What is Sevarth Mahakosh? Know Sevarth Portal Login, Registration, Payment Slips Process, and Benefits


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The government of Maharashtra has developed a digital platform called Sevarth Mahakosh Portal to serve as a single solution for all the financial transactions and service requests of the employees of Maharashtra state government. Let us learn more about this digital portal in detail here.  

The Sevarth Mahakosh Portal allows the state government employees to check their pay slips, statements of GPF, and several other important information related to their employment. In this post, you will come to know about the features and benefits of this portal.

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What is Sevarth Mahakosh?

Sevarth Mahakosh is an online platform designed and developed by the government of Maharashtra. This user-friendly portal aims to streamline the various service requests of the Maharashtra state government employees. This platform is likely to reduce the paperwork done manually and thereby reducing the time and effort that is involved in processing salaries and other financial activities of government employees.

The various services offered under this portal include;

  • Payroll of employees
  • Salary statements of employees
  • Statements of employee Provident Fund
  • Statements of Income Tax etc.

Features of Sevarth Mahakosh

Being a comprehensive portal, eSevarth offers a wide range of features to employees of Maharashtra state government as mentioned below:



Pay slip

Employees can access their monthly salary slips

They can have online access to other financial details


The portal offers a user-friendly dashboard in which the summary of financial activities and transactions can be checked

Bill pays

The portal can also be used for making online payment of bills such as electricity, water, phone bills, etc.


It can also be used to get e-receipts of the transactions done through the portal

Leave management

The employee can apply and keep a tab on their leaves

Old pension scheme

Pensioners are facilitated to manage and check their Sevarth Mahakosh Pension accounts online


It keeps a tab of the expenditure and receipts of state government in an MIS portal


Can deposit and maintain contributions in Defined Contribution Pension Scheme (DCPS) and National Pension Scheme (NPS) through this portal

GPF Group D management

Group D employees can check and manage their GPF or general provident fund online

Loans and advances

Portal can also be used for dispersing and recovering loans

Income tax management

It can be used to access income tax statements and other details

Mahakosh Sevarth Login

Below are the steps to follow to log in to the Sevarth Mahakosh portal:

Step-1: First go to https://mahakosh.maharashtra.gov.in/ – the Sevarth Mahakosh portal link

Mahakosh Sevarth Login

Step-2: Select the login button on the homepage

Mahakosh Sevarth Login

Step-3: Choose the suitable user type – if it is an employee, a pensioner or any government department etc.

Step-4: Enter the respective field using your user ID and password

Step-5: The screen will display a captcha code that you should enter

Step-6: Now, click on the ‘login’ button to access your account

If you are a first-time user, you might have to:

Here, you need to enter your credentials:

    • Name
    • Email ID
    • Mobile number
    • Department details
  • The next step is to create your user ID and password
  • Now, submit the captcha code displayed on screen
  • In the next step, tab the ‘register’ button

How to Get Sevarth Mahakosh Pay Slip / Payment Slip from the Portal?

Wondering how to generate payslip in sevarth? Below are the steps one should follow:



1st step 

Go to https://mahakosh.gov.in/sevaarth/ to log in to the Sevarth Mahakosh Portal

2nd step

Use your user id and password to log in

3rd step

Go to the ‘Employee services’ tab at the top menu

4th step

Select ‘Savarth pay slip’ from the drop-down menu

5th step

Now, select and month and year for which you need the pay slip

6th step

Click on the ‘download’ button to get a copy of the pay slip

  • Below are the details that your payment slip contains for the period that you have selected:
  • Basic salary of the employee
  • Allowances received
  • Deductions for the period
  • Net pay for the selected period

How to Reset Sevarth Mahakosh Password?

If you want to change your password or reset it, simply follow the below steps:

  • Go to the official portal of Sevarth Mahakosh
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘login’ button
  • Now, choose the user type – whether it is an employee, pensioner or any other department that you want to login
  • Once you have chosen the user type, click on the ‘forgot Password’ link just below the tab of login
  • Enter the portal using your registered User ID and password. Now click on the ‘submit’ button
  • Now, there will be a security question that you must answer and click on the ‘submit’ tab
  • An OTP will appear on your registered mobile
  • Enter the received OTP and submit
  • You can now generate a new password. Once done confirm it
  • Now, simply tab on the ‘submit’ button and save the password that you have created newly

Follow the above instructions to change and create a strong password using special characters, letters, as well as numbers.

Benefits offered under Sevarth Mahakosh

Here are some key benefits of Sevarth Mahakosh portal:

  • The portal allows the government employees online access to salary slips
  • The portal can be used by the employees to pay various bills online such as phone, electricity, water bills etc.
  • Further, the portal allows group-D employees of state government of Maharashtra to see and manage their account of General Provident Fund
  • In addition, employees easily can check the statements of income tax
  • The portal can also be used by employees to apply for leave
  • It can be used by pensioners to manage pension statements and account
  • The portal also assists employees to generate e-receipts when required for financial transactions
  • The portal offers a hassle-free and user-friendly dashboard
  • Above all, the portal makes sure about the transparency and accuracy of the financial system

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To Conclude

The Sevarth Mahakosh Portal is a digital platform that truly transforms the services done in the government sector in Maharashtra. This is a user-friendly portal designed for efficient work offering a convenient solution to manage the financial activities of Maharashtra state government employees.

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FAQs: Sevarth Mahakosh Portal Login, Registration, Payment Slips, and Benefits

How can I check my salary slip on the portal of Mahakosh?

You can follow the steps below to check your salary slip on Mahakosh:
~ The first step is to go to the Sevarth Mahakosh portal
~ Use your user ID and password to log in to your account
~ Now click on the tab of ‘Employee Services’ on the top of the menu on the home page
~ You can select the ‘Pay Slip’ from the drop-down menu now
~Choose the month and financial year that you want your salary slip for
~ Finally, click on the ‘download’ button to get salary slip

What are the steps to log in to the Mahakosh Sevarth portal?

Here are some steps to log in to the Mahakosh Sevarth portal:

~ First visit https://mahakosh.gov.in/Sevaarth/ - the official website of Mahakosh Sevarth
Select the ‘Login’ button located in the home page top right corner
Now, choose the user type - Employee/Pensioner/Department Login etc.
~ Use your user ID and password to enter
~ There will be a captcha code on the screen. Enter it
~ Finally, click on ‘login’

What do you mean by a pay slip in salary?

A pay slip in salary, which is also called a salary slip, is a document that has details of earnings and deductions in salary for a specific period. The salary slip is provided by the employer to the employee. Below are the details offered in a pay slip:
~ Gross pay of the employee (total earnings before deductions)
~ Tax deductions
~ Benefits in terms of insurance and others
~ Take-home pay or the Net pay that the employee receives making the deductions

How to generate payslip in Sevarth?

To download your salary-slip from Mahakosh, follow these steps:
~ Go to the Mahakosh Sevarth portal
~ Use your user id and password to log in
~ Go to the main menu and choose the tab of ‘Employee Services’
~ Select the "Pay Slip" tab from the drop-down menu
~ Select the financial year and month that you want the salary slip of
~ Click on the download button and get your salary slip in PDF format

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