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Updated on Sep 02, 2022

About Future Generali India General Insurance Company Limited

Future Generali was incorporated in 2007 as a joint venture between Future Group and Generali group both are which are game-changers in the retail and insurance business respectively. The company has been serving its customers by leveraging upon the global expertise of its holding companies, Future and Generali Group.

Future Generali India is among the largest private sector insurance companies providing commercial, retail, rural and personal insurance solutions to both corporate and individuals to help them manage the risk of financial loss. It offers a wide variety of insurance solutions which includes car insurance, two-wheeler insurance Health Insurance travel insurance Home Insurance Lifestyle insurance, commercial insurance and social & rural insurance.

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Key Highlights of the Future Generali India General Insurance Company

Future Generali is famous for its wide products with comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service. Let us take a look at some of the key highlights of the company:

Assets under management Rs. 5,300 crores
Number of policies sold 3.2 million policies sold across India
Number of clients and agents 3000 + corporate clients and 20,000+ individual agents
Number of branches 121 branches across India
Number of workshops 2500 + workshops across India

Awards and achievements of Future Generali Motor Insurance

Future Generali is a renowned name in India’s insurance industry. In its continuous endeavour to become the first choice of the customers when it comes to insurance, the company has received various awards and accolades for its contribution to the insurance sector. Some of its achievements are as follows:

  • Future Generali India General Insurance Company won the gold award in Asia Pacific Stevie Awards for innovation in surpassing customers’ expectations.
  • The company was recognised as ‘The Economic Times BestBrand 2020’on various parameters such as uniqueness, innovation, trustworthiness and engagement.
  • The company was the winner of the Economic Times Now Sales Champion Award in 2018.
  • Awarded as one of the companies with great managers in 2017 for higher management quotient.

Key Features of Future Generali Motor Insurance plan

Future Generali Motor insurance plans cover damages, third-party liability, roadside assistance, and personal accident cover amongst others. It offers comprehensive coverage with the benefit of customisation through add-ons by paying an extra premium. The coverage of the plan depends on the type of policy which you choose to buy. Coverage features of the Future Generali Motor insurance plan are as follows:

  1. Third-party liability: Third-party liability means all the legal claims of a third party in the event of an accident that causes damage to any third party in the form of death, physical injury or property damage.
  2. Natural Disasters: Future Generali Motor Insurance covers damages arising from natural disasters such as floods, landslides, etc and man-made disasters such as strikes, riots, etc.
  3. Man-made disasters: If your vehicle is damaged due to riots, strikes, fire or any other man-made disaster, the repair costs would be covered under the plan.
  4. Theft: Don’t worry if your vehicle is stolen or lost, Future Generali Motor Insurance would indemnify you against such loss. The company will pay a lump sum amount to buy a new vehicle in case of left.
    • In transit loss: Losses suffered in transporting your vehicle from one place to another are covered.
    • Personal accident cover: Personal accident covers paying a lump sum amount of upto 15 lakhs for permanent total disablement or accidental death suffered due to an accident by the owner or driver of the vehicle.

Exclusions under Future Generali Motor Insurance Plans

Future Generali Motor Insurance offers comprehensive coverage. However, there are certain events which are excluded from the coverage of the Future Generali Motor Insurance policy and are referred to as common exclusions. Some of the common exclusions are as follows:

  • Normal wear and tear and general ageing of the vehicle
  • Driving the vehicle without a valid driving licence
  • An accident that has taken place outside the geographical area of India
  • Damage or loss caused due to mutiny, war or nuclear risk
  • Consequential losses that are not a direct result of an accident
  • Damage arising due to driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns
  • Using the vehicle for a hazardous activity or other criminal acts
  • Damages or losses suffered when the policies in a lapsed state

Types of Future Generali Motor Insurance Plans

Future Generali India offers both car insurance and bike insurance plans. You can buy comprehensive motor insurance from Future Generali to look after you and your vehicle in a time of crisis and get the financial support that you may need. Future Generali motor insurance plans are tailored according to the insurance requirements of individuals.

A. Future Generali Car insurance: Future Generali car insurance offers comprehensive coverage with additional benefits to ensure that you get 360-degree coverage in case of any contingency. Future Generali car insurance protects against accidents, damages, mishaps and much more. The company offer three types of Future Generali car insurance policy to suit various insurance needs of its customers. It also offers a range of add-ons to enhance your motor insurance policy’s scope per your requirements.

Types of car insurance plans offered by Future Generali are as follows:

Type of Insurance Features
Standalone Third-party Car Insurance Plan Standalone third-party car insurance policy provides coverage from all the losses and damages arising to the third party due to an accident. It covers injury or damages caused to third-party bodies or property due to an accident in which your car was involved. Also, third-party liability cover is mandatory under Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.
Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance Plan: Standalone Own Damage car insurance covers any damage caused to your vehicle on account of an accident or theft. It covers the cost of the repair of your car. You can buy a standalone own-damage car insurance policy if you already have a valid third-party liability insurance plan.
Comprehensive Car Insurance plan: Comprehensive car insurance plan as its name suggests offers comprehensive coverage which includes third-party liability, own damages and theft, all in one plan.


B. Future Generali Two-wheeler Insurance: Future Generali bike insurance covers your bike for damages and you from financial losses. Future Generali bike insurance offers comprehensive coverage based on individual requirements. You can also customise your bike insurance policy with add-ons by paying an extra premium. Future Generali bike insurance covers loss or injury of the passenger/driver or damages caused to your vehicle due to accident, natural disaster or theft.

The company offers the following two-wheeler insurance policy:

Type of Insurance Features
Standalone Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance plan: Third-party liability compensates for damages against bodily injury, property or death to a third party. It is a basic plan and is mandatory as per Motor Vehicles Act. Only third-party two-wheeler insurance offers limited coverage of third-party damages and does not cover damages to the insured vehicle.
Standalone Own Damage Two-wheeler Insurance plan: Standalone own damages bike insurance provides protection to the insured bike against all the losses or damages incurred due to an accident or mishap. It also covers losses arising due to the theft of your bike. Standalone own damages two-wheeler does not cover third party liability and can be brought only if you already have a valid insurance plan which covers third party liabilities.
Comprehensive Two-wheeler Insurance plan: Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan provides coverage for both third-party liability and own damages. It is a comprehensive policy that provides all-round protection.


The process to buy Future Generali Motor insurance

You can buy Future Generali Motor Insurance through the website of PayBima. Paybima is a digital platform which offers an easy and quick process to select and buy a suitable motor insurance policy for your vehicle. Follow the steps to buying a Future Generali motor insurance policy through PayBima Website:

1. Visit the website:

Go online and visit the PayBima website and select motor insurance or you can simply click on www.paybima.com and select ‘Motor Insurance.’ Then choose the type of car insurance or motor insurance policy that you want to buy as Future Generali offers three types of motor insurance which include only third-party liability, standalone own damages and comprehensive insurance plan.

2. Provide a few details:

The next thing you need to do is provide a few details such as your vehicle registration number, year of manufacture and its make and model. Also provide personal details such as your name, contact number, location and type of policy. PayBima would offer a quote based on your requirements and details. PayBima also offers personalized assistance to guide you select a suitable motor insurance policy for your vehicle.

3. Compare the plans:

After filling in the details, Paybima will show a list of available motor insurance plans on the screen along with premium cost and coverage benefits. You will find the Future Generali motor insurance policy in the list along with its premium cost and coverage. You can easily compare Future Generali motor insurance policy with other leading insurance plans available in the market on the basis of premium cost and coverage benefits. Just selecting a policy with the lowest premium would not meet your objective to cover your vehicle. Buy a plan which offers comprehensive insurance coverage at an affordable premium.

4. Fill and submit the proposal form:

A proposal form is an online form which is submitted to the insurance company to issue the policy. Fill out and signed the proposal form with correct information about you and your vehicle. After filling out the proposal form, submit it to the insurance company along with soft copies of other relevant documents. The entire process is paperless.

5. Pay the premium:

The last step is the payment of the premium. Once all information is entered accurately, you just have to pay the premium online and your policy will be issued instantly.

You can also choose to buy a Future Generali motor insurance policy by visiting the branch office of the company.

The process to renew Future Generali Motor Insurance plan

Motor insurance plans have a fixed tenure after which the benefit in the plan ceases. You are required to renew your motor insurance policy within the due date to enjoy uninterrupted coverage. Future Generali also offers a grace period of 30 days in which you can renew your motor insurance policy failing which the coverage benefits of your plan will stop. Not only this, but you will also lose your accumulated no-claim bonus benefit. Hence, it is advisable to keep a reminder to renew your policy within the due date.

The process of renewal is similar to buying a new vehicle insurance plan. You can renew your policy through PayBima within minutes. PayBima provides a simple process to renew your policy through its website. Just visit the website of PayBima and fill in your vehicle insurance policy number. Once you fill in your policy number, Paybima will display the details of your existing plan. You can review the existing coverage in your motor car insurance policy before paying the renewal premium. You can also make changes to your plan by adding or removing add once at the time of renewal. The premium of the plan would be proportionally adjusted according to the changes made. Make sure to avail a claim bonus discount and then pay the premium amount. You will receive a message on your registered mobile number and your policy will be renewed instantly.

You can call us at 1800 267 6767 on drop a mail at paybima.care@mahindra.com for any assistance or help to renew your Future Generali motor insurance plan.

The process to make a claim of Future Generali Motor Insurance policy

Future Generali provides a swift, short and hassle-free claim settlement. You can file a claim with Future Generali Motor Insurance through the Paybima website. The steps are as follows:

1. Inform Future Generali: Begin by intimating the insurance company about your claim. You can call on the toll-free number and your policy number and your vehicle registration number to initiate a claim.

2. Locate the nearest workshop: You can get a cashless settlement of your claim if you repair your vehicle in a workshop with which the company has a tie-up. Future Generali has tie-up with 2500+ workshops across India. You can take your vehicle to the nearest network garage which you can locate on the company’s official website.

3. Damage Assessment: Future Generali India would send a surveyor to assess the extent of damage of the vehicle to initiate your claim. The surveyor would inspect your vehicle and submit a report to the company. The network garage would begin repairing after receiving a confirmation from the insurance company.

4. Claim Form: Next, you will have to fill up a claim form with your insurance policy number, and personal and vehicle details. You can download the claim form from the website of Future Generali or get it from the nearest branch office of the company. Then submit the claim form with other relevant documents.

5. Claim settlement: Once all the documents along with the claim form have been submitted, the company would approve your claim. Upon successful approval, you can collect your vehicle from the network garage and the insurance company will directly pay to the garage and settle your claim.

6. Claim Reimbursement: 

You can also avail reimbursement claim facility if you want to get your car repaired at a non-networked garage or if your cashless claim gets rejected. For reimbursement of claims, get your vehicle repaired and pay all the repair bills and then submit a claim form to the insurance company along with the original repair bills. Future Generali would verify your claim and credit the amount in your bank account.

Certain documents are required to be submitted for the successful settlement of the claim. These include:

  • Valid Driving Licence of the person driving the vehicle
  • Registration document of vehicle
  • Original policy documents
  • Bank account details for reimbursement claims
  • Original repairs bills
  • Police FIR and Inspection officer report in case of theft or robbery of vehicle

Review of Future Generali Motor Insurance plan:

Future Generali India General Insurance is well known for its hassle-free and quick claim settlement process and excellent customer service. Some highlights of motor insurance plans offered by Future Generali are:

  • The company has tied up with 2500 + network garages across India with assistance for accidents to help you avail cashless claims.
  • The company offers future Xpress and future Xpress+ processes with more personalised service and speedy claim settlement.
  • Future generally provides roadside assistance at your service 24×7.
  • The company offers various add-on covers with motor insurance plans to help you customise your insurance policy as per insurance requirements. Everything right from zero depreciation cover to inconvenience allowances and legal liabilities add-on cover is available to suit the customers’ individual requirements.

FAQs on Future Generali Motor Insurance

Is a personal accident cover mandatory?

Yes, a personal accident cover is a mandatory requirement for licensed drivers. If you have an independent personal accident cover under another policy and the sum insured is Rs.15 lakhs or above, you can skip the coverage in a motor insurance plan. However, if you don’t have a personal accident cover, you should opt for one in your motor insurance policy.

Can I transfer my no-claim bonus from another insurance company to Future Generali motor insurance?

Yes, no claim bonus from another insurance company can be transferred to Future Generali motor insurance and vice versa.

How long does it take for the surveyor to reach for a spot survey and to assess the damage?

Future Generali’s claim process is very quick and hassle-free. Spot survey will be completed within 24 working hours from the intimation of the claim.

Does personal accident cover apply to any other person driving my two-wheeler?

Yes, if you have opted for personal accident cover for the pillion rider and paid an additional premium for the same, the co-passenger would be covered under the personal accident insurance.

Does Future Generali Motor Insurance cover accidental damages?

If you have brought your own damage cover under a motor insurance policy, then the losses or damages incurred in an accident would be covered under the plan subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

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