Restoration and Refill Benefit in Health Insurance Policy


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Updated on Jul 13, 2022

All you wanted to know about restoration and refill benefit in health insurance

You must know about restoration and refill benefit in health insurance because when you are trying to buy a health insurance policy it is important to know about restoration and refill benefits in health insurance.

These days health insurers are offering a wide array of plans such as Health Companion and Reassure. They are created in such a way that you can safeguard every member of your family with the same. They can secure your family from a wide range of medical issues that may crop up from time to time.

The most important benefit that you get from restoration benefits in health insurance is the restoration of your health insurance coverage. This implies that you can use the sum assured in a year while you still get its benefit throughout an insurance year.

However, before you select any of the two plans it is important to know the different features that both these plans provide. It is very important to understand what health insurance coverage restoration implies, and how it is different from renewing your current health insurance plan.

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What is restoration benefit in the context of health insurance?

The restoration benefit comes into play when you have exhausted the sum insured in your policy because of a claim. With this benefit, you can restore it to its fullest level. This benefit is provided to both families and individuals as part of health plans meant for such consumers. It can also be provided as an add-on cover of the policy you already have and can help you in case you are hospitalized for the second time in an insurance year.

So, as you can see for yourself, the refill benefit is an important part of health insurance plans. You can think of it as a backup option when you are in financial strife.         

Restoration and reassure cover in health insurance

The reassure health plans are another kind of health insurance that makes sure that you have more than sufficient medical coverage. So, you can consider it as a viable contender for the title of best health insurance. In these plans, you can get a maximum sum assured of one crore rupees. These plans also have provisions for benefits such as booster benefits. This lets you double your sum assured amount if you have not made any claim for the past couple of years.

The reassure plans provide you with huge deductions in case there is any medical emergency. It virtually covers all of them. These plans also offer you a massive increase in the sum that you are guaranteed by such a policy. This is so important for making sure that your – and your family’s – health is properly secured. No wonder, these policies are considered by many as the best health insurance in India. Since the sum assured amounts in these plans are almost limitless, the insurers start the reinstatements almost after they have settled the first claim with you. Thus, you can easily use these policies to cover all injuries and diseases more than once in an insurance year.

What is the restoration benefit of health insurance?

If you have chosen the family floater plan it would be an exceptional option for you to choose the restoration benefit. This is because the family floater plans cover all the members of the family who are insured by the policy. If you are looking to buy an individual health plan, having the restoration bonus for greater coverage would let you cover any injury or disease that you have right now. You would be able to do it on several occasions in a year.

The different types of restoration benefits in health insurance 

We can safely assume that you already know what restoration of cover in health insurance is. Now it is time for you to understand the variations of the same. Well, those benefits can be divided into two kinds – partial exhaustion and complete exhaustion. The benefit of complete exhaustion normally comes into play when you have exhausted the entire sum that has been allocated to you as part of your sum assured amount. In most health insurance plans you get this benefit when the total sum assured amount has been depleted.

In the option of partial exhaustion, the coverage comes into play if a part of the money has been exhausted. This particular form of refill benefit in health insurance should be the first option that you go for and this is because it is a lot more beneficial.

The benefits of buying policies with such coverage restoration

So, now you know what a refill benefit in health insurance is and that it is immensely beneficial and valuable.

Let us now talk about some advantages of buying health insurance policies with these benefits.

First of all, with this benefit you get an extra sum assured in your policy in the same insurance year.

When it comes to healthcare insurance which built-in benefits, you get a lot more coverage for a lot less money.

Having this particular benefit in your health plan makes sure that you are always ready for all medical crises. It also assures that you would never fall behind when it comes to a health insurance claim.

Restoration coverage, in terms of family floater plans, ensures that all family members have appropriate health insurance, and you don’t have to worry about it.


The biggest benefit that you get from the group health plans is the restoration of coverage. This ensures that your family is never without protection in the event of an unexpected accident.

Mar 31, 2022
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