YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Types and Process to Apply Online-Offline


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Updated on Nov 12, 2023

Everything you need to know about the YSR Pension Kanuka scheme, the eligibility requirements to apply, the benefits of the plan, and the different types of plans available.

Taking after the name of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, the YSR Pension Kanuka is a brilliant initiative by the state government. Launched in June 2019 by the Chief Minister, the scheme aims at providing financial benefits to certain specific sections of society, such as retirees, senior citizens, the disabled, widows, and the like. The blog below throws light on the scheme and how it benefits some particular parts of society.

YSR Pension Kanuka – Introduction 

Initiated by the government of Andhra Pradesh, Department of Panchayat Raj & Rural Development, the YSR Pension Kanuka is a scheme of social security.

Below are the objectives of the scheme:

  • The scheme aims to better the lives of the poor and vulnerable people in the society
  • Special consideration is given to the elderly and ailing people along with widows, and disabled people
  • The scheme offers pensions to different categories of people to secure them and offer them a dignified life
  • The scheme increased the pension money for people under the below categories to INR 2,250 in 2019.
  • Old Age Pension (OAP)
  • Widows
  • Weavers
  • Toddy Tappers
  • Fishermen
  • Single Women
  • Traditional Cobblers
  • PLHIV (ART Pensions)

The people in the above categories are offered an amount of INR 2,250. Besides, it has enhanced the sum of Disabled Pensions to INR 3,000. On the other hand, people undergoing CKDU/Dialysis Pensions receive a pension of up to INR 10,000 under the YSR Pension Kanuka scheme. In addition, the scheme reduced the pension eligibility age from 65 to 60 for Old Age Pensioners (OAP).

Who Benefits from YSR Pension Kanuka?

Some of the primary beneficiaries of the scheme are listed below:

  • Old people or senior citizens
  • Retirees
  • Disabled or handicapped
  • Transgenders
  • Widows
  • Chronic disease patients
  • Local fishermen, weavers, cobblers, Dappu artists

All the above beneficiaries have been receiving monetary benefits under the YSR Pension Kanuka plan since July 1, 2019. The scheme has been particularly helpful during the time of COVID-19 in 2020 when several shops and factories had to be closed down during the national lockdown. Pensioners received immense financial support from the scheme during that period.

YSR Pension Eligibility Criteria

The benefits disbursed under YSR Pension Kanuka are only applicable to certain segments of society, as stated above. To be eligible for the benefits, the following criteria must be adhered to:

  • The beneficiary must not be enrolled under any other pension scheme of the government
  • The person must belong to the BPL or Below the Poverty Line category and possess a White Ration Card
  • The beneficiary must be a resident of Andhra Pradesh

In addition to the above, the applicant must meet certain age criteria, as specified under the plan, which are listed in the table below:

Category of Beneficiaries

Eligible Age Criteria


No age cap


50 years or more

Old Age

60 years or more

Dappu Artists

50 years or more

Anti Retroviral

No age cap; however, the applicant must produce a medical certificate for 6 months of treatment for the condition

Traditional Cobblers

40 years or more


18 years or more

Single Women

35 years or more (for divorced/separated women)

30 years or more (for unmarried women in rural areas)

35 years or more (for unmarried women in urban areas)

Toddy Tappers

50 years or more


18 years or more


50 years or more

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Benefits of the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme

The CM scheme has several benefits for those enrolled under it. Some of the key benefits are mentioned below:

  • A sum of Rs. 2,250 is disbursed to the beneficiary from the Social Security Pension Scheme or the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme.
  • Transgenders, Dappu artists, and at least 40% of the disabled population in Andhra Pradesh receive Rs. 3,000 in the form of a pension under the scheme.
  • Chronic kidney disease patients are offered a sum of Rs. 10,000 under the scheme as financial support for treatment at both government and private hospitals.

Types of Pensions Offered Under YSR Pension Kanuka

A host of pension options are available for the beneficiaries under the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme:

  1. Disabled Pension
  2. Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology (CKDUE) Pension
  3. Old Age Pension
  4. Weavers Pension
  5. Anti-Retroviral Therapy Pension (ART Pension)
  6. Dappu Artists Pension
  7. Transgenders Pension
  8. Traditional Cobblers Pension
  9. Toddy Tappers Pension
  10. Single Women Pension
  11. Fishermen Pension
  12. Widow Pension

How to Apply for the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme – Online

Applying for the scheme is quite simple and can be done online. Just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the scheme – https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/SSP

Step 2: Download the application form for YSR Pension Kanuka from the homepage

Step 3: Take a printout of the form and duly fill out the required details

Step 4: You will need to confirm that you are eligible to apply for the pension scheme. Also, keep all required documents handy to attach to the application form.

Step 5: Duly fill out the form and attach all the documents asked – Bank passbook, Aadhar card, ID proof, BPL card, and the like

Step 6: After filling out the form, submit it to the Gram Panchayat Office for verification

How to Apply for the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme – Offline 

Here are the steps to apply for the scheme offline:

Step 1 – The eligible people under the scheme for social security pension are selected by the Village/Ward Volunteers depending on the economic standing of the people

Step 2 – In the next step, physical verification concerning eligibility conditions is undertaken by the Village/Ward Volunteers as per the prescribed requirement for each category

Step 3 – Next, the volunteers make recommendations of the eligible candidates and forward the names to the Municipal Commissioner (MC) or the Mandal Parishad Development Officer (MPDO)

Step 4 – The applications are reviewed by the concerned authority – MPDO/MC. They in turn forward the request to the Extension Officer (EO) of Panchayat Raj & Rural Development

Step 5 – The EO further verifies the applications and sanctions them

Step 6 – As per the sanctions/recommendations of the EO, the eligibility of the applicant as per varied criteria is issued in all secretariats

Step 7 – The applicants who are not eligible can object if they are not convinced by the ineligibility reasons

Step 8 – Names of qualified and unqualified beneficiaries are published in the final list of all secretariats

Step 9 – The applicants in the concluding list of unqualified applicants can protest in the Citizen Schemes Portal

Step 10 – Pension under the scheme is paid to the eligible recipients through the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS).

Documents Required for Applying for YSR Pension Kanuka

The application procedure requires you to attach some documents with the application form, which need to be duly submitted for verification. Below is the list of documents needed:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Proof of ID/birth certificate
  • Proof of Residence
  • Bank Certificate
  • Widows should produce the death certificate of the deceased husband
  • BPL ration card as proof of belonging to the BPL category
  • Transgenders should produce a medical certificate

How to Track YSR Pension Kanuka Status

You can easily track the status of your application filed under the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme online. Here’s how:

  • Log on to the official portal (mentioned earlier in this blog) using your YSR Pension Kanuka login credentials.
  • You will see two options on the homepage – Pension ID and Grievance ID. Click on the option that you desire.
  • Enter the required details.
  • Click on Submit.
  • You will now be able to view the status of your YSR Pension Kanuka application.

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Summing Up
YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme is a commendable initiative by the Andhra state government in favour of the vulnerable sections of society. The scheme has been particularly beneficial during the COVID times when the impact of the pandemic was felt the most financially by certain sections of the population. If you too wish to enroll in the scheme, visit PayBima for complete details on the scheme and the application procedure.

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FAQs: YSR Pension Kanuka - YSR Pension Eligibility Criteria, Benefits & Types

What is the present pension amount in AP?

The current pension amount in the state has been increased to Rs. 3,000 with effect from January 1, 2024.

Who is eligible to apply under Toddy Tapper’s Pension?

The applicant should be a member of the Toddy Co-operative Society (TCS) or the Tree for Tapper’s Scheme. Those who meet these requirements are entitled to receive a pension of Rs. 2,250 under the scheme.

How much pension increases after 65 years?

An increase of 5% is levied after attaining 65 years of age, 10% after 70 years of age, 15% after 75 years, and 20% upon attainment of 80 years.

Who is eligible for a full pension in AP?

Any government servant who retires after 33 years of service is eligible for receiving a full pension in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

What is the pension increment for 2024?

An increase of 4% has been announced over the current existing rate of 38% of the Basic Pay/Pension.

Which subdivision of the Andhra Pradesh government manages the ‘YSR Pension Kanuka’ scheme?

The Department of Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh manages the ‘YSR Pension Kanuka’ scheme.

What monthly pension is offered to Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) under the YSR Pension Kanuka scheme?

The Monthly Pension offered under the scheme for PwDs is INR 3,000.

Do the Income Criteria Vary as per Area/Residence Type?

To be eligible for the plan, the income of a family in rural areas should be less than INR 10,000/month, while in urban areas it should be less than INR 12,000/month.

Am I Eligible for the Scheme If a Member of my Family is a Government Employee?

No, you are not eligible if a member of your family is a government employee.

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