World Senior Citizens Day: Giving the elderly better health care & comfort at home


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Every year 21st August is celebrated as World Senior Citizens Day to acknowledge the  role of elderly generation towards society. Let us learn about the significance of this day in this blog.

World Senior Citizens Day – Why We Celebrate the Day?

World Senior Citizen’s Day is an occasion observed to recognize the efforts made by senior citizens towards building the society. It is an occasion that aims to spread awareness about the age and disease related problems of the elderly. The day is also marked to find ways as to how the health and wellbeing of the elderly people in the society can be managed without disturbing their life.

Elderly people are more vulnerable in every society in terms of diseases, viruses and so on. Thus, like the children they too require attention and care. For instance, we have already seen through the time of the pandemic how the elderly were the most affected  of the lot. Hence, worldwide the elderly were advised against going out of their homes and were asked to keep indoors to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the virus.

On World Senior Citizens Day 2022, it is important to find ways to ensure the safety of the elderly generations of a country so that the comfort and welfare of our senior citizens can be monitored well.

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Key Concerns of Elderly Generations

Among the many problems faced by the elderly, especially in a country like India, one key issue is related to migration of children. It is seen that children migrate to other cities and locations in search of livelihood, leaving behind their old parents to fend for themselves during their old age.

In such situations, the old parents can either take refuse in the homes for the elderly or rely completely on house help.  In many instances, these helps are unreliable and do not understand the issues of the elderly well. Further, the fact that the people who were independent and productive for so long, suddenly became reliant on others for every task, is also quite sad.

Further, the children are also in a similar dilemma as they couldn’t get enough time to spend with their old parents to look after their health and needs. further, they are also unsure about their stay in old age homes as well.  This may not be the case in rural areas where people do not have such options. Similarly, affluent families also do not consider such choices due to the stigma associated with it.

So, in such situations how do the elderly be taken care of? Is there any other convenient and affordable way out in which the elder generations can get proper care without having to sacrifice on the homely environment.

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Elderly Care and Comfort at home

With the best technological advancements in the healthcare sector, it has become easy to supervise health issues of the senior citizens at home. So, the way out in terms of monitoring the health conditions of old people with ease at home serves as an alternative. This can be attained with the help of professional Home Healthcare services.

So, if the children are away due to work, these professionals can aid the elderly in the comfort of their home. Now, having health insurance for senior citizens can help in this regard to reduce the financial burden of the people who hire such services.

The home health care service providers are trained and skilled personnel who are equipped with basic skills and advanced procedures.  Thus, they can assist the old people in everyday activities like grooming, bathing, providing medicines and supporting them through proper nutritious meals on time as well as personal care etc., to keep their dignity intact.

They are also skilled at using complex medical equipment and machinery required to ensure the proper care of the old people. Moreover, these professionals make sure to interact and spend time with the elderly. They take them for walks and be their partner for other social activities, giving the elderly the company they need.

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World Senior Citizen Day in India

Like in other parts of the globe, World Senior Citizen Day in India is observed every year looking at ways to enhance the life and wellbeing of the old generation in the country.  The government has initiated many health insurance plans for senior citizens in India so that no one is deprived of the benefits of healthcare. The best part about the government health insurance for senior citizens is that they are cost-effective and are within easy reach of the common people. Further, there are many good schemes and plans of health insurance for senior citizens above 60 years offered by government and private insurers that serve beneficial for the elderly. 

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On World Senior Citizens Day, let us make it a point to give our elder generation the best of health and wellbeing. Give them the love and care they deserve and spend enough time (whenever possible) with them. Also, make sure to buy the best health insurance for senior citizens in India with features like domiciliary cover to give them better care and facilities at home.

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