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The most important thing required for an insurance policy to continue is to pay the premium of the plan on time. When you buy a health or life insurance plan from LIC or Life Insurance Corporation of India, the smoothest way of paying the premium is through LIC Merchant. Let us take a look at the LIC merchant portal.

So, what do you mean by LIC Merchant portal? Have you ever thought of paying a LIC premium through the LIC Merchant portal? Read on to know all about it in this post.

LIC Merchant is a trustworthy and reliable source to pay LIC premiums as these merchants are appointed by LIC of India. Further, to make it an efficient and hassle-free premium payment, LIC of India has developed a ‘Merchant Portal’ where every task related to premium collection is carried on through online mode. The merchants collecting the LIC premiums can login to the merchant portal to carry on functioning smoothly.

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Who is referred to as an LIC Merchant?

An LIC merchant is a person who is registered with LIC or the Life Insurance Corporation of India. They are appointed as trustworthy and licensed professionals of the corporation and are given the responsibility to improve the customer service of the company in their role as LIC merchants. These merchants are expected to enhance the experience of customers while selecting and buying LIC policies as well as making payments of LIC premiums.

The best thing is that these merchants are trained by LIC and they work through the LIC Merchant Portal to make things hassle-free for the customers. These professionals shoulder the responsibility of collecting premiums from customers on behalf of the corporation with the help of the portal. They also update other details related to policies via various LIC merchant tools.

What Do You Mean by the LIC Merchant Portal?

As mentioned above, LIC merchants, who work on behalf of the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India, work closely with the LIC customers with the help of the LIC Merchant Portals. The LIC merchant portal is a digital platform used by the LIC merchants to collect LIC premiums from customers.

A unique ID and password is given to each LIC merchant. The credentials are used by the merchant to log in to the portal to get registered. This portal allows a LIC merchant to access every detail related to LIC policies including policy details, nominees, surrender value, loans, etc., of their customers and LIC policies.

Read on to learn the steps to log in to the LIC merchant portal to perform various policy-related tasks.

Roles and Responsibilities of LIC Merchant Portal

LIC Merchant Portal, also known as LIC Agent Portal, performs several functions. The key function among others is to lower the burden or hassle of LIC customers. The portal aims to allow customers to stay abreast of the different LIC systems.  The corporation keeps the portal updated with the recent updates about LIC policies and other details. The portal also allows customers to know about the latest LIC products on offer. Hence, the portal eases the tasks of LIC merchants and enhances their LIC policy selling experience.

Here are some functions performed by the LIC Merchant portal: 

  • The portal helps the merchants collect premiums
  • It helps the LIC merchants generate invoices for the collected premiums
  • The system also supports updating the pending invoices of LIC as well as solving any queries related to paid invoices
  • It also helps in depositing invoices and getting receipts
  • They may also serve the purpose of proposal generation

What do you Understand about LIC Merchant and their Role?

LIC Merchants are people who are appointed by Life Insurance Corporation of India. These merchants are supposed to collect LIC premiums for life insurance and health insurance offered by LIC. Hence, these merchants serve as a connection between the LIC policyholders and the company.

The LIC Merchant Portal is a premium collection portal where LIC merchants can login to carry on the premium payment tasks. To login to the portal, a user can use his/her User ID and Password.

Besides collecting premiums, the portal is also used by merchants to view and modify details using various tools available there.

The post contains details on the way the portal runs and how one can login to the merchant account. However, a user would require a login ID and password to login to the merchant account. If you have created and forgot the password of your account, you can follow the steps below to recover the password and login

Who is Eligible for being a LIC Merchant?

LIC is a trusted name in India and LIC merchants are trusted by customers to resolve their issues and help them buy the best LIC policies. Being an LIC merchant allows individuals to earn a good income by selling policies. However, there are certain criteria to qualify to become a LIC merchant as mentioned below:

  • To be an LIC merchant, the person has to be 18 years or above and has to show valid age proof such as a birth certificate
  • Another criterion is that the applicant should have a minimum 10th pass certificate from a recognized board as proof of qualification
  • The applicant also must have a valid ID like PAN or Permanent Account Number that must be submitted with other documents
  • If you qualify for the above-mentioned documents and submit them all, you can visit the nearest LIC branch. You can meet the branch officer at the office and request to schedule an interview
  • If you clear the interview, you are required to attend a LIC training program of 25 hours as scheduled by the corporation
  • Once the training is over, you are registered on the official IRDAI portal to sit for a mandatory exam to finally become an LIC merchant/agent
  • If you clear the IRDAI exam successfully, you get an appointment letter with your unique code and other necessary details about your work like the location of work and the name of the development officer under which you will work
  • Next, you have to visit the development office and sit for a general interview with the officer to get important information and guidance.

How to Recover the Password of the LIC Merchant Portal if You Forget it?

Here are the steps to recover the password of your LIC Merchant Portal:

  • Go to the official portal of LIC
  • On the top menu bar, look for the ‘Login’ option and select ‘Merchant Portal’
  • Now, press ‘Login’ and go to the option of ‘Forgot Password’
  • Enter your credentials including your ‘User ID’ as well as your ‘Email’. Now, click the ‘Mail New Password’
  • You will receive the new password in the email ID you have provided
  • You can use the password to log in to the ‘LIC Merchant Portal’

How to Generate LIC Merchant Portal’s New Password?

The password of the LIC Merchant Portal needs to be updated regularly for security reasons. If you want to know the steps to generate a new password for your Merchant portal, here are the steps:

  • Go to the official portal of LIC
  • On the top menu bar, look for the ‘Login’ option and select ‘Merchant Portal’
  • Press on the ‘Login’ button and click on the ‘Change Password’ button
  • Submit your User ID as well as the old password
  • Now, generate a new password and press the ‘Reset’ button

How to Login If one forgets Password?

If the merchant forgets his/her password, the person can recover it by following the below steps:

  • Go to the official LIC website
  • Under the ‘Online services’ click on the tab of ‘Merchant Portal’
  • Now click on the tab of ‘Login’
  • Search the ‘Forget Password’ tab and click on it
  • Submit your email ID and User ID and click on the button of ‘Mail New Password’
  • You will receive an email on your email ID with the new password
  • Now, enter the new password and proceed further

You can use your account ID and password to login to the merchant portal freely as mentioned below.

How to Login to LIC Merchant Portal?

Below are the steps to login to the LIC Merchant portal easily:

  • Visit the official portal of LIC of India. On the left-hand side, you can see the tab of ‘Online services’
  • Under the ‘Online services’ tab, go to the ‘Merchant Portal’ and click on it
  • You will see a ‘Login’ option. Click on it
  • You will require your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ to login to the portal
  • So, fill in the details and click on the option of ‘Submit’ to login to the portal easily

Process to update Email ID on LIC Merchant portal

To make premium payments through Merchant portal, a user requires an OTP that is sent to your email ID. Hence, OTP and email ID are absolute necessary details that are required to handle a LIC Merchant portal account. If you don’t have an email ID or you haven’t updated it, you may not receive the OTP.

Here are the steps to follow to update Email ID and to get OPT for easy handling of LIC Merchant portal:

  • Go to the LIC of India official site
  • Click on the tab of ‘Merchant Portal’ under the ‘online services’ section
  • Now ‘Login’ by clicking on it
  • Next, click on the tab of ‘Update email ID to receive OTP’
  • Submit details like your User ID, Email ID and Password
  • Finally, click on the tab of ‘Update’ and it will be done

Grievances Redressal

If LIC customers have any issues and wish to complain against the corporation, they can do so by writing the concern to the ‘Complaints Section’ of the LIC Merchant portal. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Go to the LIC of India, official portal
  • Visit the LIC merchant portal
  • Use your credentials to enter the portal
  • Under the drop-down menu, go to the Complaints section of the LIC Merchant portal
  • Write and submit your concern
  • LIC will get back with a reply and a solution

LIC Merchant Portal – Customer Support Details

If LIC merchants face any issues entering the Merchant Portal, they can get in touch with the customer care that deals with the LIC merchants.

Here is the information:

Email ID: 

Toll-free Number

  • 022-67090501
  • 022-67090502

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To conclude

LIC Merchant login Portal is an easy way to pay premiums and enjoy the benefits of LIC Life and Health plans in India. If you have any query related to the same or need any clarification, you can call or send an email to the customer care to get a clear idea.

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FAQs: LIC Merchant Portal Login & Premium Collection for Agents

Is the LIC Merchant Portal a secure gateway to make LIC premiums?

Yes, the LIC merchant premium collection portal is a guaranteed secure gateway for making merchant LIC premium payments.

Can I change the password of LIC Merchant Portal?

Yes, you can easily change the password by following the steps mentioned in the post above.

Is it compulsory to have an email ID if I want to pay through the LIC Merchant Portal?

Yes, it is necessary to have an email ID as you receive an OTP in your email without which it will be difficult to make payment through the LIC Merchant Portal login.

What can be done to recover the password if I forget it?

If you forget your password you can request for a new one by following the steps mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also call at 022-67090501/ 022- 67090502 or email at

Can I contact LIC portal agents if I have a query?

Yes, you can call at 022-67090501/ 022- 67090502 or email at

What is the official portal of LIC?

You can reach the official portal by visiting

Do the LIC merchants get appointed by the LIC officially?

Yes, LIC merchants are officially appointed by the LIC of India.

Is it necessary to regularly change the password of the LIC merchant portal?

Yes, it is important to change the password of the Merchant Portal regularly for security reasons.

What if an LIC merchant cannot see or print the customer’s premium receipt?

They can contact the customer care of LIC of India which especially deals with LIC merchants. You can email them at and, or call them on the toll-free number 022-67090501, 022-67090502.

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