, which is, whether you can get Tax Deductions on preventive health check-ups or not.

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Am I Eligible for Tax Deductions on Preventive Health Check-up Costs?

Yes, of course. Preventive health check-up does have a role to play in your income tax returns and tax deductions, and it was implemented by law in the year 2013-14.

Below are rules for claiming preventive health checkup deduction on income tax:

  • Expense on preventive health check-up can be incurred during a specific financial year.
  • If you get your own health check-up done, or of your partner/spouse, your dependent children, or your parents, then only you can enjoy tax deduction by means of preventive check-up.
  • Tax benefits on preventive health check-up can be received generally in terms of money. The deduction amount you are entitled to receive can be money spent during the fiscal year on preventive check-ups or 5000 rupees, (whichever is less, but not beyond Rs. 5000). Further, you must note that this amount of 5,000 rupees is included within the general mediclaim insurance premium limit of Rs. 25,000.
  • There is no extra deduction for senior citizens if they go through the preventive check-up.

Let us understand the calculation of the deduction by means of an example in different situations of a Mediclaim insurance premium:

Case 1:

Premium paid – Rs. 15,000

Cost of preventive health check-up – Rs. 10,000

So, tax deduction under Section 80D would be – Rs. 15,000 + Rs. 5,000 = Rs. 20,000

Case 2:

  • Premium paid: Rs. 20,000
  • Cost of preventive health check-up – Rs. 7,000
  • So, tax deduction under Section 80D – Rs. 20,000 + Rs. 5,000 = Rs. 25,000

Case 3:

  • Premium paid: Rs. 24,000
  • Cost of preventive heath check-up – Rs. 2,000
  • So, tax deduction under Section 80D – Rs. 24,000 + Rs. 1,000 = Rs. 25,000

Case 4:

  • Premium paid: Rs. Nil
  • Cost of preventive health check-up – Rs. 10,000
  • So, tax deduction under Section 80D – Rs. Nil + Rs. 5,000 = Rs. 5,000

As mentioned above, irrespective of the preventive health check-up expense, the tax deduction cannot go beyond the overall tax deduction limit, which is 25,000 rupees. Further, this deduction can be claimed even if you don’t have a mediclaim policy.

Few Other Points to Take Note of in Regard to Preventive Health Check up:

  • Nothing has been specified by law about the kinds of medical tests that qualify under preventive check-ups. Thus, we can presume that any general cost incurred in preventive check-up should be eligible for deduction.
  • Another good thing about preventive check-up deductions is that you don’t need to submit any receipt about the same to the department of income tax. However, it is advisable to keep receipts of costs done in your tax file as proof which might be required later.
  • You must also note that the preventive health check deduction can be claimed on an individual basis. If two individuals in the same family are working they can claim for tax deduction under Section 80D separately, thereby reducing their individual tax liability.

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We all know that there has been a huge rise in lifestyle disorders lately. Moreover, irrespective of age, lifestyle diseases are engulfing one and all. So, it is better to get preventive health check-ups regularly to avoid unwanted ailments and diseases in life. Further, the tax benefits on preventive health check up 80D also serves as an added advantage that has been introduced by the Indian government to support health needs of people.

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Mar 01, 2022
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