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In a progressive society like ours, both men and women are equal partners – whether it is in managing financial expenses and running the household, or creating wealth and building a secure future. With more avenues for work opening up for women, there are equally higher number of investment options before them as well. This post looks at some of the best saving schemes for ladies in particular, to help them achieve this goal better.

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Which Business is Best for Ladies?

Before moving on to determining some good investment options for women though, let’s take a quick look at the specific business avenues where women are highly likely to succeed. The more the income, the better choices for investments.

  1. Blogging – Starting your own blog tops the list here because a woman’s entire journey can be a great learning and inspiring experience for other women around her. And when she starts recording her experiences and journey in the form of a blog, it’s highly likely to convert into a successful business venture. You can start a blog on anything you’re passionate about – health, lifestyle, fashion, food, clothing, motherhood, or just your life experiences as a whole.
  2. Baking – If you’ve got love for baking, you can convert your passion into a full-fledged successful business venture. Open a small bakery in your locality or better still, start baking goods and delivering them from your home. Before you realize it, you’d be getting orders and making quick bucks, all the while loving what you do.
  3. Online Retailing/Reselling – Another business idea that’s picking up fast among women in the country is online retail/reselling business. With e-commerce spreading its wings far and wide, women have found the perfect way to make money by selling all the stuff that other women like – clothes, handicrafts, snacks, kids’ supplies, etc.

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Top Saving Schemes for Ladies

When women start doing well in various businesses, it only becomes natural for them to start looking out for great investment options to enjoy higher returns on their earnings. Here are some of the best saving schemes for ladies that are sure to give good RoI benefits.

  • Gold investments – This age-old practice being followed from our grandmothers’ era never fails to deliver returns (and the best ones at that). Buying gold for investment purposes has always been popular among women and continues to be so. It is considered as one of the best investment options for women, lending them security during difficult times in the future.Gold investment can be made in the form of buying gold coins from banks or even as jewelry from reputed jewelers. When the price of gold goes up in the market, good money bargains can be struck in exchange for these products.
  • Mutual fund investments – Another popular investment option most women consider is the Systematic Investment Plan or SIP for making investment in mutual funds. Under this plan, women can choose to deposit small amounts, even a bare minimum of Rs. 500, as investment into a mutual fund of their choice. This saves them the hassle of putting in a large lump sum amount all at once. Besides, mutual funds come with the added advantage of minimal risk unlike self-trading.
  • Investment in property – This is another one of the best investment options for women in India, especially considering the easy home loan options provided by banks as well. Women looking to buy a property (even for investment purposes) can easily apply for a home loan repayable in 10-20 years. Real estate investment works great because it becomes passive income for women in the form of rent earnings from the property.
  • Public Provident Fund investment – This is one of the safest saving schemes for ladies, since it’s a Government-provided investment plan. No risk and fixed return on investment after a specific tenure are all attractive features of the PPF investment plan. Besides, it also allows for tax benefits and is offered by all leading banks and financial institutions in the country.
  • Fixed Deposit investment – Often addressed as FD, this is another safest bet for most women in India because of its ‘fixed return and no maximum investment limit’ feature. What’s more, you can also choose to withdraw your deposited money before the date of maturity, if so required during times of contingency.

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Best Investment Options for Housewives in India

The different avenues listed in the above section work as great investment options for women in general. However, to make financial investment even more attractive to the Indian woman, there are a couple of options designed specifically for the Indian housewives. Women can be excellent financial managers, managing the household expenses brilliantly to ensure its smooth functioning month after month. Here are some top saving schemes that homemakers can enjoy:

  • National Savings Certificate – Also called NSC, this certificate is issued by post offices in the country with a fixed lock-in duration of 5 or 10 years. The fixed tenure thereby ensures guarantee on investment returns. To make things simpler for a housewife, there is the option to deposit only Rs. 100 as investment to start with.
  • Recurring Deposit or RD – This saving scheme for ladies scores over the Fixed Deposit (FD) investment plan because it allows for greater savings by women over a long period of time. Unlike in FDs where a fixed amount is deposited into the account for a fixed period of time, RD allows you to keep depositing small sums of money at regular intervals over a longer time duration.
  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme – A popular and extremely safe investment option for housewives, this scheme is completely risk-free and also allows for small deposits as low as Rs. 1500. As the name suggests, the scheme is run by Indian post offices to encourage monthly earnings for homemakers in the form of interest every month.

While these are the top most popular saving schemes for ladies, it’s highly recommended to do your own market research before investing in any of them to know the updated interest rates and payment options.

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