Some Tips Every Women Should Know to Stay Fit and Healthy


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Women have been credited with many powerful maxims. A woman, they say, is a force of nature. She has the strength to face difficult times and the serenity to accept adverse ones. She can single-handedly manage her career and her home. She juggles the role of a mother, wife, housekeeper, cook and what not and yet, when it comes to health, she becomes ignorant. She devotes all her time in taking care of others but when it comes to her, she runs out of time. Women have neglected their health and that is why many of them suffer from ailments, weakness and diseases. Are you one among such women?

As a woman, you should take care of your health religiously as you are prone to various illnesses and diseases. Your health bears the brunt of your career and family and, so, it requires care and upkeep. Do you know what you should do to take care of your health?

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Here are top health tips for women to stay fit and healthy naturally:

  • Take a balanced diet

How many times do you notice the food you eat yourself? Most of you plan your meal around your family’s tastes without considering whether the meal provides the required nutrition for your body or not. If you are a working woman your meals consist of take-outs from the canteen or junk food. These habits spell doom for your health and you end up putting on weight or developing ailments like diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. Stop these habits immediately. Consume a balanced diet at regular time periods. Don’t ignore your meals simply because other chores demand your attention. Your eating habit is the major contributor to your health. Improve it to improve your health.

  • Exercise regularly

Yes, it is true that your household chores or your job demands excessive hours. But, you should make some time out from your busy schedule to exercise. Exercising keeps your body fit and flexible. It fights against various ailments and makes your strong. For those of you who are conscious of your weight, exercising helps you get rid of excessive fat. So, take some time out either in the morning or evening and devote it to exercise.

  • Invest in a health insurance plan

Though you might keep yourself physically fit, accidents and illnesses are sudden and unexpected. In case of a medical emergency you and your family face huge financial costs which are unbearable. To bear these expensive costs, a health insurance plan is a must. The plan provides coverage for various medical expenses and spares you the financial trouble an ailment brings. Don’t think that you are safe from medical complications. Invest in a health plan and protect your finances even from the remotest possibility of an ailment or accident.

  • Buy a critical illness health plan too

Though a health insurance plan provides coverage for critical illnesses too, the coverage might not be sufficient. Critical illnesses are severe conditions which cost huge amounts of money. Women are highly prone to critical illnesses like breast cancer, ovarian or uterine cancer, burns, etc. A critical illness plan, therefore, makes a lot of sense for them. So, if you want to be financially secured even in the face of a critical illness, choose a critical illness plan for yourself. You would be thankful of the lump sum payment you receive if you are diagnosed with a major illness. You can use the money for getting specialized treatments or for taking care of your family’s financial needs.

Being a woman is a matter of pride. You are bestowed with strength and beauty and you can take on the world. But your health deserves special care too. Only if you are healthy you can prosper in your career or in your home. So, don’t ignore your health. Be careful of the food you eat, take up regular exercising and protect your finances by investing in a health insurance plan and a critical illness one.

Choose wisely!

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Mar 17, 2021
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