World Patient Safety Day 2023 Theme, History, Significance and Important Facts


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When is World Patient Safety Day Celebrated?

World Patient Safety Day is celebrated every year on 17th September to create awareness towards safety of patients globally. Let’s learn more about this event in this post.

Among the various prominent days celebrated globally, World Patient Safety Day is one such occasion that encourages global intervention towards patient safety. The event is observed to inspire nations across the globe to give patient safety high priority in the public health system.  With ‘Medication Safety’ as the World Patient Safety Day Theme in 2023, the occasion this year emphasizes on the dangers of medication errors and the related harm.

So, let’s discuss the significance of the event further. If you go by the definition, patient safety means avoiding all negative practices and errors which might cause a patient his/her life. There are many such avoidable practices within the system of healthcare which make the patient suffer.

Despite the enormous progress in the health care system across the globe, there are technologies and treatments that have made the system rather complex. This along with many other errors in the medical field led to jeopardizing the health of patients.

How and When did World Patient Safety Day start?

History of the World Patient Safety Day

As already discussed, Patient Safety Day emphasizes on limiting the risks and preventable errors that cause suffering of patients globally.  World Patient Safety Day is one of the many international health drives supported by the WHO or World Health Organization.

The growing complexity that surrounds the safety of patients issue in the healthcare system gave rise to the subject of Patient Safety Day. Further, there was a surge in the number of cases globally where patients were harmed due to sheer negligence of medical treatment leading to their death.

As per studies, many of the under-developed and developing nations have millions of cases where patient harm is recorded after getting medical care.  This resulted in millions of fatalities on a yearly basis. In fact, as many as 2.6 million fatalities were recorded per year because of medical errors across these nations.

How did World Patient Safety Day Originate?

In the year 2019, World Health Assembly initiated the resolution that emphasized on patient safety at the international level and thus led to the formation of World Patient Safety Day.  Many international agencies strongly advocated for the subject and vouched on the commitment as well.

These organizations emphasized that the healthcare centers can be improved for better by adopting safety practices while offering medical care.  Some of the measures include offering patients with the records of their treatment history among others.

How to Observe World Patient Safety Day On September 17, 2023?

  • By attending an event  – There are many events organized by healthcare providers, policymakers and other organizations that emphasize the significance of patient safety. If you want to be a part of this program, you can attend such an event. Seminars and webinars along with other discussion were held at different levels which you can be a part of to gain knowledge and to contribute in spreading the awareness further.
  • By lighting up the area – To mark the event, cities across the globe illuminate their local monuments with orange light as a symbolic act to commemorate the role of workers in the healthcare sector.
  • Share information on social media – Another way to show support for patient safety day is done through sharing key updates on social media with the hashtag #WorldPatientSafetyDay.

Important Facts about Patient Safety

  • As per WHO reports, as many as one million fatalities takes place annually due to error in patient safety, especially during or after an operation
  • Unsafe medical care make over two million people suffer per year
  • One patient among 300 is harmed at the time of getting healthcare treatment
  • Safe care can lead to the prevention of newborn mortality as well as stillbirths. By using skilled and professional experts many medical errors can be restricted
  • Patient harm is a global issue, which is fatal as diseases like malaria or tuberculosis

Why is Patient Safety Day Important?

Patient safety is important for many different reasons. Some of the key importance of International Patient Safety Day 2023 are mentioned below:

  • Patient Safety Day supports in enhancing healthcare delivery 

World Patient Safety Day works as a platform that creates awareness among the public about the risks that can arise because of ignoring patient safety. The event aims at organizing programs on patients and community to raise  the topic of improving healthcare delivery.

  • World Patients Safety Day drives Administrations to Act

By observing International patient safety day, the organizers aim at inspiring respective administrations and governments globally to take proper action to make sure that patient safety is given primary attention. The event also emphasizes on implementing strategies on how to manage risks of patient health by improving on safety measures.

  • Patient Safety Day promotes teamwork

Patient Safety Day encourages cooperation because it brings local and international administrations together to organize events to mark the day. Since these events are organized in collaboration of various national and international associations it forms a teamwork and also helps in making the event a huge success.  These organizations work together for improving healthcare worldwide. Further, it imparts the significance of this day and that it shouldn’t be understated.

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To Conclude

Safety of the patients is a primary factor that needs consideration. It is important for everyone to contribute as much as possible in this direction. To ensure safety of patients and to help people suffering from medical emergencies, there are many good health insurance plans that can be bought so that unnecessary harassment of patients and family members can be limited.

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