6 Post Office Saving Schemes, Saving Plans for Boy Child in India 2022


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Post Office Saving Schemes (POSS) – Prime Minister Scheme, Saving Plans for Boy Child in India

There are various lucrative saving schemes, post office child plan and prime minister scheme for boy child introduced by the Government of India for parents to secure the future of their children. If you are looking for any such plan, go no further. 

Securing a brilliant future for their child is what every parent seeks. To ensure a better future for your kids it is important that you save enough for their higher education to help them fulfill their career aspirations. For this, you must invest in a good savings plan so that you can have enough money for your kid when required.  There are many lucrative plans for girl child, but in case you are looking for saving schemes for boy child offered by the Government of India, you can find some available with the post offices spread across all the towns and cities in the country as well as with many commercial banks. These post office schemes for boy child are loaded with the best features and benefits.

Guide to Post Office Savings Scheme and State Government Scheme for Boy Child (Minor Boys)

In this blog, we are bringing to your knowledge some such postal saving schemes for minor boys in India to help you understand them and to plan for better investment for your child. Along with the national plans, there are many good plans introduced by the state governments across India to help parents for making good investments.

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List of 6 Top Post Office Saving Schemes for Boy Child in India 2022

Here we are bringing you 6 best Post Office Saving Schemes for boy child to help you consider them as per your requirement as well as  the risks and long-term returns available with the schemes.

You may note here that to open an account for a minor boy below 10 years, needs to be done through his parents/guardian. For a minor boy who is 10 years or above can open the account on his name.

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1. National Savings Certificate (NSC)

This is a low-risk with fixed income scheme offered by the government and is available with the post-offices across India. This post office saving scheme for boy child is loaded with best features and benefits to aptly suit your child’s needs. It facilitates a fixed income and definite returns to generate best revenues. This plan is currently available at 6.8% rate of interest per annum.


  • Minimum investment – Rs.1000
  • Maximum investment – no max. limit
  • Interest Rate – 6.8%
  • Lock in tenure – 5 years
  • Tax Benefits – Up to Rs.1.5 lakh (as per Section 80C of Income Tax)


  • The plan offers fixed return on investment higher as compared to FDs.
  • Offer Tax benefits under section 80C.
  • Available at an initial investment of Rs 1,000, which is very less.
  • The Plan is available with a maturity period of 5 years.
  • No TDS allowed so the insured can obtain full value at maturity.

2. Ponmagan Podhuvaippu Nidhi Scheme

The department of post, Tamil Nadu introduced the Ponmagan Podhuvaippu Nidhi Scheme in the year 2015,especially meant for the male child. The account for this post office saving scheme for boy child can be opened through a parent/guardian for a minor boy below 10 years of age, while minor boys above 10 years can open the account on their own name. This special plan is limited to the residents of Tamil Nadu only, and can be availed by parents before their son attains 10 years of age.


  • Minimum investment – Rs.500
  • Maximum investment –  1.5 lakhs
  • Interest Rate – 9.70%
  • Maturity period – 15 years
  • Tax Benefits – available under Section 80C of Income Tax


  • The plan offers ways to increase your income.
  • Offer Tax benefits under section 80C.
  • Nomination facility available.
  • Payments can be made in lump sum or in 12 small installments.
  • Parents can avail loan facility from fourth year of the account.

3. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS)

Post office monthly income scheme or POMIS is a saving scheme for boy child where you can earn a fixed monthly interest by investing a certain amount. This scheme is easy to open in any post office across the country and is packed with features and benefits. For this scheme, the one key requirement is to have a post office savings account.


  • Minimum investment – Rs. 1000
  • Maximum investment –  4.5 lakhs
  • Interest Rate – 6.6%
  • Maturity period – 5 years
  • Tax Benefits – TDS is not applicable but sum invested is not covered under Section 80C


  • The plan offers capital protection until the plan matures
  • This is a low risk plan and safe.
  • It offers affordable deposit amount facility.
  • The scheme offers guaranteed returns.
  • Multiple ownership is also available under this scheme.

4. Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)

Kisan Vikas Patra or KVP is an apt plan that suits perfectly to the low income as well as the middle-class income families in India. This is a short-term post office saving scheme for boy child in India that permit parents to invest on a particular lump-sum money per year.


  • Interest Rate – 6.9%
  • Minimum amount – Rs.1,00
  • Maximum amount –  No Upper Limit
  • Maturity period – 10 years and 4 months
  • Lock-in period –  30 months


  • The plan offers guaranteed returns with zero risks.
  • It helps accumulate savings for future your child.
  • Allow parents to get loans with low interest rates.
  • Nomination facility is available.

5. Post Office Recurring Deposit (RD)

This another good saving post office schemes for boy child in India. This is a recurring deposit plan that offer high rate of interest as compared to regular saving account in a bank. Under this scheme, parents can save a particular amount in the account every month for 5 years.


  • Interest Rate – 5.8%
  • Minimum amount – Rs.100
  • Maximum amount –  No Upper Limit
  • Maturity period – 5 years


  • The plan offers limited restrictions.
  • Nomination facility is available.
  • Transfer of funds is available from RD to savings account.
  • Allow parents to save enough for their male child’s future.

6. Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Public Provident Fund or PPF is a post office scheme for male child in India that help parents to save on taxes as well. PPF is a long term plan of investment available at an attractive rate of interest and offers god returns on investment.


  • Interest Rate – 7.1%
  • Minimum Amount – Rs.500
  • Maximum Amount – Rs 1.5 lakh
  • Tenure/Lock-in period – 15 years
  • Tax Benefit – available up to Rs.1.5 lakh under Section 80C


  • The plan offers low risk.
  • Nomination facility is available.
  • Allow parents to take loans against the invested amount from 3rd of scheme.
  • Transfer of funds is available under this savings scheme.
  • Long term savings with attractive interest rate.

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Buying a savings scheme for your son involves the challenge of choosing the policy wisely so that you can ensure high returns and better opportunity for your kid.  Hence, doing proper research regarding the various post office schemes for boy child in India is important. An investment in a good scheme helps in avoiding any financial crisis that might come in the way of a higher education of your kid and his bright future.

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FAQs on Post Office Saving Schemes for Boy Child in India

Which post office saving scheme is best for a boy child?

Below are the Best Post Office Saving Schemes for Boy Child in India in 2022:

# Ponmagan Podhuvaippu Nidhi Scheme.
# Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)
# Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS)
# Post Office Recurring Deposit.
# Public Provident Fund (PPF)
# National Savings Certificate (NSC)

What are the Steps to open a post office account for a boy child?

To open a post office account in his own name, a boy child has to be above the age of 10 years. Children below the age of 10 can have their accounts opened by parents on behalf of their boy child. While opening the account, you need to have a minimum deposit of at least Rs. 500, while there is no maximum limit of amount to be deposited.

What are the benefits of a post office savings account?

Below are the key benefits:

# The Interest earned in a post office savings account is tax free up to Rs 10,000 per year.
# Income tax benefits can be earned under section 80L of the Income Tax Act.
# You can transfer the account from one post office to another.
# You can convert your single accounts into joint accounts and vice versa.

What is the interest rate of post office schemes?

Different policies of the post office are available at different interest rates that can range from 4% to 7.6 % depending on the policy.

Which is the best investment plan for a boy child in India?

Below are some of the best Child Investment Plans in India in 2022:

# Child Insurance Plans.
# Gold ETF/ Funds.
# Fixed Deposits(FD)
# Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP)
# Post Office Savings Schemes.
# Public Provident Fund (PPF)
# Stocks & Mutual Funds.

What is the monthly income scheme interest rate of the post office?

The monthly income scheme interest rate of the post office is up to 6.6% annual interest every month that an investor can earn.

What is the best scheme in Post Office 2022?

In terms of interest rate below are a few best schemes for post offices in 2022:

# National Savings Monthly Income Account with 6.6% interest rate per annum.
# National Savings Recurring Deposit Account with 5.80% interest rate
# National Savings Time Deposit Account with interest rate between 5.5% – 6.7%
# Public Provident Fund Account (PPF) with 7.1% interest rate per annum

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