LIC Premium Receipt Download – Know How to Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online in Simple Steps (2024 Updated)


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Updated on Jan 22, 2024

Downloading the LIC premium paid receipt or certificate online is important to easily access the documents in case the hard copies are lost. Let us understand the process to download the LIC premium receipt online.

Having soft copies of your important documents saved in your mobile or laptop is necessary to stay away from any hassle in the event of losing the hard copies of such documents. Also, with everything becoming online, it is good to know the process of downloading insurance policy receipts and other documents that are important. In this post, we will discuss how to download the receipt of LIC premium payment online. So, let us understand the LIC online payment process in detail below.

What is LIC Premium?

LIC Premium is the monthly, quarterly or annual payments that a policyholder pays for availing the benefits of an LIC policy. Premiums are paid by the policyholders to save enough corpus for the future. Once the policy matures after its tenure is completed, the premium amount is paid back to the insured along with the benefits guaranteed under the plan. The policyholder can also download the receipt online of the premium paid after making the payment.
When it comes to paying the premium, there are multiple ways in which you can pay and download the receipt. Let us check some such ways below.

LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online – An Overview

If you are wondering what LIC premium receipt is, let us give you a brief on it. Policyholders of LIC plans has to pay a certain amount as ‘Premium’ on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to the insurer for the coverage provided by the company. Premium receipt is a paper of acceptance offered by the insurer to the insured in lieu of the LIC premium payment made by the insured for availing benefits of LIC plan.

Making payments online is very convenient and so policyholders of insurance policies pays the premium online.  Online payment makes it easy to download the statements of plans and other documents by simply visiting the official website of the company. Policyholders of LIC Plans can easily download the receipts online along with downloading consolidated statements of paid premiums through the company website. To download LIC premium payment receipt online and other papers online, policyholders are required to register for LIC online services first.

The initiation of the LIC online services has made it much convenient for customers to avail numerous LIC features sitting at the luxury of their home. Let us take a look at the features offered by LIC online payment below:

LIC Features Available Online 2023

LIC allow its customers to check various things online, such as:

  • Confirming Status of Policy Online
  • Checking Policy Schedule Online
  • Online Premium Payment
  • Download Online Receipt
  • Confirm Status of Claims and loans online
  • Online Policy Revival Quotes
  • Online Proposal and Policy view
  • Keeping a tab on the expiry dates of policies online
  •  Online checking of policy history

How to Download the LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online?

Payment of LIC premium can be done in two ways – Offline Mode and Online Mode. For offline, the policyholder is expected to go to the LIC office to get the copy of the receipt. On the other hand, in the case of online mode, the insured can get LIC receipt download instantly and get a copy saved in their registered email Id or in their personal devices like laptop, mobile etc.

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How to Download LIC Premium Receipt?

Below are some available options for policyholders to pay LIC premiums and download receipts online:

– Use the official portal of LIC

The official portal of LIC can easily be used to make payments of LIC policies in a quick and effective way. Just a few clicks on the website can help you pay the premium smoothly and within seconds. In fact, users who are registered with the portal or those who are not registered can use the option of LIC official portal to make payments. Similarly, any LIC policyholder be it registered or unregistered can download the premium payment receipt from the portal without any hassle.

– Make payments via digital payment services

The LIC policy can be renewed by paying premiums regularly via various digital payment applications like Paytm/GooglePay/PhonePe/Amazon and so on. All such digital payment portals have the LIC logo under the insurance category, which can be used to make the payment online. You will have to provide some details of your policy while making the premium payment for the first time. Similarly, the receipt of the payment can also be downloaded from these applications depending on the particular online payment platform you are using. For instance, you can go to ‘all payment activity’ in case of Google Pay to download the receipt.

– Use National Automated Clearing House (NACH)

LIC started this service in 2004 and under this option the premium for your LIC policy is deducted directly from your bank account on the date that is pre-decided and it is remitted to the insurer.

From November 09, 2016 onwards, LIC of India has moved all active LIC policies under the ECS mode to NACH for deducting premium. Just remember that you have to submit hard copies of the mandate forms at the LIC servicing branch to start the service.

– Use BillPay

LIC authorizes several banks and mutual fund companies to receive premium payments from policyholders. So, you can submit your LIC premium in banks that facilitate this service like Axis bank, ICICI bank, Union bank, Federal bank, LIC mutual funds etc.

What Happens if your LIC Premium Receipt Gets Lost?

Many times it happens that people lose their premium payment receipts or they misplace it. At times, they may not receive the receipt at all from the insurer on their email id. However, having a copy of the receipt is very important, especially towards the closing of a financial year to avail tax benefits. Thus, knowing the online downloading process of LIC premium receipt is necessary.

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Steps to Register and Login – For New LIC Users

Below are the steps to complete the registration for New LIC Users:

Step 1 Go to the ‘Online Services’ section in the home page of LIC India and click on LIC e-services
Step 2 Click on ‘New User’ tab
Step 3 Now, offer the Policy and Communication details such as Policy No., E-Mail id, Mobile Phone, DOB, etc. Provide all valid details in all the fields that are mandatory
Step 4 Click on the Proceed button. Now, on the redirected screen, provide your preferred username and password. Remember the Username and password for future references.

Make sure to provide the accurate details for communication as it will be saved in the system for all future communications. Once you have created the username and password, you become a registered user of the LIC portal where you can submit your LIC policy details.

Let us now proceed to the key topic of the post, how to download LIC policy online payment receipt.

Steps to Download LIC Premium Payment Receipt Online

Below are the simple steps that can be used for LIC premium receipt download for different LIC policies:

Step 1 Go to the ‘Online Services’ section in the home page of LIC and click on e-services tab
Step 2 Click the ‘Registered User’ tab now since you have already registered in the portal now
Step 3 Now, as the page opens you have to login with your username and password
Step 4 The page will be redirected to the LIC e-services screen where all the online services offered by LIC are mentioned
Step 5 Depending on your requirement, you can choose from the two available options here – ‘Consolidated LIC Premium Paid Statement’ or ‘Individual LIC Policy Premium Paid Statement’
Step 6 Also select the year for which you need the receipt and submit your policy details to download the paper
Step 7 You can now print the document or download the PDF version as per need. The receipt acts as a proof of the premium paid for your LIC policy

LIC Online Payment Channels

Below is a list of online payment channels that can be used to make premium payments of LIC:

  • Net Banking
  • Debit or Credit Card
  • LIC Website Portal
  • Bill Junction
  • AP ONLINE Payment
  • SMS Payment
  • ECS Facility
  • ATM Payment
  • Bill Desk
  • MP ONLINE Payment
  • Portal Payment
  • Comat Payment
  • EBPP Payment – provided by banks like HDFC Bank, Citibank, Federal Bank, Axis Bank, etc.

Things That Need to be Considered While Downloading Policy Receipt of LIC Online

Below are some points to take note of while downloading payment receipts of LIC premiums: 

  • You have to submit a valid policy number in the space offered 
  • You must enter your birth date in the format – DD/MM/YYYY 
  • Ensure that the value of your premium installment excludes service tax
  • Make sure to update your email ID and mobile number on the LIC portal for seamless communication of LIC with you

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To Sum Up

As seen in the above discussion, the process to download LIC policy payment receipt and other documents of LIC online is very simple and can be done easily by anyone. The consolidated receipt is downloaded for all policy premium statements paid so far, while the individual receipts are downloaded for individual or single policy premium payment receipt.

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How to download LIC premium receipt online if it gets misplaced?  

In case you misplace your LIC premium receipt, you can simply log on to the online portal of the company using your credentials. Here, you can download your policy receipt by submitting the policy number in the LIC paid premium certificate section.

How to download LIC premium receipt online without login or without getting registered for e-services?

No, it is necessary to register for e-services if you want to download your LIC premium receipt.

Is it possible to download the receipt of LIC premium that was paid offline?

Yes, downloading receipts for a premium that is paid offline is possible. For that, the policyholder has to visit the portal of LIC and create a new user account by registering as a new user in case you have not registered for LIC e-services yet. If you already have an account, you use your username and password to login to your account and download the receipt.

Is the LIC premium paid certificate or receipt available in the PDF format?

Yes, it is available in PDF.

Can I print my LIC premium receipt online?

Yes, you can print your LIC premium payment receipt if you are registered at the LIC portal. Just go to e-services  and log in using your credentials. Now, fill the available form to register your policy and to print the receipt. 

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