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About Tata AIG General Insurance Company

Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited was formed as a joint venture between American International Group and Tata Group. It commenced its operations in 2001 and has completed 20 years of service in the insurance industry of India in 2021. Tata AIG General Insurance Company is amongst the most preferred and reported private general insurance providers in India. 

The company offers a wide variety of general insurance products for individuals and businesses. It offers comprehensive plans for travel, rural, agriculture insurance, marine cargo, liability, personal accident, extended warranty, etc. Tata AIG General Insurance has also established Tata AIG Academy to provide a centre for learning and gaining knowledge in the general insurance domain. 

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Key highlights of Tata AIG General Insurance Company

Some key highlights of Tata AIG General Insurance Company are stated as follows: 

Asset under management INR 14,295 Cr as on September 30, 2020
Total customers 5 Cr + customers served since its Inception
Network hospitals 7200 + network hospitals across the country
Policies issued 1 crore+ policy issued in the previous year
branches 200 branches across India
Licensed agents and brokers 437 + licensed brokers and 40,000 + licensed agents
Employees 6 220 + employees

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Awards and accolades of Tata AIG General Insurance Company

Tata AIG General insurance Company is one of the oldest general insurance providers in India. The company has received various awards and accolades during its period of service. Let us have a look at a few of them:

  • Tata AIG General Insurance Company has been bestowed with the ‘The Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2016’ at the 20thAsia Insurance Industry Awards for its commitment to sustainable ecosystem. 
  • The company was awarded as ‘The Company of the Year’ for health insurance products and the ‘Best Product Innovation Award in the General Insurance Category. 
  • Tata AIG General Insurance Company received ‘E-commerce Award 2011 in the Asia Insurance Technology Awards. 

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Key features of TATA AIG health insurance plans

Here are some of the common coverage benefits that you can find in most of the available TATA AIG health insurance plans –

Coverage benefit Description 
Hospitalisation cover The cost of room rent, nursing fee, doctor’s fee, etc. are covered when you are hospitalised for 24 hours or more for treating an illness or an injury
Pre hospitalisation cover Before you are hospitalised, the medical costs incurred on diagnosing the illness are covered under the pre hospitalisation cover. This cover is available for a specific number of days before hospitalisation
Post hospitalisation cover  After you get hospitalised, there might be medical costs incurred when you are recovering. Such costs are covered under the post hospitalisation cover which is available for a specific number of days
Ambulance cover The cost of hiring an ambulance is covered under this benefit. The coverage might either be allowed up to the actual expenses incurred or a specific limit
Daycare cover In some treatments, you get discharged from the hospital within a few hours. Such treatments are called daycare treatments and they are covered under TATA AIG health insurance plans
Organ donor cover Under this cover, the cost of an organ donor’s hospitalisation and the consequent cost of harvesting the organ is covered 
Domiciliary cover Domiciliary hospitalisation means hospitalisation at your own home. This hospitalisation is covered if there are no hospital beds for admission or if you cannot be moved to a hospital given your critical condition
Free health check-ups TATA AIG allows free health check-ups in its health insurance plans so that you can monitor your health. These check-ups are allowed at specified intervals
AYUSH cover AYUSH cover provides coverage for non-allopathic treatments taken through Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, and Siddha. Under many TATA AIG plans coverage for AYUSH treatments is allowed  

Common exclusions in TATA AIG health insurance plans

Exclusions are instances that are not covered under TATA AIG health insurance plans. Though the plans have a comprehensive scope, there are common exclusions in them. The actual list of exclusions is plan specific and can be found in the policy wordings. Common exclusions, on the other hand, are as follows –

  • There is a 30-day waiting period from the date of buying the policy. This is the initial waiting period and during this period illnesses are not covered.
  • There is a pre-existing waiting period for medical conditions that you suffer from when buying the policy. This waiting period ranges from 2 years to 4 years depending on the plan.
  • Specific illnesses also have a waiting period of 2 years. During this period such illnesses are not covered under the plan
  • Cosmetic treatments and weight control treatments are excluded from coverage 
  • Self-inflicted injuries, substance abuse, alcoholism, criminal acts, etc. are not covered
  • If you avail of unscientific or experimental treatments, coverage for such treatments would not be allowed
  • War and allied perils are specifically excluded from coverage
  • Congenital illnesses and defects are not covered
  • The cost of contact lenses, spectacles, crutches, etc. are excluded 

Features of TATA AIG health insurance plans

TATA AIG offers different types of health insurance policies. The popular plans offered by the company and available at PayBima are as follows –

1. Medicare

A comprehensive health insurance policy, Medicare offers you a score of coverage benefits, inbuilt as well as optional. Some of the highlights of the plan are as follows –

  • Sum insured restoration

This benefit refills the sum insured if you use it on a previous claim which occurred in the same policy year. So, if a previous claim utilized the sum insured and you suffer another claim in the same year, the plan would reinstate 100% of the sum insured so that the next claim can be met.

  • International coverage

The plan allows coverage for treatments taken abroad even if you have been diagnosed in India and you want to avail of treatments in a foreign country. 

  • Consumables cover

The cost of consumables incurred on treatments and hospitalisation are covered under the policy.

  • Coverage for bariatric surgery

If you are suffering from morbid obesity and bariatric surgery is required, the costs incurred on such surgery would be covered under the policy.

  • Vaccination cover

The plan covers the cost of typhoid, anti-rabies, HPV, and Hepatitis-B vaccines. For the first two vaccines, no waiting period is applicable. However, for the last two vaccines, there is a waiting period of 2 years from the policy start date.

  • Compassionate visit

If you have been hospitalised for 5 days or more in a city away from your home, the plan would cover the cost of travel for your immediate family member.

  • Cost of hearing aids

If a hearing aid is required, the plan would cover its costs up to specified limits and after every 2 completed policy years.

  • Inpatient dental treatments

If you suffer an accident, illness or injury due to which you have to be hospitalised to avail of dental treatments, the cost of such treatments would be covered by the plan.

  • Second opinion

If you suffer from an illness or injury which is covered under the policy, the cost of a medical second opinion would be covered. You can avail of the opinion from a networked hospital or a medical practitioner and the insurer would pay for the consultation costs. 

2. Medicare Protect

Medicare Protect is another variant in the Medicare plan series. This plan provides a range of coverage benefits some of which are mentioned below –

  • Restore benefit

Like the previous policy, this policy also refills the sum insured back to its original amount if you suffer multiple claims in the same policy year. If the first claim uses up the sum insured, you get an additional sum insured for any subsequent claim.

  • Consumables cover

Consumables are one-time use medical items that form a part of your treatment costs. The plan covers these consumables cost to allow an all-around coverage.

  • Compassionate travel

If you are hospitalised away from home and your hospitalisation exceeds 5 days, the plan would allow your family member to travel to be with you.

  • High cumulative bonus

Under the policy, if you don’t claim in the first policy year, you earn a cumulative bonus of 50% of the sum insured. This cumulative bonus allows additional coverage. After two successive claim-free years, you can double your sum insured through the high cumulative bonus that the plan offers.

  • Medicare Premier

An all-inclusive plan, Medicare Premier is the premium variant of the Medicare Plan. In addition to the coverage benefits available under the Medicare variant, Medicare Premier offers the following additional benefits too –

  • Air ambulance cover

In a medical emergency, if you need air assistance to be transported to a hospital or medical centre, the plan would cover the cost of hiring an air ambulance. 

  • High-end diagnostics cover

Some medical tests and diagnostics are quite expensive and are required in severe illnesses or injuries. The Medicare Premier plan covers the costs of such high-end diagnostics if required.

  • Accidental death benefit

There is an optional rider that covers accidental death. If you opt for this rider, you get 100% of the sum insured in the case of the accidental death of the insured member. 

  • Maternity cover

You get an inbuilt maternity cover that covers pregnancy and childbirth. The coverage is available after a waiting period of 4 years.

  • First-year vaccinations

The cost of the first year vaccinations of the child is also covered under the policy.

  • OPD dental treatment

If you avail of dental treatments on an OPD basis, the cost of such treatments would be covered under the plan up to specified limits.

  • Daily cash for shared accommodation and accompanying a child

The plan pays a daily cash allowance if you choose a shared accommodation when being admitted to the hospital. Moreover, if a minor child, aged below 12 years, is hospitalised, the plan pays a daily allowance for meeting the costs of the accompanying person.

  • OPD treatment

Coverage for medical expenses that you incur on an outpatient basis is allowed under the policy. Outpatient basis means the costs incurred without being hospitalised.  

  • Newborn baby cover

Besides allowing claims for maternity-related expenses, if the newborn baby suffers from any medical complications, coverage for treating such complications would be allowed.

  • Prolonged hospitalisation cover

If you are hospitalised for 10 days or more, a lump sum benefit of 1% of the sum insured would be paid to meet your ancillary costs. 

Schedule of benefits

Features  Medicare  Medicare Protect Medicare Premier 
Sum insured restoration Available 

Up to 100% of the sum insured


Up to 100% of the sum insured


Up to 100% of the sum insured

Global coverage Available  Not available  Available 
Consumables cover Available  Available  Available 
Bariatric surgery Covered  Not available  Available 
Daycare treatments 540+ treatments covered  540+ treatments covered  540+ treatments covered 
Emergency air ambulance  Not covered Not covered  Covered 
Hospitalisation cover Available  Available  Available 
High-end diagnostics cover Not available  Not available  Covered 

Up to Rs.25,000

Accidental death  benefit Not available  Not available  Available as an add-on

100% of the sum insured

Maternity cover Not available  Not available  Available 

Up to Rs.50,000 for a boy child and Rs.60,000 for a girl child

Newborn baby cover Not available  Not available  Available

Up to Rs.10,000

First-year vaccinations Not available  Not available  Available 

Boy child – up to Rs.10,000

Girl child – Up to Rs.15,000

Organ donor cover Available  Available  Available 
Vaccination cover Available  Not available  Available 
Compassionate travel Available 

Up to Rs.20,000


Up to Rs.20,000


Up to Rs.20,000

OPD dental treatment Not covered  Not covered   Available

Up to Rs.10,000

Pre and post hospitalisation cover 60 and 90 days respectively  30 and 60 days respectively  60 and 90 days respectively 
Daily cash for shared accommodation Available

Up to Rs.2000/day

Not available Available

Up to Rs.2000/day

Daily cash for accompanying a minor child Available 

Up to Rs.2000/day

Not available  Available 

Up to Rs.2000/day

OPD treatment  Not covered   Not covered   Covered 

Up to Rs.5000

Domiciliary treatment Covered  Covered  Covered 
Second opinion Available  Not available   Available 
Ambulance cover Available 

Up to Rs.3000


Up to Rs.1000


Up to Rs.5000

Prolonged  hospitalisation cover Not available   Not available   Available

1% of the sum insured 

AYUSH cover Available  Available  Available 
Health check-ups Available 

1% of the sum insured up to Rs.10,000


1% of the sum insured up to Rs.10,000


1% of the sum insured up to Rs.10,000

Hearing aid cover Available

Lower of 50% of the incurred cost or Rs.10,000

Not available  Available

Lower of 50% of the incurred cost or Rs.10,000

Inpatient dental treatments Available  Not available  Available 
No claim bonus 50% increase in the sum insured up to a maximum of 100% 50% increase in the sum insured up to a maximum of 100% 50% increase in the sum insured up to a maximum of 100%
Sum insured  Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs
Entry age  91 days onwards 
Policy term 1,2 or 3 years
Premium paying frequency  Lump-sum premium





Pre-existing waiting period 36 months 


How can you buy Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans?

Tata AIG General Insurance has a digital platform for easy online purchases. You can also buy a Tata AIG health insurance policy quickly and easily through paybima.com. The process is as follows: 

  • Go online and select health insurance 

Start the process by visiting PayBima’s website and selecting ‘Health Insurance’

  • Fill in your requirements

Once you select health insurance, you will be asked to fill in certain medical and personal details to calculate the premium based on your eligibility and coverage requirements. Premiums are calculated based on the sum assured, gender, number of dependents, location, age, etc. Also, provide your contact details to enable PayBima to provide your personalized consultation.

  • Compare the available health plans

Based on the details provided by you, PayBima will show you a list of plans with their features and premium. You will find all the leading health insurance plans on the list including TATA AIG’s plans. Compare the plans on their coverage vis-a-vis the premium and select one which best suits your coverage requirements and eligibility.

  • Fill the proposal form and submit it online

After finalizing your plan, fill in the online proposal form. The proposal form is the basis of the insurance contract so provide correct and complete details before submitting it. You can submit the form online or at any branch office of the insurance company. 

  • Pay your premium online

Pay the premium online and your policy will be provided there are no adverse medical declarations made in the proposal form. PayBima offers secured payment modes for payment of online premiums.

  • Undergo medical screening.

Based on your medical history, age, lifestyle habits and coverage, you might have to take a pre-entrance health check-up. You can avail of the health check-up at the insurer’s network hospital. 

The process to renew Tata AIG Health Insurance policy

Besides the facility to buy a Tata AIG health insurance plan, PayBima also offers you the facility to renew online. Health insurance policies can be renewed throughout life. As such, to enjoy uninterrupted coverage, you will have to renew your health plan within the due date. 

You can renew your policy instantly by providing your policy number and other policy details. You can also check your health plan details at the time of renewal and make changes to the plan before renewal, if required. You can add top-ups or riders with your plan or increase or decrease its coverage. For any help or assistant in renewing your Tata AIG health insurance policy, you can contact PayBima through email at paybima.care@mahindra.com or call 1800 267 67 67. 

The process to file a claim of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plan

Claiming your Tata AIG health insurance plan is very easy and simple. You can initiate the claim process online through paybima.com. The claim process is discussed as follows: 

. Locate the hospital

Tata AIG offers both cashless and reimbursement claim facilities. To avail of cashless claims, you would have to locate the nearest network hospital and get admitted to it. You can locate the nearest network hospital by visiting the official website of the insurance company. If you get admitted to a non-network hospital, then your claim will be settled on a reimbursement basis.

. Admission

If you are availing of the cashless facility, you can get yourself admitted to the hospital by showing your identity proof and your health card provided by the insurance company.

Authorisation form

Before beginning the treatment, the network hospital takes approval from the insurance company for a valid cashless claim. For the approval of cashless claims, submit a pre-authorisation claim form. The form can be taken from the insurance desk of the hospital or can be downloaded from the website of the insurance company. The cashless claim form has to be submitted at least five days before planned admission. In case of emergency, you can submit the authorisation form to the insurance company within 24 hours of hospitalization.

Approval for cashless treatment

Once the hospital has received the authorisation form, it will notify the network hospital and provide a confirmation letter. The hospital would then proceed with your treatment and all the bills would be directly settled by the insurer. 

Reimbursement facility

You can avail reimbursement facility if you are admitted to a hospital that does not have a tie-up with your insurance provider or if your insurer has rejected your cashless claim application. In such a case, you would be required to register the claim with the insurance company before admission. You can inform the insurance company after your admission but before discharge in case of emergencies. You will have to settle all the bills and the treatment cost which would later be reimbursed on submission of the claim form and original bills. 

You can seek the help of PayBima’s executive for a hassle-free claim settlement experience. You can send an email to paybima.care@mahindra.com or call 1800 267 67 67 and we will assist you with your claim. 

The list of the documents required to be submitted for the claim is: 

  • Duly filled & signed claim form
  • Pre-authorisation claim form for cashless facility
  • Identity proof such as Aadhaar card, PAN Card, Birth Certificate, etc of insured
  • Insurance card
  • Doctor’s prescription advising hospitalization
  • A medical certificate signed by an authorised doctor
  • Original receipts and bills
  • NEFT or bank details to credit the settlement amount

Review of Tata AIG Health Insurance Plans

Tata AIG General Insurance offers a wide variety of health insurance policies to cater to your requirements. Other highlights include the following:

  • Tata AIG’s broad insurance portfolio is backed by professional expertise.
  • The company has 550 + claim experts and an efficient customer service & operation team delivering superior customer service experience and the latest technology innovations.
  • Tata AIG General Insurance is increasing its online presence through a strategic initiative known as ‘Go Digital’ which provides easy buying of insurance products online. 
  • You can avail attractive discounts on premiums to make your plan affordable.

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  • FAQs: Tata AIG General Insurance

    Do TATA AIG health plans allow premium discounts?

    Yes, all Medicare plans allow two types of premium discounts. The first discount is allowed if you cover family members on an individual basis. The discount is 20% for covering 2 family members, 28% for 3 members and 32% if you cover more than 3 family members under the plan.

    How many family members can be covered under the plan?

    Medicare policies allow you to cover up to 7 family members. The members include yourself, your spouse, up to 3 dependent children, up to 2 dependent parents, and up to 2 dependent parents-in-law.

    Are pre-policy health check-ups needed to buy the policy?

    If you are aged up to 45 years, no pre-policy health check-ups would be needed if you declare that you are healthy. For any adverse medical declaration, however, the insurance company might require a pre-entrance health check-up.

    Do I need to pay an additional premium for the accidental death benefit coverage?

    Yes, the accidental death benefit coverage is an optional rider. If you choose the rider, you would have to pay an additional premium for the same.

    Do I get any free-look period under the plan?

    Yes, the policy has a free-look period of 15 days from the date that it is issued. During this free-look period, you have the option to cancel the coverage and avail of a refund of your premium if you are not satisfied.

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