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The state government of Haryana launched the ‘Ladli Pension Scheme’ aiming at the upliftment of the female children of the state. The scheme covers both rural and urban areas under the plan. Let us read more about it in detail. 

The Ladli Haryana Pension plan was introduced in the year 2006 with the aim to elevate the value of female children in the family and their status in the society. The scheme fights against female foeticide and talks about the right to birth and existence of female children. It further encourages the education of children and works towards improving sex ratio of female children.  Let us talk about the features and benefits of the Ladli Pension Scheme Haryana.

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Eligibility Criteria to Avail Ladli Pension Scheme

There are certain guidelines or requirements that a family has to meet to avail the benefits of Ladli Scheme. Below are the criteria of eligibility to apply for Ladli Pension Scheme: 

  • Families having only female children can apply for the Ladli beti scheme. Having a male child either biological or adopted makes a family not eligible for the plan benefits
  • Also, the girl child’s biological parents should reside in Haryana or should be employed under Haryana government
  • Further, the annual income of the family of the Haryana girl child also matters. So, the net annual income of the family (from all sources) should be within INR 2 lakh to avail benefits under the scheme. Hence, only the families within the said income category can claim the benefits
  • The scheme allows enrolled families to receive pension amount for a particular period
  • The scheme makes a family entitled to avail this scheme for 15 years starting from the date when any of the girl’s parent crosses 45 years of age
  • The parents need to register the child’s age with Haryana government and the plan also requires the parents of the child to arrange for her proper immunization
  • The scheme requires at least one family member of the household to reside with the child in Haryana
  • The girl child should be enrolled in school as per her age
  • The pension amount under the ladli scheme of haryana would be paid to either of the girl child’s parent

Features of Ladli Pension Scheme

 Below are some specific features of the Ladli Pension Scheme:

  • The Ladli Pension Scheme aims to secure the girl child financially
  • The scheme also aims to monetarily assist the family of the girl child
  • The scheme aims to remove insecurities among families in Haryana who have only girl children
  • It also aims to encourage a better life for females in Haryana
  • This scheme promotes the education of children, especially girls in Haryana and ensures that the child is not dropped out of school
  • One parent of the girl child should attain the age of 45 to avail the benefits of the scheme for a fixed duration of 15 years. Moreover, once the parents attain the age of 60, they become eligible for Old Age Samman Allowance
  • The implementation has been done by the government to eliminate gender prejudice and gender-based abortions in the state
  • It aims to make people value girls in society and treat them properly

Benefits of Ladli Pension Scheme

There are several benefits of the Ladli pension plan as mentioned below:

  • The plan offers monetary security to the families with only girl children
  • As per the plan, every household with only girl children receives INR 1800

Death Benefits

  • In case of death of a parent of your child, the Ladli Pension Scheme offers the pension amount to the spouse
  • If the father of the girl dies during the term of the scheme, the mother becomes eligible for the claim amount
  • And in case the mother dies during the policy term, the father of the child receives the pension
  • When the parents or the surviving parent turn 60, he/she becomes eligible to apply for the Old Age Samman Allowance scheme

Monthly Contribution

  • The scheme is purely intended for the families who struggle to raise their girl children
  • The scheme doesn’t require the beneficiary to make any contribution
  • The scheme beneficiary will receive the specific amount on a monthly basis from the Haryana government

How to apply for a Ladli Pension?

To apply for the Ladli scheme, you are required to submit several documents, such as:

  • Aadhar card of parents for ID proof
  • Age proof certificate of parents
  • Girl child’s birth certificate
  • Address proof (ration card)
  • Parent’ income certificate
  • Proof of domicile
  • Copy of bank passbook
  • Passport size photograph

Application Process

Here are the steps to apply for the Ladli Pension Scheme:

  • Go to the official website of Ladli Pension Scheme at
  • Select the Ladli Pension application form and download it by clicking on it
  • A new page will open with the application
  • Submit the details accurately as required in the form
  • Also attach the required documents
  • Make sure to check the list of documents provided in the application form
  • Now, submit the application in social justice department website

You can also apply via the Atal Seva Kendra by following the below steps:

    • The eligible applicants can download the form from the official website of the scheme
    • Fill in the details and attach the required documents with the form
    • Now, submit the application form of the Ladli pension security at the nearest Atal Seva Kendra
    • The application will be verified by the concerned authorities to get the Ladli scheme status check
  • Once the verification of the Ladli pension status form is done successfully, the applicant will be given a beneficiary ID in his/her registered mobile number
  • If the application is accepted, the family will receive the pension amount in the bank account of the girl child

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Ways to Track Details of Ladli Pension Scheme

The pension details under Ladli scheme can be tracked by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the social justice department of Haryana state
  2. From the list of menus, select the option of ‘track beneficiary pension’
  3. The user will be redirected to a new page where the person has to enter his/her beneficiary ID
  4. Along with the beneficiary ID, the person is also supposed to enter the security code under the login tab
  5. Now, click on the ‘view details’ button
  6. The beneficiary will be able to see the pension details of Ladli scheme

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FAQs: Ladli Yojana - Check Eligibility, Features, & Benefits

What is Ladli e-pension Haryana?

It is a scheme launched by the State Government of Haryana with the primary aim to uplift the status of female children in Haryana.

What documents are required to be submitted to apply for the Ladli scheme?

Aadhar card, Age certificate, Birth certificate, Address proof, Income certificate, Bank passbook photocopy etc. are required to apply for the Ladli scheme.

What is the pension amount allowed under Ladli Yojna?

INR 1800 per month is offered to the eligible families by the government of Haryana.

What is the period or duration for which the Ladli pension is offered?

The Ladli pension scheme is offered for a duration of 15 years.

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