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Government insurance companies and their policies are always in high demand because of their attractive features. Let us know about the top government companies and their plans in this post.

When it comes to any government scheme including health insurance plans, they are considered to be better and more reliable as compared to private policies. Also, governments of different countries across the globe work continuously to provide the best health facilities to its citizens.  They adopt various means to educate people about health issues and ensure to promote good medical facilities and health insurance to the citizens. The Indian Government has also been active with various actions and initiatives time and again to enhance the healthcare facilities offered to their citizens. Along with other initiatives, they also avail citizens with reliable and cost-effective health insurance policies so that every citizen can make their best use.   Let us read more about some of the best health insurance in India in this post.

What do you mean by a Government Health Insurance Scheme?

Any health insurance policy that is introduced and initiated by the state or central government is called a Government Health Insurance Scheme. These government schemes are designed to provide sufficient health coverage at a low price and on a yearly basis.

What are the Differences between Regular Health Insurance Schemes and Government Health Insurance Schemes?

Features  Regular Health Insurance Government Health Insurance
Who is eligible? Available to everyone across society  Mostly available for economically unprivileged groups
What is the sum assured? Depending on the policy might go up to 5 Crores or more Up to INR 5 lakh approx.
What is the Premium to be paid?  Depends on the insurance plan INR 100 approx. or maybe fully paid by the government (as per the plan)
Coverage offered  Has a broader coverage Has narrow coverage 
Is a private hospital room Available? Available (as per the plan) May not be available (depends on plan)
How to purchase a policy? Can be bought instantly online The purchase may be time-consuming
Availability of network hospitals Wide network of private hospitals  Include large numbers of both private and public hospitals
Are maternity benefits available?  Mostly available (depends on plan) Mostly not available
Are ambulance charges covered? Covered under most plans Covered under fewer plans
Does it cover domiciliary hospitalization? Available  Not available 
Is online renewal available? Online renewal is possible  Online renewal may not be possible 
Cumulative bonus availability Available (as per the terms)  Not available 
Health check-up Covered under some plans Not covered 
Monthly premium installment facility Available  Not available 
Tax benefits Available  Not available 

Top 3 Government Insurance Companies & Their Health Insurance Policies

The threat of serious diseases has grown manifold. Thus, there is an ardent need for everyone to have the best health insurance coverage. Over the years, the overall health consciousness among people in the country has seen positive changes. Hence, health insurance policies have become popular among everyone today. Further, several governmental initiatives have improved the situation all the more.

Below are the top three public insurers in India along with their health insurance plans and varied features. You can evaluate these policies for your better understanding before buying a plan:

1. New India Assurance Health Insurance

Established in the year 1919 by Sir Dorabji Tata, this is a wholly owned Indian Government subsidiary company. This is a global company with branches over 28 countries across globe and holds the leading position in India in the general insurance segment. The insurer has a strong presence in the domestic as well as global sphere. In India, it operates through its 2452 offices at present. The company offers a variety of insurance policies and functions with effective technology and management structure. This is the single insurer in India who is regarded as a direct insurer.

Benefits of availing New India Assurance health insurance policies:

  • The insurer presents comprehensive family health insurance plans that include coverage for the insured, his/her spouse as well as two kids who are your dependent
  • New India Assurance  presents best coverage for cancer with their New India cancer Guard Policy
  • With New India Global Mediclaim Policy, the insurer offers global coverage to its worldwide customers

Key Features of New India Assurance Company

  • 1200+ Cashless Network Hospitals
  • 103.19 % – Incurred Claim Ratio
  • 4 years Waiting period (for pre-existing diseases)
  • Lifelong Renewability

Top Health Insurance Policies From New India Assurance

Below are some cost-effective health insurance plans offered by the company:

  • Senior Citizens Mediclaim Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy
  • New India Top Up Mediclaim Policy
  • Mediclaim 2007 Plan
  • Janata Mediclaim Policy
  • New India Floater Mediclaim Policy
  • New India Asha Kiran Policy
  • Personal Accident Policy
  • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana Policy
  • Mediclaim 2012 Policy
  • Family Floater Mediclaim Policy

2. National Health Insurance Company

This is a wholly owned Government Insurance Company in India. The insurer is offering policies and serving customers for over a century now with varied insurance plans. With 103.19% of incurred claim ratio for FY 2018-19, National Health Insurance Company presents a plethora of health insurance features in their unique plans which cater to the needs of their customers.

Benefits of Plans by National health Insurance Company:

  • They allow coverage for treatment cost in most policies for one month prior to hospitalization and two months after the treatment
  • Some health policies offer free check-up of health on completion of four claim-free years. Under these policies, the policyholder gets benefit of one percent of their sum insured
  • The Parivar Mediclaim Policy of National health Insurance allow coverage for over six members of a single family under the policy

Key Features/Highlights of National health Insurance

  • 6000+ Network Hospitals in total
  • 115.55 % of Incurred Claim Ratio
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • 4 years Waiting Period for pre-existing diseases

List of National Health Insurance plans: 

  • National Insurance Mediclaim Plus Policy
  • National Critical Illness Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday Policy
  • National Varishtha Mediclaim Policy for Senior Citizens
  • National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Policy
  • National Insurance Mediclaim Policy
  • National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Plus Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Policy
  • National Individual Personal Accident Policy

3. Oriental Health Insurance

Oriental Health Insurance was founded on September 12, 1947 as a subsidiary company of Indian Government. This Government Insurance Company has been actively providing coverage to grand steel and power projects, petrochemical projects and so on. The company also offers several good insurance deals to people across cities and rural areas in India. With widespread presence across India, Oriental Insurance company functions through 31 regional and 1800+ offices operating across the country.

Benefits of buying plans by Oriental health Insurance plan:

  • The insurer offers individual as well as family floater plans
  • Oriental Insurance health plans are easily customizable as per needs of the policyholder
  • Oriental health Insurance customers do not need to undergo medical tests for buying policy if they are within 60 years of age
  • The insurer offer health plans that cover up to 7 family members
  • Most policies of Oriental health Insurance company offer lifelong renewal
  • These policies allow people to stay away from worries of unforeseen health conditions

Key Features/Highlights of Oriental Health Insurance:

  • 4300+ Network Hospitals
  • 113.86 % Incurred Claim Ratio
  • Lifelong Renewability
  • 4 years Waiting Period (for pre-existing diseases)

List of Oriental Health Insurance plans: 

  • Oriental Happy Family Floater Plan
  • Jan Arogya Plan
  • Oriental Bank Mediclaim Plan
  • Health of Privileged Elders (HOPE) Plan
  • Oriental Group Mediclaim Plan
  • Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana Plan
  • PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim Plan
  • Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Plan
  • Oriental Individual Mediclaim Plan

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To Sum Up

These government health insurance policies are offered to enhance healthcare of citizens and to safeguard people against monetary crisis at the time of health emergencies. Any Indian citizen can avail these public health insurance policies offered by reputed government insurers.

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FAQs: Top Government Health Insurance Companies in India

Why are government health insurance plans introduced?

The public health insurance schemes are introduced by the government for the welfare of the common public. These schemes help people to avail of health insurance coverage at a minimal cost.

What are the eligibility criteria for buying public health insurance schemes?

The eligibility criteria are generally different for different plans. They generally depend on a particular plan. Policyholders may check the criteria and other important aspects of specific plans before purchasing the policy.

What are the exclusions of government health insurance plans?

Most government health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgeries and many other procedures. Hence, it is important to compare plans and read the documents to know all the exclusions.

Are all health insurance schemes initiated by the central government?

No, both the central and state governments introduce health plans for the general people.

Can government health schemes be purchased online in India?

Although not every government health scheme is available online, there are some health policies offered by the government, which can be availed online.

Do government health insurance schemes have the same sum insured?

No, all government health plans do not have a similar or fixed sum insured. The sum assured varies from policy to policy. Most government health plans are available at low premiums.

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