Suffering from Epilepsy: Know Epilepsy Meaning, Symptoms, Treatment, and Insurance Coverage


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Are you or someone you know suffering from epilepsy? Know is epilepsy covered under health insurance, and other facts, treatment, and insurance coverage for epilepsy.

Being diagnosed with epilepsy is one of the heart-breaking things that can happen to anyone. Patients with epilepsy are always on a life risk as compared to other people who do not have this disease. If you are one of them then it is time you must take a health insurance policy that can be of help to you. Although epilepsy is one of the diseases that is not covered by insurance companies, you can still make the most out of it. Want to know how? Well before we discuss it, let us talk about the disease a bit.

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What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is basically a neurological condition in which the cell activity in the brain does not work the way it should. This is why a patient with epilepsy can often get seizures. And when they get seizures, their body may start shivering unnaturally and they may end up unconscious. However, you need to know that the symptoms in epilepsy patients may vary.  In the majority of cases, epilepsy patients are treated with medication. Some, on the other hand, undergo dietary changes and even curative surgeries.

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What are the various types of epilepsy?

While there are many types of epilepsy, we are classifying them based on the seizure type.

  1. Generalized epilepsy: In generalized epilepsy, the brain of the patient is occupied with electrical impulses, which ultimately causes seizures.
  2. Partial epilepsy: This is also called localized or focal epilepsy. In this, a part of the brain gets occupied with electrical impulses, and the ultimate result is epilepsy.

What are the symptoms of epilepsy?

The epilepsy symptoms are not the same in everyone. Here are some of the common symptoms:

  1. High fever
  2. Fear and anxiety
  3. Short-term confusion
  4. Loss of consciousness
  5. Jerk movement of arms and legs
  6. Non-stop seizures
  7. Seizures lasting more than 5min

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What are the causes of epilepsy?

There can be many reasons why someone developed epilepsy. It could be an infection, a trauma, an injury, etc. Here are some of the most common epilepsy causes that we are mentioning:

  1. Infectious diseases: There are certain infectious diseases like meningitis and encephalitis, which ultimately creates a blockage between the brain and blood. In this case, when toxins are released, there are chances that the patients may develop epilepsy.
  2. Trauma: This disease may also be caused because of a physical injury to the brain or the skull. In fact, some people who get a stroke also sometimes develop epilepsy.
  3. Abnormal immune system: In some people, autoantibodies are present against voltage-gated potassium channels. This may result in epilepsy.
  4. Abnormal brain structure: Limited or excess neurons in some areas of the brain, abnormal neuronal can result in epilepsy in some people.
  5. Genital factors: In many cases, genetic mutations can also be the cause of epilepsy.

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How is epilepsy diagnosed?

The symptoms of epilepsy are quite similar to many other conditions. This is why in some cases, it becomes a bit tough for even medical practitioners to diagnose it. So, when you visit a doctor, you might be asked questions that are related to seizures. They will question you to assess your memory. This is the reason why you must tell your doctor if you cannot recall some of the things.

There are also some tests that one has to undergo, and they are mentioned herein below:

  1. Electroencephalography (EEG): In an EEG test, sensors will be attached to your brain. If there is any abnormal electrical activity in the brain, the test will help in finding it.
  2. Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI): In an MRI scan, powerful magnets, and radio waves help in finding any damage in the brain tissue or tumor.
  3. Magneto Encephalography (MEG): This test does exactly what EEG does. The magnetic fields that develop in this test help find abnormal electrical activity.
  4. Brain Scan: To find if there is any growth of a tumor in your brain, you might have to undergo a brain scan. Even in case of internal damage, a brain scan can detect it.

What are the treatments for epilepsy?

If you are diagnosed with epilepsy, you would be required to undergo a thorough treatment. Here are some of the epilepsy treatments mentioned below:

  • Anti-Epileptic Drugs
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Control of seizures with a small electrical device
  • Surgery to remove the brain tissue that causes the seizures
  • The Ketogenic diet to control seizures

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Is there any health insurance policy for epilepsy patients in India?

You are not likely to get a health insurance policy that will provide coverage for epilepsy. However, you can opt for a medical insurance policy that covers psychological disorders and genetic health problems.

The diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy can be a bit on the expensive side. Therefore, if you can get anything out of the health insurance policy that you have, you must avail of it.

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FAQs on What is Epilepsy: Know Causes, Treatment, & Insurance Coverage

Is epilepsy considered a pre-existing condition in health insurance?

Yes, epilepsy is considered a pre-existing condition in health insurance. A pre-existing health issue is one that was diagnosed in the policyholder before the health insurance plan was bought.


Is epilepsy curable?

No epilepsy is not curable but can be controlled with the help of the right medication and treatment.

Do health insurance policies cover epilepsy treatment?

No, health insurance policies do not cover treatment for epilepsy. However, you can get a health insurance policy that covers genetic issues.

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