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When is World Heart Day Celebrated?

To fight against cardiovascular diseases and to raise awareness about them, we celebrate World Heart Day every year on 29 September. Let’s discuss its history and significance.

Since a healthy heart is the gateway to a healthy life, it is important to ensure the health of your heart. With the growing number of heart patients worldwide, it has become a cause of concern of late. As per reports, millions of people die of heart diseases every year, which is an alarming scenario. Thus, to create awareness against heart diseases and to prevent heart diseases by giving it a tough fight, the World Heart Day is celebrated on the 29th of September each year.

World Heart Day 2023 Theme

This year, the organizers have captured a beautiful World Heart Day 2023 theme – “Use Heart for Every Heart“.

The day is observed by organizing events globally to make people aware about the warning signs of heart diseases so that people can take steps accordingly to avoid the disease. Further, World Heart Day also supports the ones suffering with the ailment and helps them in different ways.

If you are interested in joining hands to raise awareness further, you can get in touch with the organizers of a World Heart Day event close to you.

History of World Heart Day

The key aim of observing World Heart Day on 29th September is to increase awareness about the heart disease and its symptoms so that it can be controlled to reduce its impact worldwide. The day was introduced by the World Heart Federation in association with the World Health Organization.

The idea of celebrating World Heart Day was visualized by Antoni Bayés de Luna, who was World Heart Federation’s president the at the time of initiating the idea.

Heart ailments are among the common grounds of death worldwide with stroke and coronary heart diseases being the most risky causes. There is a misconception about CVD or cardio-vascular diseases that it impacts people who follow a sedentary lifestyle and is prevalent among developed nations. But the fact is, more deaths are taking place in developing nations due to such diseases in comparison to the developed ones. Poor diet, smoking and no exercise are some of the common causes that lead to coronary heart diseases.

So, to enhance and promote alertness, as many as 90 nations globally observe World Heart Day every year by organizing numerous events. These events serve as effective ways to spread awareness about CVD. Moreover, there is a huge involvement of numerous government and non-government associations of nations where the disease is affecting people largely and taking numerous lives every year.

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Events of the World Heart Day

There are numerous events at the international level sponsored by World Heart Federation. The federation also considers a theme for each year to celebrate the occasion. They disseminate information and hold discussions on various heart ailments at different levels and varied platforms.  Some of them like posters, podcasts and forums are quite popular. The day is also marked by providing free fitness check-ups, fund-raisers and much more. All such events encourage people to stay active and be aware of their health.

Here are some facts about the human Heart and related topics that might interest you:

  • Our heart beats 115,000 times per day
  • The heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood each day
  • The first open heart surgery was done in the year 1893
  • The earliest case of heart disease was identified in a 3500 years old Egyptian Mummy
  • The human heart weighs 1 pound
  • The heart of the blue whale, largest animal in the world, weighs 1500 pounds
  • The heart pumps 1.5 gallons of  blood every minute

How to contribute to the observance of the event on World Heart Day?

Here’s how one can contribute towards Happy World Heart Day celebrations:

  • By undergoing health check-up at a centre near you on the designated day
  • By managing your weight and keeping BMI or body mass index under control
  • By trying to stay active through different physical activities
  • By attending several seminars etc. to learn about different things like CPR, which you can use to help a life
  • By attending fitness lectures and lessons of healthy living

Few Facts about Heart ailments

  • Smoking, High BP and high level of cholesterol are the primary risk factors for heart diseases
  • Every year people spend billions worldwide on heart care, medication etc
  • Consumption of excess sodium has put many people, including children on risk of high blood pressure
  • Taking the early warning signs seriously is important to avoid an extreme situation

Importance of World Heart Day

  • World Heart Day is important because it concerns your heart. So you need to question yourself what all things you can do to keep your heart happy and healthy and act accordingly
  • The day is also important because it highlights several significant events celebrated worldwide to observe the event
  • The importance of the day is also there because it persuade people on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • It focuses on healthy living and to give CVD a tough fight to live long and healthy

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Now you know when is world heart day celebrated and that it aims to inform people about key heart diseases which cause death.  It also highlights the precautions that can be taken by people to prevent and control the ailments. If you want to stay fit and keep your heart healthy, it is important to exercise, maintain a good lifestyle and avoid habits like drinking and smoking. So, this World Heart Day 2023, promise yourself to stay active and keep your heart in good shape.

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