What is Earn and Burn Health Insurance Benefit of Care Policy


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Care Health Insurance Policy Earn and Burn Benefit

A healthy youth paves the way for a healthier tomorrow. This is the motto followed by several people aged 20-40 years today. And when you can earn reward points for staying healthy, even better, right? Read more to know about the exclusive reward program of Care Health Insurance to encourage youngsters to stay fit.

If there’s one thing that the COVID pandemic has taught us it is not to take our health for granted anymore. Also, death is unpredictable and can come to anyone at any age. We cannot control the arrival of death but we can definitely intend to stay fit and healthy as we live along. This is why in the post-pandemic era, a number of young people in India between the age group of 25-45 years have been found to focus more intently on their health status.

And, to encourage the youth towards this healthy practice, Care Health Insurance has come up with an exclusive rewards program that allows fitness enthusiasts to earn reward points as they burn their calories! The program is therefore aptly titled, ‘Earn and Burn’. Let’s learn more about this health insurance benefit being offered by Care Health in detail.

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What is the Earn and Burn Health Insurance Benefit of Care Policy?

As the name rightly suggests, this is an exclusive reward program launched and operated by Care Health Insurance, with the sole intention to encourage more youngsters in the country to set and achieve health and fitness goals.

Under this program, the person covered under Care Health Insurance Policy is entitled to earn reward points for each step they take towards achieving good health. These may include step count in a day or getting regular health checkups done or maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). These are simple but crucial measures that everyone should take (right from their youth) to ensure that they have a healthier future as they grow older.

Keeping this in mind, Care Health rewards anyone who takes a step in this direction through the Earn and Burn program. Let’s look at the top advantages of this insurance benefit in the following section.

Benefits of Care Health Insurance ‘Earn and Burn’ Wellness Rewards Program

Here are some of the top reasons why you would want to enroll in this program:

  1. Offers incentive to shed extra pounds: It’s often fairly easier to put on those few extra kilos but when it comes to losing weight, most of us lack enough motivation to begin the weight-loss journey. The Earn and Burn program from Care offers you just that – the exact boost or push that you need to enroll yourself in a weight-management program guided by expert trainers. And what is in there for you? Reward points! Yes, Care Health would gift you reward points not only for attaining your targeted body weight but also for joining the program at first. And there’s more! Once you have achieved a healthy BMI and have an inspiring fitness story to share, you get to earn an additional 50 points as bonus under your health insurance policy!
  2. Boost to Get Outdoors and Work Out: Getting and staying fit is not just about indoor workout regimes followed at gyms and fitness centers. It’s also about the conventional going out on long walks, taking a jog, running, and cycling – all of which we used to enjoy  as a child but let go of growing older. Care Health insurance company helps you come back to that routine by giving wellness reward points as well as a successful completion certificate upon participation in outdoor health and wellness activities, such as walkathons, marathons, cyclotrons, and the like.
  3. Lets you check for any chronic health conditions: A large number of youth in the country are being diagnosed with chronic health conditions, most of which are pre-existing ailments and they aren’t even aware of. This is why the Earn and Burn program encourages youngsters to go for regular health check-ups and get tested for any chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, or cardiovascular diseases. The Youth Health Insurance Policy by Care offers a Chronic Condition Management Program to help young people keep a check on their health while earning reward points for body tests as well. Also, in case you are completely free of diseases at the moment, which is great, you can still avail this reward benefit by opting for the 10-week mental wellness program by Care, titled De-Stress and Mind-Body Healing Program.
  4. Pushes you to achieve the desired step count in a day: A recent trend among most youngsters is to keep count of their daily steps and achieve a set target because the more steps that you walk in a day, the healthier you stay. The Earn and Burn program gives you a total of 200 reward points if you hit your daily step target. These points can be comfortably earned through the mobile app of Care Health Insurance, as you track your steps online.
  5. Helps you take the first step to good health: When you decide to get on the fitness wagon, the first move is to join a health or fitness center near you and start guided training under experts. This is where Care Health Policy comes as a savior. If you decide to enroll for an annual membership to a health and wellness club, such as gym, aerobics, swimming classes, Zumba sessions, and the like, the Earn and Burn program would reward you with 100 points.

To Conclude

With so many benefits under the Earn and Burn rewards program of Care Health Insurance, it only makes sense to avail of this exclusive opportunity at the earliest. You can call Care Health Insurance customer care number and check for policy details of the company to enroll for this program. Besides, you can also get hold of Care Health Insurance cashless hospital list on the company’s web portal that allows you access to its network of hospitals.

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Aug 22, 2022
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